SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched The Mandalorian season two finale, then  stop reading … and avoid Twitter. Spoilers are all over the internet today. I’m not going to spoil the episode for you, but it is pretty epic and kind of of expected. However, there is a post credit scene that announces the next spin off series for a return character. 

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We may never know how Boba Fett got out of the Sarlaac Pit or how he lost his armor. He appeared in The Mandalorian season two to retrieve his mandalorian armor and ended up becoming an ally. He also provided some new information about his father Jango. Jango is from Mandalore, so the armor is rightfully Boba’s. After reclaiming the armor, Boba and Fennec join Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) to find the Child after Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) took Grogu. The nerve …

This new series will be a welcome change. For most of the Star Wars lifespan, we’ve only known about a few of the Jedi and their fight against the evil Empire. Now we get to see what everyone else was doing while that fight was happening. And bringing back Boba Fett is every fanboy’s dream. If this new series is anything like The Mandalorian, it will be epic! Or maybe this will be The Mandalorian season three? 

The Book of Boba Fett will premiere in December 2021. 



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