The Magicians 42

Welcome back, High Kings and Queens! This week’s episode of The Magicians saw our dear Q attempting to deal with his depression since releasing Niffin Alice. We also saw Eliot morph into “Broomzilla” as he prepares for his second wedding. Margo and Fen kept seeing fairies meandering about the castle that nobody else noticed. Julia and Quentin were thrust into a quest for Julia’s missing Shade. Also, Penny must report for library duty. Lame! Anyway, strap in, Fillorians (not like that, you gutter dwellers). It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Spoilers are like fairies sometimes – invisible to the naked eye, so please be cautious.

We open with Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) marveling the sheer talent of Julia’s (Stella Maeve) magical prowess. Remember when Jane Chatwin forged a time loop and Julia ended up at Brakebills 39 times? Well, this is one of said time loops. Now, each one always ends differently for Julia. She performs a “second year” spell and knocks Fogg’s socks off. He informs Julia her magical type lies in Knowledge. She thrives in the “discovery of magic.” This also includes physical and psychic. Fogg also reveals he himself is a Knowledge magician. Aw. Twinsies!

Then, we see Julia in present day, Shade-less and under lock and key. Fogg waltzes in and informs her she is free to go, since she isn’t a Brakebills student. He won’t keep her locked up like a prisoner. Julia admits that she knew what she did was wrong, but feels no remorse about it. Fogg tells her that she is a “searcher,” and he trusts she will look for the answers she seeks. Deep stuff, you guys.

Meanwhile, in Castle Whitespire, Eliot (Hale Appleman) is deep in preparations for his second wedding. Quentin (Jason Ralph), on the other hand, is deep in preparations for his second (or third, or fourth) drink. He is slouched on his throne, his feet propped up. Q asks for another goblet of wine. Margo (Summer Bishil) has had enough of his shit. She goes into tough love Mama Bear mode and puts Emo Quentin in his place. While she is sympathetic, it’s been three months since Q let Alice go. Eliot could also use support right now. Margo desperately needs to rub one out. Quentin agrees with some reticence to assist Broomzilla in his wedding planning.

THE MAGICIANS -- "The Girl Who Told Time" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Jason Ralph as Quentin -- (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

Later, Penny (Arjun Gupta) and Kady (Jade Tailor) discover that Fogg released Julia from the dungeons. Kady, while irritated about a Shade-less Julia on the run, gets her priorities in order. She will continue her search for Reynard. Penny hops aboard the god-killing train despite Kady’s protests. She asks him when he will start working at the Neitherlands library. Penny responds with confidence that it takes four weeks to process applications. The two open the door to the Physical Kids’ house to leave, but instead wind up in none other than the Neitherlands library. We see our favorite Librarian (Mageina Tovah) warmly greet Penny when they arrive. His paperwork has been processed and the job starts today. Yay eternal job security!

Meanwhile, Eliot is playing chess with his attempted assassin Bayler (Rhys Ward), as you do. Eliot confesses his insecurities regarding his people. He conjured a spell to check his polling numbers, and apparently he is at 26%in likability. That’s worse than Drumpf’s approval rating. Which is shocking, because Eliot is so utterly charming. Apparently El and Bayler are BFFs now, because the latter gives the former advice. Bayler believes Eliot should have an extravagant wedding, open to the public. It’s the perfect way to appeal to the people. Eliot and Idri are the new Kate and William! The public loves a good matrimonial ceremony. Eliot agrees with this.

Later, back at the Physical Kids’ house, Josh (Trevor Einhorn) is the magical drug dealer/edible extraordinaire everyone secretly needs. He has these beautiful tasty confections on display, each infused with a magical property: a brownie to make you levitate, a lemon cake to make you feel like you’re being “hugged by a rainbow.” Quentin shows up and tells Josh Eliot wants him to prepare the catering for the wedding. Josh asks Q how he’s doing, to which Q responds he’s self-medicating. Josh introduces Quentin to a delicious looking cake that allows the consumer to see into other worlds. Q takes it for a spin.

Then, our Q is lying on his back, totally taken by the magically infused cake. He sees someone behind him. A younger Julia! Well, not really. More like her Shade. Julia’s Shade informs Quentin she is trapped in another world and not really sure how to get out. She pleads with Q to find her before it’s too late for Shade-less Julia. Quentin vows to save her. Talk about seeing other worlds!

Later, back in Fillory, Eliot appears to be playing chess with himself, but is actually prepping the seating arrangements for the ceremony. Quentin tells him he must go back to Earth. He explains to El that he spoke with Julia’s Shade, who is trapped in another world. He intends to free her and restore Julia back to normal. Eliot is reluctant to let Q go, but allows it. Eliot tells Q he will kill him if he isn’t back in time for the wedding. Ah, peaceful friendships.

The Magicians 42

Meanwhile, Kady meets a library worker named Howard (Brendan Taylor) while she browses the rows upon rows of books. She asks Howard if there are any books regarding god-killing. He encloses a piece of paper in a tube and sends it upward through a chute, to “check upstairs.” The tube returns, but unfortunately the Neitherlands library doesn’t have any books on god-killing. Kady finds this hard to believe. Howard seems like he is hiding something. I don’t trust overly cheerful library employees.

Later, Penny and Kady meet up after Penny’s orientation. He tells Kady they have the tools to help his hands, but he must peruse that on his own time. Meanwhile, he has been tasked with tracking down overdue books. This particular case is ten years overdue. He asks Kady to help him cast a locator spell to hunt down the offender.

Meanwhile, Eliot runs into Fen (Brittany Curran), who seems out of sorts. He asks her if she is okay with the whole process – the wedding, taking in another husband. Fen is strangely cheerful about it all, even offering to help with preparations. Eliot is perplexed by this. He asks her if she would like to accompany him to the kitchens, but she declines, citing she has morning sickness. Eliot takes his leave. We see a fairy materialize behind Fen. She whirls around to face said fairy, but the creature has disappeared. Hmm. Someone’s been having visions of fairies. Weird Fillorian pregnancy side effect?

Later, back on Earth, Quentin visits Julia. He informs her of the meeting with her Shade in another world. She is reticent to let him in, knowing what she did to Q was wrong, but not feeling anything about it. Quentin brushes it off. He simply wants to save his friend. Julia lets him in, where he explains what happened with her Shade. Julia is up to the task of locating her missing Shade. Yay for BFF missions!

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Meanwhile, Eliot is taste testing a potential menu for the wedding feast. Josh is awaiting his approval. Eliot is displeased, but only because he is trying so hard to craft a menu Fillorians would like. Josh explains Fillorians eat boiled mutton…a lot. Eliot claims he wishes to “meet them halfway.” Maybe a step up would be to not serve mutton. Just my opinion. Josh, who is exasperated, decides to conjure a potion that will make El’s people like him.

Later, Quentin and Julia are steeped in Shade-locating research. Todd (Adam DiMarco) is high as a kite from Josh’s magical confections. Quentin tries to shoo him away, but Todd ends up sharing useful information with the duo. He reveals that he helps organize Fogg’s memoirs. Fogg knew someone who was obsessed with Shades. They would do well to consult him. Oh, and he also had a very dark artistic rivalry with Bob Ross. I’m personally more intrigued by that, but maybe they’ll delve into it another day.

Then, Julia and Quentin meet with Fogg to discuss said person that is well-versed in Shades. Fogg reveals that Alice was extremely interested in them. In the 23rd time loop of the 39 Jane Chatwin had created, The Beast killed everyone except Alice. Alice plunged headfirst into a frenzy, crazily obsessing over the Afterlife. She tried to commune with lost souls, as well as Shades. Fogg tells them that time has already passed, essentially in another universe. Julia mentions utilizing a Tesla Flection to communicate with this version of Alice. This was similar to the spell we saw her use in the opening scene.

Meanwhile, Eliot asks Margo about his seemingly distracted wife. Perhaps Margo could chat with her, woman to woman, about what’s going on. Margo admits she really knows nothing about women, it’s not her “bowl of rice.” I love Margo so much. However, she reluctantly agrees to talk with Fen. Suddenly, she too spots the fairy that has been lurking in the shadows. Eliot can’t see it, and questions what Margo is staring at. Oh, you know, just visions of creepy looking fairies.

Later, Penny and Kady arrive at FuzzBeat, a brilliant play on BuzzFeed. Penny is unimpressed as Kady explains it’s a website that posts fun listicles about unicorns and serious political articles at the same time. They finally meet Harriet (Marlee Matlin), who is the overdue book offender. She appears to be a FuzzBeat editor. She begins using sign language, which Penny hilariously mistakes for a spell and braces himself for it. Kady responds in broken sign language, but the two decide reading lips is the better route. Harriet explains she has the book and doesn’t even want to know the kind of late fees she’s accrued over a decade.

THE MAGICIANS -- "The Girl Who Told Time" Episode 210 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jade Tailor as Kady, Arjun Gupta as Penny -- (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

Kady is intrigued by Harriet’s use of magic. Harriet explains that working at FuzzBeat is her “magic.” She utilizes “clickbait” articles and embeds secret codes for Magicians. Codes for dark matter, for other spells. I personally think this is such a neat detail. I dig the intricate mythology in this show. Harriet also reveals to Kady she does this because she loves the library, but it sucks in terms of accessibility. Why not spread the knowledge to those who can’t access the Neitherlands library? She gives Penny the overdue book, which he gruffly accepts. Harriet then divulges to Kady that “there is no kind of knowledge the library doesn’t have.” Hmm…

Later, Josh shows Eliot and Margo a half-devoured plate of nachos (seemingly from Bayler’s cell) containing a handwritten note that was meant for the kitchen staff. Sabotage! Bayler played El like a fiddle. Now that the wedding ceremony is in the open, the FU Fighters can act in public. Eliot doesn’t want the FU Fighters to “red his wedding.” Yes Game of Thrones reference! Margo, being the Queen of my life, takes matters into her own hands. Since the note was meant for the dishwasher and he was probably receiving notes from Bayler this whole time, Margo insists they allow him to find it. Josh will make his Eliot adoring potion for the masses. Margo conjures a locating spell over the note. They are able to pinpoint the FU Fighters’ lair on a map of Fillory.

the magicians 46

Then, the duo convinces Josh to sneak into the FU Fighters’ encampment and dump the Eliot loving potion into whatever stew they’re making. Now, they will all love our High King and have no reason to murder him. Josh agrees to it. “Eternal glory awaits you, oh Joshua of Yonkers. Eternal glory,” Eliot intones dramatically. God, I love this show.

Meanwhile, Penny returns the overdue book to the library. Howard accepts said book, opens it and inhales a mysterious dust-like substance that ejects from the pages. He begins to act strangely. Howard slouches toward a locked door. Penny asks him if he’s okay. Howard whirls around and fires a spell at Penny, which sends him backward. Howard limps toward a button encased in glass that says “Break in case of emergency.” It is a killswitch button. He smashes the glass, which automatically kills him.

Later, the Librarian informs Penny that the overdue book was cursed. Said curse forced Howard to do something he didn’t want to do. In this case, it was open the door to the Poison Room. This room contains books too dangerous for the public, knowledge too powerful for mass consumption. Howard enabled the killswitch to save the public from the contents of the Poison Room. All members of the Order would act as he did.

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Meanwhile, Fogg, Quentin and Julia are preparing to perform the Tesla Flection. Fogg and Julia will enable the spell while Quentin talks to the past Alice. He only has two minutes and he cannot touch her, otherwise a paradox will exist. More importantly, they will explode.

Back in Fillory, Margo and El toast to Josh’s successful FU Fighters infiltration. Eliot awards Sir Joshua with the prize of shaving any nymph in the Kingdom. Our gleeful Josh prances away at this. Margo admits she wants to bang Josh. Everyone is happy.

Later, Margo goes to talk to Fen. She spots the ominous looking fairy again. Fen comes up behind her and confesses that she too has been seeing it. Margo reveals that the plan she enacted to save Eliot involved her colluding with the fairies. Unfortunately, said fairies required a sacrifice, which happens to be Fen’s baby. Fen, naturally, freaks out. Margo promises she will fix the situation. Fen refuses to let the fairies take her child.

Meanwhile, Fogg and Julia are in full Tesla Flection action. Quentin steps inside a circular tent once he sees 23rd time loop Alice materialize. She is disheveled, sporting her signature glasses again and a rumpled button down shirt. She is shocked to see Quentin and bursts into tears. Alice thought she would never see him again since they all were slaughtered by The Beast.

the magicians 47

Alice searched for Q’s Shade after he died, since one can’t rest in peace without it. She discovered that Shades go to the Underworld. Only the dead can access said Underworld, but the living can seek it with the help of a Gatekeeper. An ancient one, a being older than the world itself. Apparently, Alice is still looking for this Gatekeeper. Fogg reveals their two minutes are almost up. Alice confesses that she’s sorry, since they were fighting when he died. Quentin says he loves her, no matter what. Their time is up and she disappears. Q is distraught.

Later, Penny is pissed because he believes Harriet embedded the curse in the library book. So, he returns to FuzzBeat with Kady in tow. Except everyone and everything has disappeared. Kady finds a card addressed to her from Harriet, informing her the god-killing information she seeks is indeed in the Poison Room. She even lists a book title. How sweet! New best bitch, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Fen, inundated with visions of the creepy fairy, sees Eliot and asks him for help. Unfortunately, Eliot isn’t really Eliot, as he turns to reveal the creepy fairy. Said fairy then kidnaps Fen.

the magicians 48

Later, Julia and Quentin are researching how to locate the Gatekeeper. Julia apologizes for the pain the spell caused Quentin. He reveals he doesn’t want it to end though, as that would mean Alice is really gone. Julia discovers a page in the book she’s reading that could be the potential Gatekeeper. It’s a picture of a dragon! Does this mean we are getting dragons? All the yes to this!

There are so many things I loved about this episode! From the FuzzBeat scenes to the Eliot/Margo/Josh team up, this episode was a stellar one indeed. Of course, the Alice/Quentin scene ripped my beating heart out of my chest, as those scenes tend to do. And now Fen is gone! Will Eliot be able to save her in time for his wedding? Can Kady finally kill Reynard with the book in the Poison Room? Will Quentin and Julia ride a damn dragon into the Underworld in the most badass way possible? So many questions, and only three episodes left, y’all! Until next time!

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