Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we spotlight strong women and non-binary folks who inspire us. These characters are prime examples of empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said examples to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for Prime Video’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, particularly June Hart’s arc. Proceed at your peril.

Fast Facts

Sigourney Weaver as June Hart wearing a black cowboy hat and standing in front of a house.

June Hart (Sigourney Weaver) is introduced to us as Alice’s grandmother and Clem’s mother. We meet her after Alice’s parents have passed away, and her mysterious persona makes us wonder if we should trust her or not. After finding out the abusive manner in which Clem treated his wife and daughter, as viewers, we are wary of anyone who is connected to him. However, in time, June changes this perspective and becomes one of the best characters on the show.

When June takes Alice home with her, we discover that her role in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is that of a protector. She is obviously protecting her granddaughter after the tragedy she’s been through, but it doesn’t end there. She is the protector of Thornfield a sanctuary for women who are escaping abuse or overcoming different kinds of hardship in their lives. Here all the flowers (both women and nature) rely on her to survive and overcome the hardships of their lives.

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It quickly becomes obvious that June is in a relationship with Twig. The two women seem to lead the farm together, sharing a romantic bond that shows the understanding they have for their past and what they’ve both been through. Although they have to overcome some obstacles throughout the season, June and Twig find their way back to one another because their love is stronger.

One of the most notable and beautiful bonds June has on the show is the one with her daughter, Candy Blue. At first, just like Candy, the audience may believe June has something against her daughter, but in time we realize it’s the guilt of not being able to protect Candy from Clem’s attack. In the end, it is Candy who takes care of sick June and who will clearly take over the farm after her passing.

The Real Deal

Leah Purcell in a pink shirt standing next to Sigourney Weaver talking on the phone.

As the season progresses, we discover that June’s mysterious personality comes from the fact that she has been telling lies her entire life to protect herself and those she loves. She lied about her past to protect herself from the truth of her attack and who Clem’s father really was. She then lied to Alice and Twig for fear of what Charlie — Alice’s brother — might do when he grew up. Most of her lies stemmed from the fact that she didn’t trust men because she knew what they were capable of.

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June’s main goal has always been to keep the flowers safe from their past and any further abuse they may encounter. She wants to make sure that no matter what happens to her, Thornfield continues to be a safe haven for women in need. That is why, as questionable as her actions may be, they are completely understandable and in character for a woman who has seen hell.

Why She Matters

Sigourney Weaver in an apron standing between pink flowers.

Even when she got sick, June Hart continued to take care of Thornfield, planting new flowers and giving a safe place to stay for the new flowers who were escaping different hardships. Ultimately, she is surrounded by love because that is what she gave the women in her life. All of the flowers and their families showing up for her funeral prove that she did what needed to be done and was a woman of her word.

So, be like June Hart. Take care of your loved ones. Keep flowers alive. Protect your territory and the people close to you. Don’t take anyone’s bullsh*t. And always remember the meaning of each flower.

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