DISCLAIMER: This recap of The Magicians episode “Escape From The Happy Place” contains more spoilers than the number of times Alice and Quentin partake in a tense conversation. These two have a complicated history, folks. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Fillorians! The Magicians made our Thursday nights bearable again with another stellar episode. We learned last week that the real Eliot is alive – he’s merely trapped inside his own mind. I can relate with this on multiple levels. Eliot teamed up with the man who was the initial host for the Monster in an effort to reach out to his friends. Meanwhile, Alice warned Quentin of his impending death and attempted to avert this event. Julia and Q conjured a plan to wipe out the Monster for good, ignorant of the knowledge that Eliot was still alive. Oh, and something’s gone wrong with the talking Animals in Fillory. Thank Ember Margo has resumed her duties as High King. Fillory could use some Margo sass. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Escape From The Happy Place?” Just be sure to keep the Monster entertained, otherwise he’ll run rampant on a killing spree. Murder is bad, but he doesn’t know that. 

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We open with Eliot (Hale Appleman) trapped within the confines of his mind. He’s at the Physical Kids’ cottage at Brakebills. Of course, a party is a-hoppin’, with none other than Margo (Summer Bishil) leading the charge by Eliot’s side. Suddenly, amid a cozy moment between the two best friends, Margo is yanked outside by a mysterious force. Eliot chases after her. We see that it’s the man from Blackspire – the original host of the Monster. Formidable growling echoes all around the trio as they try to outrun whatever Big Bad is lurking nearby. 

Next, our trio flees to the cottage. Charlton (Spencer Daniels), the former Monster host, explains that Eliot has been inhabited by said Monster. The Monster has thrown Eliot, alongside the latter’s memories, into a small nook in Eliot’s mind. Even Margo is merely a vision. Charlton also reveals that one must find their “door” in order to properly wriggle free of the Monster’s grasp. 

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Spencer Daniels as Charlton, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Meanwhile, Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) is strolling alongside Christopher Plover (Charles Shaughnessy) amid a plethora of fountains in the Neitherlands. They stumble upon the fountain that leads to the Poison Room. Plover hopes to pinpoint a particular book he’s looking for. Alice agrees to aid him in his search. She opens the seal and Plover utilizes the rope nearby to climb down. However, once Plover is sequestered within the Poison Room, Alice relinquishes the rope so the author has no means of escape. In short, Plover is going to die. Remember what happened to Penny? That’s cold – even for you, Alice. 

Then, Charlton reveals that, in order for Eliot to make contact with his friends, he must locate his door within a “forgotten” memory. A memory so nestled in the dark spaces of Eliot’s mind that even he misplaced it. Thus, Eliot marches away from his happy place in search of said memory, with a reluctant Charlton in tow. This smells of a road trip buddy comedy to me!

Later, we see Margo is back at Whitespire. She enlists in Penny 23’s (Arjun Gupta) aid in returning to Earth. However, he refuses to help her and vanishes. Fen (Brittany Curran) excitedly barges in to greet Margo. Of course, Margo still believes the real Eliot is dead. Now she must the break the news to his wife. This should be relatively painful…

Next, Julia (Stella Maeve) is paid a visit courtesy of Iris (Madisen Beaty). The goddess informs Julia of Eliot Monster’s acts of violence. Eliot Monster is slaughtering deities, and Iris believes she may be next. She urges Julia to help her ensnare him for good. Iris hands her a black stone that bleeds a substance that repels the Monster. She orders Julia to bleed the stone and throw its blood on the Monster. Then, Iris will return him to Blackspire where he belongs. Sounds like a plan to me!

Meanwhile, Margo breaks the sad news to Fen, who sobs uncontrollably. She plans to keep Fillorian customs in mind as she mourns the loss of her husband. Her not-dead husband, to be exact. 

Then, we see Jules relaying what she learned to Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Shoshana (Jolene Purdy). Q vows to help Julia with the task at hand, despite knowing that Eliot will be locked inside Blackspire for eternity. However, Quentin believes Eliot is gone, like the rest of our magicians. 

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Later, Penny is sitting on a bench in the park when a stranger plops down beside him. He injects Penny with a mysterious substance that renders the latter unconscious. Injecting people with needles hardly ends well…

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Nelson-Mahood as Jay, Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi– (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Next, Charlton and Eliot are taking a walk down memory lane. They revisit some not-so pleasant memories of Eliot’s. Firstly, the scene right after Eliot inadvertently made a bus smash into a boy from school. Another memory painted Eliot as a bully, joining a group of kids who were relentlessly kicking his friend. Suddenly, the demons lurking on the outskirts of his memories reared their ugly heads. Eliot and Charlton fled the scene. No door as of yet!

Meanwhile, as Q, Jules and Shoshana brainstorm how to bleed a stone, Eliot Monster drops in on their conversation. They quickly change gears and urge Eliot Monster to join them on a trip to the Brakebills library. Their comprehensive library is loaded with books galore. Eliot Monster should be able to seek what he’s looking for in regards to the heart he wrenched from Bacchus’ chest. 

Then, we see Julia and Shoshana escort Eliot Monster to the library while Quentin stays behind. Q is in the middle of attempting to bleed the black stone when Alice drops by. She warns Q of what she discovered in his book – that he’s going to perish in a few days. Of course, Quentin is reticent to trust Alice after her betrayal. However, he lets her inside all the same. 

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Later, Eliot and Charlton stand before a chalkboard rife with memories – any of the former’s memories that may hold a secret door. Eliot conjures up his friends – Quentin, Margo and Fen – to help him uncover said door. We see our magicians traipse through crucial Eliot-centric events. This, of course, includes the time when Eliot ordered the guards to lock Margo in the dungeons. Suddenly, the mind demons reappear, taking out fake Margo and Fen. Charlton, Eliot and Q return to the cottage but not unscathed. Charlton is injured, no thanks to a mind demon’s nasty talons. 

Meanwhile, Alice begins the process of bleeding the stone. Quentin learns that Julia plans to trap Eliot Monster in the park that very day, thus averting Q’s proclaimed death in a few days. Alice and Quentin reopen old wounds. Once the Monster is back at Blackspire, Alice vows to use Plover’s world finding spell to vanish from Quentin’s life for good. She’ll pick a place for her to live out her days, officially severed from our magicians. Quentin agrees to this. 

Next, Margo finds Fen concealed in a pile of Eliot’s garments, as per Fillorian grieving customs, of course. Fen wonders why Margo appears to be nonplussed by Eliot’s passing. Margo, being Margo, reveals that she must remain strong for her kingdom. My girl is a bad*** ruler, after all. Margo’s birthright box is brought to her, courtesy of Lord Fresh. She opens it to find a lizard. Yes, a lizard. However, said animal is struck dumb. That’s when the royal gang realizes that something has gone terribly awry with the talking Animals of Fillory. Margo’s own birthright lizard, which possesses speech capabilities, is proof. 

Later, Eliot revisits a fond memory – one that includes Quentin. He pops into the scene when Eliot remembers his former life with Quentin by his side. A life in the day. Eliot kisses Quentin, and vows to stop being terrified of something as wonderful as what he could have with Q. All Queliot fans may or may not have died of happiness, myself included. We Queliot fans have been truly blessed on this day. 

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice, Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Suddenly, a door opens for Eliot. Back in the real world, we see Julia and Shoshana have trapped Eliot Monster in the park. However, the real Eliot breaks through, if only for a moment. He tells Quentin he’s alive, living inside his own mind. Just as Alice is about to coat the Monster in the blood of the black stone, Q pushes Eliot aside. Iris pops into the scene and is irate that her plan failed no thanks to Quentin. She attempts to unleash her wrath against Julia, but Shoshana blocks the attack. Julia’s loyal follower dies on the spot. RIP Shoshana, oh faithful servant of Our Lady of the Tree. Eliot disappears again as the Monster takes hold. He kills Iris in a flash. 

Next, Julia approaches Eliot Monster with a discovery. The organs he’s searching for are “building blocks,” and they’re hidden within the bodies of the gods. She believes that said blocks will construct a body – the Monster’s body. Eliot Monster is pleased by this revelation and runs with it. He vanishes with a new objective. 

Later, Alice and Quentin say their goodbyes. Alice has chosen her new residence, one that’s far away from Q. Now, they can put some distance between them. The book of Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater resolutely shuts. An era has finally come to an end. 


Queliot, Queliot, Queliot. Honestly, the best part of this episode. It’s no surprise that Quentin and Alice have put the kibosh on their relationship in the same episode that real Eliot made the first move on Q. Granted, it was in a memory locked within Eliot’s mind, but still. I can’t wait to see how Quentin and Eliot’s relationship progresses, especially since Q knows Eliot is alive. He’ll move heaven and earth to free Eliot from the Monster. My heart is fit to burst, people. 

Do you think Quentin will reunite with Eliot any time soon? Will the Monster reconstruct his body with the organs of the gods? Where did Alice go? Join me next week as I recap The Magicians, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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