The Mandalorian pilot episode, written by Jon Favreau and directed by Dave Filoni, is live on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. This is a recap of that episode, spoilers incoming! 

The episode begins with our Mandalorian bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) examining a tracking device on an unknown ice planet. Inside of a cantina we see a confrontation between a group of aliens. A humanoid alien of unknown species and a Quarren (tentacled faced humanoid) are roughing up a Mythrol (amphibious humanoid) who offers them credits if they would stop.  As they are about to harvest some glands from him to sell on the black market, The Mandalorian enters the cantina grabbing everyone’s attention. 

The Mandalorian enters the Cantina. Image by Disney

He ignores the alien yelling at him as the bartender informs him that the alien is complaining about him. The two thugs surround the bounty hunter, and when the bartender slides a mug over he strikes. The humanoid tries to stab him but the bounty hunter blocks his strike and reverses the attack killing him. The Quarren is running out side but the bounty hunter snares him with his wrist harpoon and begins dragging the alien back into the bar. The Quarren pulls a blaster and shoots the bounty hunter but the armor deflects it. The Mandalorian then shoots the controls on the door and it closes on the Quarren’s body, cutting it into two pieces. 

The Mythrol (Horatio Sanz) thanks the Mandalorian and offers the bounty hunter his credits as a token. The Mandalorian responds by showing a bounty puck that displays the Mythrol as wanted.  The Mandalorian and his bounty then take a shuttle speeder back to his ship. On the way to the ship the pilot keeps scanning the ice as if looking for something. After dropping his fares off at the ship the pilot warns the Mandalorian to stay off the ice. As he drives away the Mythrol watches him be eaten from something under the ice. 

The Mandalorian’s Ship Razor Crest

As the panicked alien begs for the Mandalorian to open the hatch, we see the ice crack and buckle as something swims towards the ship. The Mandalorian saves his bounty just before the creature eats him, and the creature bites onto the ship instead. Unable to fly away, the Mandalorian grabs his sniper rifle and hits the beast with an electric current causing it let go of the ship.

The Mythrol attempts to pay off the Mandalorian on the ship before asking to use the bathroom. On the lower level of the ship the alien begins snooping around only to find other bounties stored on the ship frozen in carbonite. As he makes this discovery the Mandalorian grabs him and freezes him as well. 

The Mandalorian reaches an unknown planet and enters a cantina. He meets with Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), the leader of the bounty hunter’s guild and the one who gives out bounties, turning in his bounties. Karga tries to pay the Mandalorian in Empire credits but he refuses. After coming to an agreement on an alternate form of payment, Karga and the Mandalorian discuss his next bounty. The highest one that Karga has is 5,000 credits, the Mandalorian scoffs as that isn’t even enough to cover fuel. Greef Karga then tells him about a client with deep pockets, however it’s a  face to face meeting, no bounty puck. 

Carl Weathers as Greef Karga Image by Disney

The Mandalorian then goes to meet The Client (Werner Herzog) and enters a room with four stormtroopers. After a brief chat a door opens and the Mandalorian draws his weapons as the stormtroopers do the same. Dr. Pershing is introduced by The Client who requests that the Mandalorian lower his blaster. The Client persuades him to do so by showing him what his payment is, A bar of Beskar. The Client then explains that proof of termination is acceptable for a lower fee, something Pershing objects to. The Mandalorian requests a bounty puck however The Client informs him due to the sensitive nature of the job that he can only provide the targets age, 50 years old.  

The Mandalorian then visits The Tribe, a clan of Mandalorians that he is apparently a part of. He approaches the Armorer (Emily Swallow) and presents credits and his bar of Beskar. The Armorer accepts the payment and begins to forge him a Pauldron. As she does we flashback to memories of the Mandalorian’s childhood village being attacked. She completes the armor and he adds it to his current set before leaving for his target. 

Emily Swallow as The Armorer in Disney’s The Mandalorian

The Mandolorian then arrives on the desert planet Arvala -7  and scans a valley with his rifle before he is attacked by a Blurrg. He attempts to use his flamethrower but the creature grabs his arm in it’s mouth. He punches himself free only to have the animal grab his other arm, but just as it does it’s disabled by a dart. An Ugnaught male named Kuiil (Nick Nolte) is responsible and says that he will help the Mandalorian locate his target. 

Kuiil explains that the only way to the target is by riding Blurrgs and that he must learn if they are to continue. After some initial difficulty the Mandalorian is able to ride and the two set off across the desert planet to the targets location. As they arrive the Mandalorian tries to pay Kuill who refuses as he says that cleaning his valley of the mercenaries is payment enough. 

Nick Nolte as Kuiil in Disney’s The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian then surveys the hideout seeing several guards, he is dismayed to see a bounty droid approaching the camp. The droid announces it’s presence and demands that they turn over the target. The mercenaries go to attack but the droid is faster and kills several as the rest take cover. The Mandalorian calls for it to stand down but it turns and shoots him leaving a dent in his chestplate. 

The Mandalorian reveals he is a guild member and both bounty hunters express confusion as to why they are both on mission. The droid tries to lay claim to the bounty but it hasn’t been claimed just yet. They agree to split the reward and work together against the second wave of enemies. The Mandalorian follows the droid as they blast their way through the small town trying to locate the target. Once they do the two are pinned down by the mercenaries and the droid attempts to self destruct, but is stopped by the Mandalorian who asks for cover fire. 

He attempts to rewire the door but there are too many enemies shooting at them. To make matters worse a blaster cannon is being brought in against them pinning them down. The droid draws the enemy fire and the Mandalorian uses this opening to fire his wrist harpoon at the cannon turning it away. He then kills the gunner and takes over the cannon circling around and blasting any mercenary in his sight. 

They break through a locked door and the Mandalorian kills the last mercenary hiding inside. Using the tracking fob he locates a ball like device and presses a button opening it. Inside is what looks to be a baby of Yoda’s species and the droid explains that different species age at different rates. The IG droid decides that it wants to terminate the child but the Mandalorian hesitates. When the droid insists the Mandalorian puts a blaster bolt into is head shutting it down. The episode ends with the baby and the Mandalorian looking at each other. 

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The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in Disney’s The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney+



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