Magic is back, Fillorians! Well, in about two days. After furiously dissecting the official trailer for Season 5 of The Magicians, we’ll finally see it all come to fruition on January 15th. 

Now, I know I’m not the only one who needs a brief refresher in regards to Season 4. The Magicians Powers That Be are notorious for cramming meticulous details into each episode. Of course, I recall the sacrifice made by one Quentin Coldwater with crystal clear clarity. Yes, it still stings. Yes, I’m unsure of how the show could possibly continue without him. However, I know our trusty Powers That Be won’t let us down. 

Below, I’ve crafted a Season 4 recap for your perusal. Brace yourselves, Fillorians and Brakebills students. Methinks we’re in for a wild ride come Wednesday! 

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“A Flock of Lost Birds” (S04E01)

THE MAGICIANS — Pictured: (l-r) Trevo Einhorn as Josh Hoberman, Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi, Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Now, we learn that a woman named Kimber is invited to take the Brakebills entrance exam. However Kimber is not who she seems – she’s really Julia (Stella Maeve) disguised via spell to protect her. Meanwhile, Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) broke her promise to the Library and she’s being held captive as punishment. After Fogg (Rick Worthy) attempts to persuade Head Librarian Zelda (Mageina Tovah) to grant him access to Alice’s cell, we learn that the Order is protecting the “heroes that saved magic.” 

Next, we see Kady (Jade Tailor) is a cop named Sam. Margo (Summer Bishil) is living as a fashion editor named Janet. The Magicians‘ homage to its book origins makes my heart happy. What a lovely little Easter egg. Anyway, Kady discovers a comic book that knows everything about her life, and proceeds to track down the other people co-starring in said comic book i.e. Margo. Then, Alice toys with a dangerous spell which almost costs her life. Magic is in short supply now that the Library controls it. 

Later, Kady and Margo track down Penny (Arjun Gupta) aka DJ Hansel and Josh (Trevor Einhorn) aka Isaac. The gang’s all here! Meanwhile, Eliot (Hale Appleman) is possessed by the formidable Monster he freed in Season 3. Quentin (Jason Ralph) is Brian, a humble professor now held captive by Eliot Monster. Eliot Monster vows to kill all Q’s friends. How quaint. 

Next, our memory-less crew winds up at Marina’s (Kacey Rohl) apartment. She casts a spell and almost gets a glimpse of their real identities. Margo is extricated from the group courtesy of Ember (Dominic Burgess), who reminds her that she’s the High King. It’s also paramount that she put the kibosh on whatever’s happening in Fillory. Thus, he deposits her there, bereft of memories and utterly confused. Yay!

“Lost, Found, F**ked” (S04E02)

THE MAGICIANS — “Lost, Found, Fucked” Episode 402 — Pictured: Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Now, Marina learns that Fogg was behind the cloaking spell currently plaguing our protagonists. She pops over to Brakebills and casts the same spell on him in an effort to elicit the antidote. My Ember, how I missed Marina the Sass Factory. 

Meanwhile, Margo is pulled underwater courtesy of Lord Fresh, an amphibious royal with a message for our bewildered High King. Everything has been foretold. She must embark on a quest of her own. All vague and such. Margo returns to Castle Whitespire, where Fen (Brittany Curran) explains that Fillory is under the influence of opium. The only solution? Find Ember and fix it. Opium tampering with a magical land means bad news bears for everyone involved. 

Next, we see Quentin capturing a pig at Eliot Monster’s behest and sacrificing it to call forth a god. Now, Fogg has Todd record his last day on Earth as the dean of Brakebills. Once the spell takes affect, Marina transforms Fogg into a beggar who resides outside her apartment building. Not only that, but his outer appearance is that of her own father. 

Later, Eliot Monster/Quentin’s sacrifice was supposed to bring forth the god Enyalius. However, his servant came to Eliot Monster’s beck and call instead. Eliot Monster tortures and kills the unfortunate servant. 

Meanwhile, Julia and Todd discover a battery orb powering magical spells in Fogg’s absence. Julia touches it and is instantly killed. Uh oh. But…she revives shortly thereafter. Thus, Julia continues to touch the battery until it’s completely drained. Dying over and over again. Then, once the battery is bereft of magic, everyone is restored to their true selves. Success!

Next, we see Margo confronts a fake Ember…who turns out to be Bacchus. She’s finally her old self, but just as she’s beginning to understand Fillory’s dire situation, Bacchus snaps her back to Earth. 

Finally, Quentin is reunites with his friends in Marina’s apartment. Eliot Monster tags along but, you know, he’s evil now. 

“Bad News Bears” (S04E03)

THE MAGICIANS — “The Bad News Bear” Episode 403 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater, Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

So, times are tough for our heroes. Eliot Monster is pissed off and wants to kill them all for attempting to kill him. However, Margo swoops in with a bargaining chip: she gives him Bacchus, and in exchange he vows to leave them be. 

Meanwhile, Fogg pays Alice a visit. His memories are also restored. He reminds her of the immense sprawl of library books for each human in existence. How she can read someone’s ending, and perhaps utilize that to craft her escape. Just some food for thought. 

Next, Marina reveals to the crew that she’s been enlisted by the McAllistairs to hunt them down. However, if they give her five “Deweys” – the Library’s new magical currency – she’ll leave them alone and not turn them in. 

Then, Eliot Monster whisks Josh and Margo away to kill Bacchus. Josh is tasked with carrying out the assassination while Margo attempts to lure out the real Eliot…to no avail. Julia reunites with the gang at Marina’s apartment. Penny suggests they contact his friend Frankie regarding their Dewey situation. 

Now, Q engages in a high-stakes game of magical poker (another book nod) and comes out on top. He discreetly snags a magical black card off someone, Frankie duplicates it and Kady and Penny utilize said card to withdraw some Deweys. All very Ocean’s Eleven and such. 

Next, Alice and Santa (yes, THAT Santa) are in the process of escaping. Alice attempts to snag her and her friend’s books, but she finds a note detailing the books’ removal from circulation. They’re also undergoing revisions, which is…disconcerting. She urges Santa to escape via chimney without her. Alice vows to stay behind and find the missing books. However, before she can properly start her search, she’s nicked by a mystery person. 

Then, we see Eliot Monster cutting out what appears to be Bacchus’ heart. Margo and Josh watch in horror from the sidelines. Later, Kady and Penny pay off Marina with the Deweys they stole. However, Kady pocketed the counterfeit black card and now owns Marina’s apartment. She urges the gang to aid her in casting cloaking spells so they can remain hidden from the McAllistairs. 

“Marry, F**k, Kill” (S04E04)

THE MAGICIANS — “Marry …. Kill” Episode 404 — Pictured: Trevor Einhorn as Josh Hoberman — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Now, Josh is having some gruesome, macabre nightmares. Well, really he’s transforming into a werewolf and eating animals. The Quickening is coming fast, and he doesn’t know how to prevent it. 

Next, Julia and Penny travel to Fillory to delve deeper into the former’s immortality. Is Julia still a goddess? Josh suggests that Bacchus’ maenads may have some insight into that. Meanwhile, Alice discovers that Christopher Plover, disgraced author of the Fillory and Further series, pulled her aside. He presents a request: Alice aid him in casting a spell to help him escape. In return, he’ll help her track down the missing books. 

Later, we learn that Quentin’s father passed away and Q missed his funeral. Thus, Q returns home to clean out his dad’s model airplane workroom. But not without Eliot Monster tagging along, naturally. Meanwhile, Margo helps Josh find a solution to his werewolf-STD problem. 

Then, we pop over to Fillory where Julia is greeted by one of Bacchus’ mourning maenads. She reveals that, in order to truly know if Julia has still retained her goddess status, a ritual must be performed by a “devoted” follower. If you’ll recall, the Penny she’s with is from the 23rd timeline. In Penny 23’s timeline, Julia was his lover. And the ritual is…intimate. Some nakedness and anointing with oils are involved. 

Next, Alice is finally able to obtain the missing books. But she discovers something disturbing – Q’s book ends the next week. Uh oh. Now, back in Fillory, the ritual takes hold and Julia is indeed still a goddess. Plus, she has a new follower. Super cool!

Meanwhile, Margo finds Josh is locked inside a cage awaiting for The Quickening to overcome him. Margo refuses to let him die. Instead, she offers to have sex with him so Josh passes the werewolf-STD on to her. Bright side? He won’t die. Initially, Josh is reticent to condemn Margo to such a disease. But I’m Team Margosh, so bring on the sexy werewolf fun times!

Next, Eliot Monster drops a bombshell on Q: the real Eliot is dead. But, upon closer inspection, we see that our Eliot is merely trapped inside a mind prison. 

“Escape From the Happy Place” (S04E05)

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Spencer Daniels as Charlton, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Now, the real Eliot is chilling in his memories, flipping through a wide assortment of times gone by. However, there’s a persistent knocking at the door. As it turns out, Charlton – the man who initially housed the Monster – is there to give Eliot a warning. Said warning reveals of Eliot’s entrapment by the Monster, and that he’s actually living in his memories. 

Next, Alice and Plover stumble upon the Poison Room fountain. Plover takes the plunge, leaving a rope in his wake. However, Alice tosses the rope down after him and closes the fountain, leaving the author to toil away in the fatal depths below. 

Meanwhile, the goddess Iris pays Julia a visit after some cloaking spells are tampered with. Iris is beyond peeved, and beseeches Julia’s aid in finishing off the Monster. 

Then, we see Eliot and Charlton traveling through a Greatest Hits montage of memories. Eliot must endure these past traumas in order to find a door that’ll grant him agency over his own body. He’ll also be able to briefly communicate with his friends. Of course, in the outside world, Q and Julia are hard at work in their attempt to contact the real Eliot. Currently, they’re extracting blood from the elusive stone Eliot Monster withdrew from Bacchus. There are runes etched into said stone and, thankfully. Julia’s new follower successfully finds a book that decodes them. 

Meanwhile, Margo is back at Whitespire she locates her birthright box, as per the instructions of Lord Fresh. A talking lizard is within. But it’s not talking. In fact, none of the Animals in Fillory have the ability to speak at the moment. More magic, more problems!

Now, Eliot uncovers his most repressed memory. A conversation with Quentin after they spent 50 years together constructing that mosaic from Season 3. Q suggests they give it a shot. However, Eliot brushed him off and fled. Current Eliot plants a smooch on Q and heads for the door. This scene gutted me. So beautifully done. 

Later, the real Eliot breaks through for a brief moment. Quentin realizes that yes, it is his Eliot. He foils Alice’s plan to kill the Monster by sparing Eliot. Eliot Monster vanishes and Iris appears. She attempts to kill Julia, but the latter’s devoted follower sacrifices herself instead. Eliot Monster reappears, slaughters Iris and extracts a stone from her body. Just like Bacchus. 

Next, Julia procures a map and hands it to Eliot Monster. We learn that the stones that were initially sequestered away in these gods are building blocks for a body…a body to house the Monster. Time to build a body, baby!

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“A Timeline and Place” (S04E06)

THE MAGICIANS — “A Timeline and Place” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Now, we see that Penny and Marina were kidnapped by a magician named Daniel. As it turns out, he wants them eradicated from Timeline 40, since both of them are from Timeline 23. Their presence is altering his time magic. After the pair do some time jumping, they escape from their captor…to a time where martial law reigns supreme. 

Next, Alice makes good on her promise to go away forever by putting down her roots in Modesto, California. Her renter, Sheila, ponders why Alice is in Modesto, of all places. Alice soon discovers that Sheila has the magical ability to find things, and she vows to help her new friend develop her gifts. And how to fly under the Library’s radar. 

Meanwhile, Margo is getting a lesson in diplomacy in Fillory. The antidote for the talking Animals can be found in beet juice, which resides on a remote island. The ruler of said island is tough to negotiate with, thus Margo needs to sweeten the proverbial pot. 

Then, we see Julia and Q are at a museum attempting to locate the next stone for the Monster’s body. They learn that the god Heka houses a stone. Now, they just need to kill him to get it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

Later, Margo forgoes gentle diplomacy for threats and force. Thankfully, it works, and the island ruler relents. She agrees to hand over their beet juice. 

Next, Penny ditches Marina and winds up in a white room with himself. Well, Penny 40, that is. Penny 40 urges Penny 23 to return to Timeline 40. Of course, his reasoning is vague and pseudo prophetic. However, Penny 23 acquiesces and returns to Timeline 40. 

Meanwhile, Alice is training Sheila to hone her abilities. Sheila reveals that she can sense ambient magic leaking somewhere. Alice toys with it and breaks the dam on said magic. Now, the magic is running rampant. Sheila and Alice fix the town’s water supply. Magicians are finally able to properly practice magic. All is well. 

Then, Q confronts Eliot Monster, who’s going hog wild with the drugs and alcohol abuse. Quentin issues an ultimatum: cease the substance abuse or Q will refuse to help Eliot Monster with his quest. Eliot Monster relents. 

Now, things in Modesto go from sunny to dismal. Hedge witches decide to blow up a library with Librarians inside. Meanwhile, a pair of Librarians knock on Sheila’s door. What do they want, I wonder?

“The Side Effect” (S04E07)

THE MAGICIANS — “The Side Effect” Episode 407 — Pictured: Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

We make a pit stop at the Library to check in on Penny 40, who’s working there for eternity. He’s landed a cushy new job and he’s currently taking new hire Derek under his wing. Penny 40 is challenging Derek to never take “side characters” for granted. Who is really at the heart of every story? Thus, Penny introduces certain side character’s stories. We start with Kady.

Meanwhile, a peculiar entity called the Babayaga wants payment for the magical protections on Kady’s apartment. And she’s asking for some strange artifacts, Fillorians. Next, Kady encounters Marina’s old friend Pete, and he agrees to help the former snag these magical artifacts for the chance to meet the Babayaga. 

Later, Zelda heads to Portland to search for Alice. According to Alice’s book, she’s abandoned magic altogether and working at a brewery there. However, she’s nowhere to be found. Thankfully, Zelda remains mum and tells fellow Librarian Gavin that Alice is indeed where she’s supposed to be. 

Then, Kady and Pete hit up the black market for the remaining artifacts. Thankfully, there are hedge witches aplenty ready to make trades. Kady snags the coveted Bag of Holding, the Babayaga’s final requested artifact, and the pair go on their merry way. 

Next, Penny 40 introduces Fen to Derek. Apparently, Fen has been plagued with prophetic dreams ever since the Animals stopped talking. Josh aids her in the art of interrupting and controlling her dreams. 

Meanwhile, Pete collapses while with Kady. Kady summons his friend Gordie, who believes an enchantment of sorts is interfering with Pete’s own hedge protections. Kady wholeheartedly believes that the Library is to blame. Makes sense. 

Later, Fen tests out her newly acquired dream-interrupting trick. She prevents Margo and co. from utilizing an antidote on the mute Lizard, which would have caused the Animal to incinerate. Fen reveals that every dream contains a common thread – a mysterious hooded woman. Margo agrees to help Fen track this mystery woman down. Road trip! 

Next, Pete is back to his old self. Kady and Pete rally their fellow hedge witches together. They believe the Library is inserting trackers on Deweys, which inhibits hedge witches and makes them violently ill. The time to revolt is at hand. Hedges won’t be controlled or called to heel anymore. 

Meanwhile, Zelda has also been plagued with visions of her daughter Harriet. Zelda discovers that Harriet is trapped in a mirror realm, where terrifying and mutated iterations of the latter exist in tandem. Zelda’s boss Everett later informs her that the Modesto library branch was under attack. Everett urges her to keep a close eye on all magicians and hedge witches. 

Now, Zelda approaches Fogg with a request – she wants him to help her free Harriet from the mirror realm. Fogg enlists Alice to help him. Should be fun!

Finally, Penny urges Derek to never underestimate the power of “sidekick” characters. Fen, Zelda, Kady and Alice now have agency over their own destinies. As it turns out, Derek is actually Penny’s superior and this was all a test. He immediately promotes Penny to a new position – collecting secrets taken to the grave. We see Penny greet a mystery person in the elevator. Who is it? Inquiring minds need to know!

“Home Improvement” (S04E08)

THE MAGICIANS — “Home Improvement” Episode 408 — Pictured: (l-r) Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson, Brittany Curran as Fen — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Now, Fen is going on a quest of her own to track down the woman invading her dreams. Margo is tagging along because…Margo. Meanwhile, Alice knows of a hefty spell to extract Harriet from the mirror realm. But will she help Zelda, the Librarian who was holding her captive? 

Next, we see Eliot Monster is back in hunting body parts mode. He demands Quentin help him track down the next stone. Pete is operating under the moniker “Love Lady,” and he’s able to aid Q in his task of finding the next stone. 

Meanwhile, Alice needs some assistance in casting the mirror realm spell. She seeks out her mother Stephanie (Judith Hoag). Of course, there’s tension and past traumas rear their ugly heads. Then, we see Quentin and Julia tracking down the East River Dragon, which has the ability to give them anything they want. However, the dragon has a mission for them…

Next, Q trails back to Brakebills. He encounters Poppy (Felicia Day), who claims she’s pregnant…and the kid is his. Strangely enough, Quentin is all too enthusiastic to shrug on the father mantle. 

Meanwhile, Stephanie’s friend has called the Librarians to whisk Alice away. The trio are trapped inside the house…for now. However, Stephanie’s friend distracts the Librarians so the mother-daughter pair can perform the spell. Now, we’re back in Fillory. Fen and Margo chase down the woman from the former’s dreams. They learn that a creature called The Napster is really the one invading Fen’s dreams. 

Later, Julia, Penny and Josh arrive at Brakebills. They notice how overly protective Q is in regards to Poppy. Julia discovers that Q is under some dragon enchantment spell. She finds a dragon egg that the newly expecting parents are protecting. Whoever touches the egg immediately falls under the overprotective spell. However, Julia is immune to its magical frequencies, as she’s still a goddess. She snags the egg and returns it to the East River Dragon, much to the chagrin of Quentin and Poppy. 

Next, back at Fogg’s office, Alice arrives armed with the spell. Her mother eventually agreed to help her out in the end. Sheila arrives on the scene. As it turns out, the Library did recruit her to their cause. Meanwhile, Q is suffering from a dragon egg hangover…which is an incredibly specific problem exclusive to The Magicians. Poppy informs him that he’s not the father of her actual human baby. 

Later, Julia receives a gift from Harold the Herald. Oh, and Fen catches The Napster, who delivers a shocking prophecy: Fen will dethrone High King Margo…by killing her. 

“The Serpent” (S04E09)

THE MAGICIANS — “The Serpent” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh, Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi — (Photo by: Dean Buscher/SYFY)

Now, Pete fills Kady in on a new terrorist organization called The Serpent – one that’s slaughtering hedge witches left and right. Zelda then pulls Alice and Kady aside to inform them of Harriet’s state. Harriet is, in fact, split into multiple pieces within the mirror world. It will require them entering the mirror world to retrieve her. Meanwhile, Julia, Penny and Kady are delving into research. They’re tying to decipher the gift Julia received from Harold the Herald. 

Next, Margo learns that Eliot is actually alive. Her objective changes drastically – she is now going to free Eliot, at all costs. Back at Brakebills, Alice starts whipping up the spell. We see that Alice has been split into fragments of herself. There’s Evil Alice and Good Alice. 

Meanwhile, Eliot Monster needs help recalling details from his past. Penny offers to assist him, despite the fact that it could be fatal. The last psychic to probe Eliot Monster’s mind perished. With Penny’s aid, Eliot Monster remembers an altar. A young woman is tied to it, with a slew of robed figures surrounding her. Penny discreetly sneaks off a goes through a door…to the real Eliot. He shares a ton of new information with Penny. The body the Monster is constructing isn’t for him – it’s for his sister. The Monster has no plans of vacating Eliot’s body. Now, the girl at the altar is the Monster’s sister, and she was brutally sacrificed by a group of gods hellbent on snuffing her out. 

Next, we see Alice is back in the mirror realm with her alter ego. Evil Alice taunts her, but our Alice eventually reigns supreme, and she traps her nefarious twin. 

Later, Margo discovers that Ru, the Queen of West Loria and Fen were plotting to kill her. The big party assembled at Castle Whitespire isn’t a celebration of peace and a new alliance – but a public assassination. However, Fen never wanted to go through with it. Thus, Margo plays the part of treasonous High King, and the crown is passed to Fen. Tick banishes Margo. Now, Margo’s free to find Eliot. 

Finally, back at Brakebills, Alice and Stephanie’s spell is successful. Alice emerges from the mirror realm with an entirely whole Harriet. Harriet is reunited with Zelda. Harriet informs Zelda that Everett is behind The Serpent organization, and he’s concocted a malicious scheme of sorts. Penny finally wakes up from his trip into Eliot Monster’s mind, and gives Julia and Q a nice informational dump. 

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“All That Hard, Glossy Armor” (S04E10)

THE MAGICIANS — “All That Hard, Glossy Armor” Episode 410 — Pictured: Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Now, Penny reveals that Eliot Monster is constructing a body for his sister, and the last stone lies with the god Enyalius. Thankfully, Eliot Monster doesn’t know that. Thus, our trio needs to get to Enyalius before Eliot Monster does. 

Meanwhile, Margo is in the desert, embarking on her solo quest. She’s searching for The Foremost and some precious ice axes all in the name of saving her best friend. Margo is immensely dehydrated, so she drinks a drop of water from her talking Lizard and…musical trance time. Suddenly, the real Eliot appears and begins singing to Margo. Musical episode time!

Later, Margo collapses and she’s found by an isolated group of desert dwellers. She informs them that Fillory has banished her, so they consider her an ally. Next, Eliot Monster kidnaps a woman who reminds him of his sister at a local bar. 

Meanwhile, Alice gives a book she found in the mirror realm called “The Binder.” Alice is mapping the Library’s magic flow. Julia realizes that Enyalius is really a trickster god named Aengus who changes his form. They need to track down a Leprechaun in order to gain access to the god. Should be easy, right? 

Later, Margo learns that in the desert community there are red spirits that attack women when they show emotion. The men typically sacrifice themselves by taking on the demons. Then, a warrior paired with the coveted ice axes punctures the men to expel these demons and the woman trap them in jars. Margo attempts to seduce the warrior so she can steal his ice axes. Cue more musical numbers – this time with ’80s glittery flair. 

Next, Alice and Kady inform Zelda of Everett’s magical malpractice. As it turns out, there’s more magic within the Library’s pipes than they’re allowing for public use. Meanwhile, the warrior informs Margo that she must forge ahead into the desert to collect an entire knapsack filled to the brim with black grains of sand. Said grains will then be forged into her own ice axes. Challenge accepted!

Then, we see Penny, Julia and Q are in Ireland cavorting with a Leprechaun named Berry. She orders them to solve a series of tests before they can see Aengus. 

Meanwhile, Margo struggles to collect the black grains of sand without succumbing to emotion. She summons one of the red spirits, who is a specter meant to protect and empower women. Interesting. 

Finally, the trio in Ireland reaches Aengus. They urge him to seek shelter before Eliot Monster finds him. He’s attempting to remember the password to his fallout shelter when Eliot Monster appears, extracts the stone from the god and goes on his merry way. 

Next, Margo returns to the community armed with a bag full of black sand. The spirits are meant to aid distressed women, and she’s fairly certain the warrior and his cronies know this information. They’re holding it as leverage to keep the women in line. So, Margo urges the women to be as emotional as they want, and she releases the spirits from their jar prisons. The spirits attack the men of the community, and Margo snags the ice axes. She is fierce. She is also musical – we hear another raucous musical number complete with the apparitions of her best friends. 

Then, Margo urges the women to use the spirits to their advantage. They’re there to serve them, after all. Margo vows to save Eliot, and walks off into the sunset armed with her new weaponry. 

“The 4-1-1” (S04E11)

THE MAGICIANS — “The 4-1-1” Episode 411 — Pictured: (l-r) Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi, Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Now, Margo returns to Kady’s apartment with her new toys. Alice suggests they use an incorporate bond to hold the monster after Margo expels it with the axes. Only Mayakovsy knows how to use incorporate bonds. 

Later, Q and Alice go back in time to find out what Mayakovsky knows after discovering the curmudgeonly professor stricken with dementia in the present. 

Now, Zelda enlists Kady’s assistance in breaking into the Poison Room to track down Everett’s book. Meanwhile, the gang back at the apartment summon a magical being called the Binder from Julia’s book. 

Next, present Alice gets caught up with past Quentin and present Q is paired with past Alice. It’s a lot of past and present tangoing. Of course, their present selves are no longer in a relationship, so encountering their past affectionate counterparts is jarring. 

Then, we see Penny’s best pal Hyman is making mischief again. He’s apparently bored with their story and notices some sparks between Penny and Julia. 

Now, present Q spends some quality time with past Mayakovsky. After some probing, Mayakovsky reveals that Quentin’s discipline is Repair of Small Objects. Oh, and he hands over the spell for incorporate bonds. 

Meanwhile, the Binder dude fills everyone in on the latest hot gossip. The Binder used to be a Librarian who studied the magic of gods. They pondered over whether man could take said godlike powers for themselves. Then, the Monster and his sister were created for just that purpose. Finally, the magicians who studied alongside the Binder became gods themselves – Iris, Bacchus, Heca and Aengus. They stole the Monster’s sister’s powers for themselves. 

Then, they imprisoned the Monster in Blackspire. They also trapped the Binder in a book and hid him in the Library. Rude. Meanwhile, Zelda and Kady make it inside the Poison Room undetected. They locate Everett’s book, Zelda does some speed reading and learns that her boss is hoarding magic for himself. He’s trying to become a god. Because white dudes with a god complex is always a good thing. 

Later, we see Josh, Fen and Tick discover a secret passageway beneath Castle Whitespire. It may lead to the cause of Fillory’s ecological problems. Now, as Kady and Zelda attempt to leave the Poison Room, they discover that the door is locked from the outside. Uh oh. They’re trapped. 

Meanwhile, the Binder tells Julia that she can either be reinstated as a full-on goddess or become fully human again. The choice is hers. She shares a smooch with Penny. Then, Eliot Monster pops in and snags Julia. He is indeed a proper mood killer. 

“The Secret Sea” (S04E12)

THE MAGICIANS — “The Secret Sea” Episode 412 — Pictured: (l-r) Mageina Tovah as Zelda, Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz — (Photo by: Dean Buscher/SYFY)

Now, Eliot Monster drops Julia off in a forest in Fillory. We see the lifeless body of the woman Eliot Monster picked up at the bar. Of course, her body was not strong enough to house his sister…but Julia is. Julia begins praying to Our Lady Underground. 

Then, OLU appears. She attempts to keep Eliot Monster immobile, but he won’t hold for long. OLU urges Julia to make a choice – become a fully-fledged goddess or human. Unfortunately, Eliot Monster’s sister inhabits Julia’s body and it’s too late. Julia Monster snaps OLU’s neck. 

Meanwhile, Fogg is arrested at Brakebills by the Library. Fogg attempts to save Zelda and Kady, and he asks Todd to send a book to the Library to do just that. Q and Penny were planning on enlisting Fogg for assistance, but that plan is now kaput. 

Later, Kady and Zelda find disgraced author Christopher Plover is also in the Poison Room with him. He offers to help them escape if they do the same. Greasy.

Now, our crew back at the apartment as mostly everything they need to free Eliot: the incorporate bond, the ice axes and bottles to contain the Monster. However, they’re missing magic. Fen sends a bunny revealing that a massive sea of magic was discovered underneath Whitespire. Success!

Later, Q, Penny and Josh arrive in Fillory. Fen ushers them to the magic sea, known as The Secret Sea. But there’s a catch – if anyone touches the sea they morph into a fish. Josh falls victim to this, and thus becomes Fish Josh. 

Next, Fish Josh returns topside. Unfortunately, he’s a dying Fillorian fish, and he requires incessant eye contact for survival. Margo is up to the task. Meanwhile, Plover reveals that eating moss helps absorb some of the poison. But it’s not panning out for Kady and Zelda. They learn that Plover is actually alive due to some of Martin Chatwin’s old spell work. 

Later, Quentin and Alice reunite. They rekindle their flame and share a smooch. Much to the chagrin of Queliot lovers everywhere. Alas. 

Next, Zelda reveals to Kady that there’s a remedy for Poison Room afflictions, and they didn’t pass it on to Penny 40. Everett pulls Zelda into an alternate plane and reveals his grand plan. Become a god so he can better study their quirks. Then, the Library can gain control over mercurial gods who are hellbent on quashing humanity. However, he’s been sequestering magic away to a secret place in Fillory, and it’s one he can’t access. He needs Q’s help. 

Meanwhile, Fogg helps Kady, Zelda and Plover escape. He holds off the Librarians and his subsequently captured, while the aforementioned trio flee to the Earth fountain. 

Next, the gang returns to the apartment. Plover reveals that, in order to access The Secret Sea, one must truly love Fillory. They also must grow a special flower in an adjacent garden, which also happens to be the antidote for Fish Josh. Quentin is hired to do the job, although Q isn’t so sure he loves Fillory anymore. 

Meanwhile, Julia Monster and Eliot Monster decide to go a-hunting for their parents – the old gods. There’s a scroll in the Library housing a map, one that’ll get them where they need to go. 

Later, Q airs out his frustrations to the garden. He’s become quite disillusioned and desensitized to Fillory, especially after everything that has transpired. However, loving the “idea” of Fillory should be enough…and it is. A flower blooms. 

Next, the Monsters wreck havoc in the Library, slaughtering any and all Librarians in their way. Sheila takes cover and sends a bunny to Alice, informing the latter of the current chaos in motion. 

Now, Penny extracts a leaf from the flower and disappears to give it to Margo for Fish Josh. Alice and Q drink the reservoir’s magical waters, courtesy of consuming leaves from the flower. Margo administers the leaf to Fish Josh. She won’t leave his side until he becomes human again. Penny snags her ice axes and vows to bring the real Eliot back. 

Meanwhile, Alice and Q confront the Monsters armed with ice axes and bottles. Cliffhanger!

“No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry” (S04E13)

THE MAGICIANS — “The Seam” Episode 413 — Pictured: Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Now, Penny is able to successfully puncture Julia Monster with an ice ax and dispel the spirit from Julia’s body. Q and Alice trap it in one of their handy bottles with an incorporate bond. Success! One down, one to go…

Later, they all travel to The Secret Sea with a weak Julia and Fogg to get more magic. Unfortunately, the reservoir is drained, courtesy of wannabe-god Everett. 

Meanwhile, Julia’s body isn’t healing properly following the ice ax attack. Penny summons the Binder, who informs her that the former must make a choice for her – become a goddess or fully human. 

Next, Penny chooses humanity for Julia, and she’s pissed. She informs Q of the Monsters’ desire to kill the old gods and wreck apocalyptic havoc on humans in the process. She still has the scroll from the Library in her possession, thankfully. Julia and Penny discuss the latter’s choice. Now, Julia is bereft of all magic. 

Later, Eliot Monster appears at the Physical Kids’ cottage to find Josh and Q conspiring. Oh yeah – Josh is now Human Josh. The pair touch the scroll, a magical portal opens and they jump through it before Eliot Monster can do so. 

Then, they land in a mid-level manager’s office that leads to the old gods. Said manager said the scroll is a prize for a quest they didn’t complete, so he isn’t inclined to help our heroes. Instead, he reveals that the Monsters can be thrown into a “seam” located in the mirror realm. The world leaks from said seam in the realm. Toss the baddies in there and they stay trapped forever. Oh, and the manager offers them cake. Cool!

Next, Q and Josh fill everyone in on their portal experience. Alice recalls seeing the seam as a niffin, but it requires a hefty amount of magic they don’t possess. Kady suggests reaching out to hedge witches/magicians all over and casting a cooperative spell in tandem, one that will raise ambient magic levels. 

Later, Q, Penny and Margo sneak up on Eliot Monster and ice ax him in Fillory, where Fogg trapped him. They rush him to a hospital for old-fashioned surgery and, thankfully, Eliot is back to his old self. The Monster is trapped in one of the bottles alongside his sister. 

Next, Q, Alice and Penny travel to the mirror realm and find a mirror housing the seam. Quentin successfully tosses one of the bottles into the seam, but Everett shows up. Everett wants that power for himself, so he tosses an object to break the mirror so the other bottle can’t be discarded into the seam. Quentin asks Penny to hold Alice while he utilizes his minor mending abilities to repair the mirror. Now, he can toss the other bottle into the seam, which he does. 

Then, the magic reverberates, incinerating Everett. However, the wave of reverberating magic also hits Quentin, killing him on impact. He’s gone. 

Now, the hedge witches and magicians everywhere celebrate, under the impression that their cooperate spell worked. Magic runs freely throughout the world. Alice sobs uncontrollably. Next, Penny 40 welcomes Quentin to the Underworld. 

Later, Q talks through his life trauma with Penny 40. They’re sitting in the “Secrets Taken to the Grave” room. Q also reveals his struggles suicidal idealization and mental health. Was he brave in saving the world, or did he finally find a way to kill himself? Penny 40 takes Quentin to watch his friends sitting around a campfire. They all throw something of meaning in regards to Q into the fire. They sing “Take on Me,” and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a rendition of that song that ever made me cry…until now. 

Now, Eliot arrives with Margo. He’s limping, but alive. He tosses a peach into the fire from their 50 years spent together in “A Life in a Day.” Quentin is sobbing. I’m sobbing. 

Later, Penny 40 reveals to Quentin that magic now runs more powerfully than ever through the airwaves. Brakebills is flourishing again. Alice is asked to run the Library. Eliot and Margo return to Fillory, but…they’re in the future. As it turns out, Acting High King Fen and Josh were overthrown 300 years prior. Uh oh. Now, Quentin is the most worried about Julia. She tosses a deck of cards for Q into the fire but they freeze in midair. She has magic again! What a nice throwback to Season 1 Quentin. 

Next, Penny 40 takes Quentin to a room bereft of furniture save one lone door. He hands Q an Underworld Metrocard and bids farewell. Quentin has aired his secrets, and he’s ready to move on. He crosses the threshold, and disappears into the beyond. 

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Phew! So much happened last season, Fillorians! So much heartbreak, humor and heaping helpings of heart. My hope is Season 5 will retain some of that magic, and hopefully honor Quentin’s memory in the best way possible. 

The Magicians Season 5 premieres Wednesday January 15th at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 




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