Lets get to our recap for episode two of The Mandalorian written by Jon Favreau and directed by Rick Famuyiwa Spoilers ahead! 

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The episode opens with the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and the Child traveling back to the ship. The Mandalorian suddenly stops walking and puts his hand on his blaster. Suddenly he is attacked by several Trandoshans who are also looking for the Child. After a short fight he is able to eliminate the enemies and the unlikely pair continue to the ship. 

Later at dusk, we see the Mandalorian tending to his wounds using a torch, as he does the Child leaves his levitating pod and raises it’s hand to his wound. The Mandalorian notices however and returns him to his transport. The next morning as they arrive at the ship the Mandalorian finds that Jawas are scavenging his ship.  He takes aim with his sniper and begins to shoot the Jawas disintegrating them with each shot. The Jawas attempt to escape in their sandcrawler but the Mandalorian gives chase and jumps onto the vehicle. 

The Sandcrawler Image by Disney

The Jawas attempt to knock him off by ramming the side of the crawler he is on into a rocky hill but he stays on. He continues to ascend the vehicle as the Jawas throw things at him to knock him off. After much difficulty he finally reached the top using his wrist harpoon only to find a group of Jawas with blasters waiting for him. They blast him simultaneously and he falls backward off of the vehicle landing unceremoniously on the ground with a hard thud. 

After he awakes, the Mandalorian checks his looted ship and finds that the engines won’t even start let alone fly. The pair once again take off on foot back into the desert. He meets with Kuiil (Nick Nolte) again, and the alien is surprised to see that the Child was the target. The Mandalorian tells him that his ship was destroyed, but Kuiil corrects him saying that the Jawas steal, they don’t destroy. Kuill tells him that he can make a trade to get his items back and will take him to them.  

Jawas stand on guard by their spoils Image by Disney

Once they find them the Jawas demand that the Mandalorian drop his rifle and blaster, something he begrudgingly does. Kuiil informs him that they will return the parts for his Beskar but he declines. When a Jawa makes fun of his attempt at their language he attempts to burn them but Kuiil stops him. After some back and forth discussion the Jawas ultimately tell them that they will require the egg for trade.

They take the Mandalorian to a cave and he checks all of his weaponry before heading inside, leaving the Child just outside the entrance. Inside of the cave he is attacked by a Mudhorn who rams him back outside. His sniper jammed with mud, the Mandalorian is defenseless as the Mudhorn charges and sends him flying through the air after ramming him again.

The Mudhorn prepares to attack Image by Disney

The Mudhorn then charges at the Child but the Mandalorian remotely moves him to safety. The Mudhorn then charges at him again and slams its horn on top of him pinning him between it and the ground. He uses his flamethrower to get it to back off then fires his wrist harpoon into it. The Mudhorn then drags him back to the entrance of the cave before ramming him back once more. 

The Mandalorian, now dazed from the repeated rammings slowly rises to his feet at the Mudhorn charges once again. He pulls out a small knife and holds it out in front of him preparing for the charge. Then the Child raises it’s hand and suddenly the Mudhorn stops in it’s tracks unable to proceed. The Mandalorian looks on in astonishment as the Mudhorn is lifted off of the ground and begins to levitate in the air. He looks over at the Child realizing that he is the reason for this. 

The Mudhorn floats in mid air Image by Disney

Unable to continue holding the Mudhorn, the Child collapses in his pod and the Mudhorn falls to the ground. Just after it does the Mandalorian is able to hit a vital organ on the beast with his knife, killing it. The tired bounty hunter is then able to retrieve the egg from the cave. Kuiil is back with the Jawas asking them to wait just a while longer but they refuse and begin to leave. As they do however the Mandalorian arrives with the egg in hand and the happy Jawas take it, crack it open and begin to eat a slimy liquid from it. 

On their way back to the ship, Kuiil asks the Mandalorian to explain what happened again as he doesn’t understand it. The Mandalorian responds that he doesn’t either as they arrive at the ship Kuiil is confident that he can repair everything and says it will go faster with help. The two then restore the ship to its former glory. The Mandalorian tries to pay Kuiil or to take him on a s a crew member but he declines both, thanking the bounty hunter for bringing peace to his valley. The Mandalorian and the Child then leave the planet. 

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