Lets get to the recap of Episode 3 of The Mandalorian written by Jon Favreau and directed by Deborah Chow and remember spoilers ahead!

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The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is flying his ship with the Child in tow, nestled in his floating pod. The Child climbs out just as the Mandalorian plays a holo message from Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) asking him to deliver the target straight to The Client (Werner Herzog) as he is very antsy. The Child pulls a piece of the ships thruster off but the Mandalorian grabs it telling him it’s not a toy and places the Child back in it’s pod.

They land on the planet and make their way towards The Client’s location. The security check lets them in and stormtroopers escort them inside. The Client and the doctor verify the target using a tracker. The Client explains the importance of the target, there were multiple bounties as he had to ensure it’s delivery dead or alive. The Client then produces a large container of Beskar, enough to make new armor for the Mandalorian. The bounty hunter asks what they will do with the Child, something that surprises The Client as the Mandalorian accepted payment.

Lots of Beskar, Payment for delivery of the Child.

The Mandalorian makes his way back to The Tribe, presenting the Beskar to The Armorer. This amount attracts the attention of the other bounty hunters. The Mandalorian requests a new set of armor as his has been compromised. The Armorer warns him that this will bring him much attention. Just then a bounty hunter approaches him and chastises the Mandalorian for accepting payment from the empire, who put them into hiding. The two have a brief physical struggle before the Armorer stops them, thankful for the return of the Beskar. She asks the Mandalorian if he has ever had his helmet removed his helmet or if’s been removed by others, he declines. This is their way.

The Armorer is told that a Mudhorn caused the damage to his armor, she tells him she will craft a signant. He declines however, explaining that an enemy who didn’t know that he was an enemy assisted in the kill. She them makes him whistling birds (wrist mounted projectiles). As she crafts the Beskar we then see more flashbacks to the Mandalorian’s past life, showing that his village was attacked by the empire.

The Armorer crafts new armor for The Mandalorian Image by Disney

The Mandalorian then returns to the Cantina where Greef Karga is. Once he enters he garners the envy of every criminal inside who is jealous of his shiny new armor. They watch him closely as he makes his way towards the bounty hunter leader.

Greek Karga explains that the others hate him because he is now a legend. The Mandalorian asks how many others had tracking fobs, Karga responds that all of them did but they weren’t good enough to complete it. Only the Mandalorian had the skill. Greef Karga praises him loudly explaining that he too made a lot of money off of the bounty, asking how he can repay him. The Mandalorian just wants his next job, to Karga’s surprise.

The Mandalorian’s shiny new armor set.

The Mandalorian accepts a bounty that is a great distance away, asking Karga what the empire has planned for the Child. Karga explains that he didn’t inquire about it and doesn’t know. He tells the Mandalorian to enjoy his rewards and forget about the Child.

Back at his ship the Mandalorian fires up the engines and prepares to take off onto the next job. When he goes to push the thruster’s forward he notices the piece that the Child removed earlier was still missing. Picking it up off the passenger seat, he screws it back on before pausing, He sits motionless in the cockpit seat and suddenly shuts down the engines before making his way back to the meeting spot.

Setting himself up on a rooftop across from the building, the Mandalorian uses his helmet tech to spy on anyone ion the area, picking up a communication between The Client and someone else. The Mandalorian then breaks into the facility eliminating any stormtroopers in his way. After making his way through several enemies, he finds the child in some sort of device.

The Mandalorian fights off an enemy Stormtrooper.

After rescuing the Child, he fights off several Stormtroopers with the Child in his arms as he makes his way out of the building. He eliminates several stormtroopers using both his blaster and his flamethrower. After entering a new room he is surrounded by stormtroopers who command him todrop his blaster, The Mandalorian explains that his cargo is very valuable and places the Child down to the ground slowly. With four stormtroopers surrounding him, The Mandalorian uses his whistling birds to eliminate them all with one attack. He then pics up the Child before moving forward.

We then see a bunch of bounty hunter’s tracking fobs, showing that the high value target target is once again active. As the Mandalorian makes his way back to his ship, he notices several people with tracking fobs following him along his path. He continues all the while keeping his hand close to his blaster. Many bounty hunters surround him in an effort to steal his bounty. Greef Karga reveals himself and demands that he puts the target down, and perhaps Karga will let him pass.

The Mandalorian surrounded by Bounty Hunter’s

The Mandalorian surveys the area as he tried to decide what he is going to do. Karga explains that he is the bounty hunter’s only hope and that he should surrender the Child. After a long pause the bounty hunter fires his blaster killing a goon before jumping onto a speeder with the child. He places the Child in a safe spot before taking out the advancer’s one by one.

There are too many enemies however and with the bounty hunter pinned down all seems lost.Β  He continues fighting Karga and the guild without any backup eliminating many people along the way. Karga tries to distract him as a mercenary moves up but they are killed by the Mandalorian. After a short shootout the Mandalorian’s tribe shows up and systematically destroys the goons one by one.

The Mandalorians attack! Image by Disney.

During the battle Greek Karga escapes and we follow the Mandalorian who uses the distraction to rescue the child and make it back to his ship. The Mandalorian’s protecting him will have to find a new hideout for the tribe but they agree that “this is the way.”

The Mandalorian makes his way back to the Razor Crest but is confronted byt Greef Karga at blaster point. The Mandalorian then uses his wrist harpoon an causes a distraction, forcing Karga to shoot his blaster at nothing. The Mandalorian then shoots him in the chest with his blaster , forcing Karga off of the ship. Karga is then seen pulling out a brick of Beskar steel from his chest, explaining how he survived.

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