DISCLAIMER: This recap of The Magicians contains more spoilers than the number of times Penny has risked his life to fix a problem. Our favorite Traveler possesses quite the hero complex. You’ve been warned. Prepare for your quest, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Fillorians! The Magicians blessed us with another magically action-packed chapter in the epic quest that is Season 3. Firstly Quentin, Poppy and Penny executed an elaborate ruse to aid Kady in escaping the hospital. Secondly, Alice was lingering on Death’s doorstep yet again due to her inability to contain Julia’s magic. Thirdly, Eliot and Margo attempted to forge a tenuous truce with the Fairy Queen, which ended in disastrous results. Oh, and Fray is not Eliot and Fen’s biological daughter (gasp). Also, Alice almost stooped to the level of vampirism in an effort to retain Julia’s magic. At least no one will ever accuse her of laziness?

Alright, ready to delve into “Poached Eggs?” Just be sure to give Penny and Kady some alone time. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have when your boyfriend is an astral projection, you know? 

We open with Margo (Summer Bishil) and Tick (Rizwan Manji) meeting with Eliot (Hale Appleman) in secret at Castle Whitespire. Time to hatch a hard boiled plan to crack the shell that is the Fairy Queen! Now, I can’t promise that’ll be the last of my egg puns. Anyway, Eliot and Margo will sequester the fairy eggs in a safe location, out of reach of the Fairy Queen. Tick will continue to maintain Eliot and Margo’s cover in Fillory while they’re gone. Margo urges him to inform the kingdom that they contracted chicken pox. Most deadly disease, indeed. Tick obliges. 

Later, Eliot and Margo unite with Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Poppy (Felicia Day) in the forest. Poppy is elated at the prospect of traveling to the Underworld and, try as he might, Q can’t seem to shake her off. Next, the quartet wanders through the grandfather clock back at the Physical Kids’ cottage, where they discover an unconscious Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) on the floor. 

Then, Julia (Stella Maeve) and Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) pay the bedridden Alice a visit, post frothing-at-the-mouth seizure. Alice stubbornly longs to continue honing her magic, even though Fogg suggests that Alice’s body is attempting to dispel said magic. You know, fighting it off like a virus. Quentin also stops by, and Julia urges him to continue the quest for the keys. She’ll stand on Alice Watch. Q reluctantly agrees. 

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Pictured: Arjun Gupta

Later, Quentin enlists in Penny’s (Arjun Gupta) expertise in retrieving the lost key from the Underworld. Yes, he’s technically not dead, but he’s still a Traveler. They’ll need to barter with another dragon named Bookworm in order to access the Underworld. Penny reveals that only small objects can fit through the portal. For example, a book definitely checks off that criteria. Q suggests that Penny astral project into a book so he can gain entry into the Underworld via the library. He’s long overdue to make an appearance there anyway. Get it? Overdue? I’ll see myself out. 

Meanwhile, Poppy is eager to meet Bookworm the Magic Underworld Dragon, since she’s a major draconian enthusiast. She mentions the only other Traveler she knows – Victoria. If you recall, Penny saved Victoria from Martin Chatwin’s wrath in Season 1. Our trio decides to track her down and ask for her guidance. Travelers unite!

Later, Fogg pays Julia a visit as she pours over countless books in her attempt to save Alice. Fogg is encompassed in his now perpetual drunken stupor, one that fused with his very being when Brakebills went under. He reveals that Alice will die if Julia can’t save her. Julia’s magic was not meant for Alice, no matter how much the former rejected it. Hence why Alice’s body is rejecting said magic. Could this be leading into Julia’s demigoddess story? I hope so! Fogg also informs Julia of one other person that has a small reserve of magic – Irene McAllister. She may be able to provide assistance, with some persuasion of course. Julia could then use what little magic Irene has to perform another transfer. 

Pictured (L to R): Madeleine Arthur, Brittany Curran, Adam DiMarco

Next, Fen (Brittany Curran), Fray (Madeleine Arthur) and Todd (Adam DiMarco) return from their night on the town. Fen excitedly describes their trip to the “Square of Time,” and how magical New York City was. Yes, the Big Apple truly is a magical place (like Tahiti – but I digress). Even Fray appeared to enjoy herself, and even admitted that she may even grow to despise Eliot to a lesser degree someday. Progress! 

Then, Margo enlists Todd with a whopper of a task – he must protect the fairy eggs at all costs. Keep them out of reach of Fray, lest she decide to report back to the Fairy Queen of her findings. Todd, who’s clearly smitten with Margo, takes on the task like the weirdo champ he is. 

Later, our favorite High King and High Queen return to Castle Whitespire unnoticed, except by Tick. They discover a throne room that’s smothered in chicken feathers. Tick wanted their ailment – chicken pox – to appear convincing. Bless him and his literal mind. 

However, not everything is all sunshine and roses. Tick reveals a gruesome retaliation enacted by the Fairy Queen against the Floaters. Eliot and Margo find a slew of corpses impaled in various ways outside the castle. The Fairy Queen had said Floaters killed for infringing on her territory. Fairies do not mess around. 

Pictured (L to R): Candis Cayne, Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil

Next, Eliot and Margo parlay with the Fairy Queen (Candis Cayne) herself. They present her with an ultimatum – either she turns over her fancy bathtub for Fillory, or her precious eggs will be morphed into omelettes. Now, a bathtub may seem insufficient in comparison to fairy eggs, but if said tub is donated to Fillory, then everyone can see the fairies. The fairies will be exposed to all of the realm and their devious deeds will be hung out to dry for all the world to see. Margo tells the Fairy Queen she has until the following day to ponder on their deal. Queen Margo the Destroyer is killing it this season. 

Later, Julia and Fogg meet with Irene McAllister (Jaime Ray Newman) at Brakebills proper. As it turns out, Irene bought Brakebills in a last ditch effort to save it. Irene is skeptical of Julia’s proposal, since the last time they met the latter fibbed about possessing magic. However, if Alice dies, then that small modicum of magical energy dies with her. Irene procures a vial of what appears to be cocaine, but it’s a powder containing her only reserve of magic. Like Mayakovksy’s batteries, but you snort it. Julia snatches it up like she’s itching for her next fix because, well, it kind of is like a drug. 

Then, Fray discovers the fairy eggs at the Physical Kids’ cottage. Way to go, Todd! Fray is disgusted that Eliot and co. would betray the Fairy Queen in that manner. Fen waltzes in and tries to convince her daughter that everything they’ve done is for the good of Fillory, and the good of their family. However, too little, too late. 

Meanwhile Quentin, Poppy and Penny pay Victoria (Hannah Levien) a visit. Victoria is not too thrilled to see them and promptly slams the door in their faces. Well, on to Plan B. Penny attempts to weasel some information out of his fellow Traveler. She’s with an organization now, one that is led by none other than Harriet. It’s a small world after all! But, Harriet won’t be easy to sway without Kady by their collective side. Thus, the greatest escape in the history of history was formed. Operation: Free Kady. 


Next, Irene vows to help them…but for a price. Magic is like that, you know – never truly priceless. She reveals that said price is to be determined. Fogg and Julia accept her help, regardless of whatever Irene decides to surprise them with. 

Later, Quentin and Poppy stroll into Krick Hospital disguised as doctors. They plan to “examine” Kady in the hopes of providing an opportunity for her escape. Kady (Jade Tailor) is taken aback at the sight of Quentin. He slips her the key underneath the table so she can see Penny. He explains the situation and only asks for her cooperation. Angered, she purposefully drops the key and he vanishes from her view. Her doctor, who is present for the entire exchange, kneels down to pick up Q’s ID badge. Unfortunately, said badge does not have his face on it. Well, there goes their cover. 

Meanwhile, Eliot and Margo are doing what they do best: drinking and plotting. Eliot is having second thoughts – perhaps they should continue their quest and wait until they restore magic before taking on the Fairy Queen. Maybe leave Whitespire for a while. However, High Queen Margo the Destroyer fought tooth and nail to get to where she is, and she’ll be damned if a pasty white fairy takes her crown away from her. Eliot, newly invigorated by her speech, vows to remain by her side. Go team! Seriously, Summer Bishil is on fire this season. 

Later, Kady is back in her room. We see she has the key on her person, and she’s conversing with Penny. Penny reveals his latest mission – to astral project into a book while traveling to the Underworld to retrieve the latest golden key. Kady is frustrated that, once again, Penny is risking his life to remedy a problem. Hero complex, I tell you. Penny urges Kady to scream so she can attract the attention of hospital personnel. She does this, and an attendant immediately comes to her aid. She quickly shoves the key in his hand so he can see Penny. Said attendant is shocked at the sight of Penny, which distracts him long enough for Kady to knock the lights out of him. 

Pictured: Jade Tailor and Arjun Gupta

Meanwhile, Alice runs into Professor Lipson (Keegan Connor Tracy) at Brakebills. Lipson is raiding the magical herbs and medicinal products. Why not? The school is closed, after all. Alice is clearly very sick. Lipson gives her a magical steroid of some kind to alleviate her pain, and hopefully prolong her sickness long enough so her body can adjust to the magic. 

Then, while Penny and Kady are in the throes of escape, both parties reveal their love for each other. A sweet moment, indeed. Perhaps there’s hope for them after all. Meanwhile, Poppy decides to start a fire in order to trigger the fire alarm. All doctors, staff and patients begin scrambling for the exits. Success! Our quartet then blends in with the escapees. 

Next, Julia utilizes Irene’s magical powder to perform a locator spell, since Alice is MIA. She is taken aback to discover that Alice is in an unsavory part of town. What could she possibly be up to?

Meanwhile, Fen races to Eliot and Margo, bursting at the seams with fright. She reveals that Fray knows about the fairy eggs. Suddenly, the Fairy Queen enters with Fray in tow. Fray lets slip some crucial information – that she’s not Eliot and Fen’s biological daughter. Their true daughter died in childbirth. Fen sobs uncontrollably, while Eliot tries to comfort her. The Fairy Queen then punishes Fray for her insolence. Margo tells the Fairy Queen that the latter’s leverage is null and void. If the Fairy Queen is smart, she’ll shake on this deal. What a bombshell! 

Next, Kady meets with Harriet (Marlee Matlin) at a local diner. She explains the situation to Harriet, who promptly refuses to help them. Kady has failed to deliver on her end of the bargain, and Harriet has sacrificed too much to help save Penny as it is. Well, there goes that. 

Now, Penny decides to simply go through with the plan without the aid of Victoria or Harriet. He says his goodbyes to Kady, who reluctantly grants her blessing. Saving magic seems to be Penny’s only solution to being an astral projection. Perhaps he can craft a new body when magic is restored. Penny vanishes. Our favorite magicians are always up to the task. 

Later, Alice is seen striking a deal with a vampire. Yes, you read that correctly. She is at her wit’s end. If she morphs into a creature of the undead, then she’ll be able to retain her own magic without bodily consequences. Just as she’s about to suck his blood, Julia swoops in to save the day. She shoos off the vamp. Alice, consumed with anger, jolts Julia with a burst of magical energy powerful to render the latter unconscious. Uh oh. 

Then, Julia wakes up at the cottage, her magic restored. Alice performed the transfer spell her self to give the magic back to Julia. Alice apologizes, and admits that said magic truly belongs to Julia, whatever that entails. Julia reveals that she still sees Reynard after Alice talks of her struggles with returning to the Land of the Living. Aw, bonding time! 

Next, Eliot finds Fen sharpening her knives in their bedroom. The act soothes her. She reveals how broken she feels, and how she just wanted to mend their family. Eliot admits that he hasn’t been an exceptional husband or father. He sits with his wife while she weeps.

Pictured: Jason Ralph and Felicia Day

Later, Poppy attempts to comfort Quentin as he goes off on one of his tangents. Her methods, while unorthodox, seem to do the trick. She plants a kiss on him, which leads to sexy fun times. Q effectively blows off some pent up steam. Hey, Felicia Day is very much the s**t, so Q should consider himself lucky. 

Then, the Fairy Queen sits in a carriage with Eliot and Margo. They ask her if she’s considered their proposal. She has, indeed. The Fairy Queen reveals that Fillorians are fed up with the incessant human rule that has pervaded Fillory for far, far too long. Yes, she ordered the massacre of the Floaters, but they too were infringing on her power. The carriage stops at an undisclosed location. A large mob swarms said carriage from all sides. The Fairy Queen leaves the ruling duo to their constituents. Now, the mob rips the doors open and snatches Eliot and Margo, separating them. Margo orders them to release her, that she is their queen. However, the mob has other plans for our High King and High Queen…

Pictured: Summer Bishil


Guys, The Magicians is on a roll this season. A new life has been injected into the series. This epic quest opens so many doors for intriguing plot lines and character growth. Margo in particular is Season 3’s MVP and shining star. Bishil has invigorated Margo with so many complex layers, making her more than just your stereotypical “mean girl.” Margo is a strong, powerful representation of female empowerment. 

What do you think will happen to Eliot and Margo? Will Penny successfully infiltrate the Underworld and retrieve the lost key? What does Irene truly want from Fogg and Julia? Join me next week as I continue to recap The Magicians, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

The Magicians airs Wednedays at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 



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