Another day, another marvelous tweet from the world of The X-Files reboot. There has been so much joy around the shoot over last couple of weeks that I can only imagine heads exploding from X-Philes bodies the world over! (You know, like that one X-Files episode where victims kept having to in one direction and one direction only or their heads would explode and the one guy had driven his wife to the pier and couldn’t drive anymore because of the ocean and so her head exploded in the car and….. ****Audrey’s head just exploded****)

Okay. Dean Haglund, one of The Lone Gunman threesome confirmed that they will indeed be in the upcoming series with the following tweet.

UPDATE: I’ve received some questions on the fact that The Lone Gunmen died in the television series. I will say this: we never saw the bodies! I will also say this: Hagland’s podcast Chillpak Hollywood Hour played an excerpt from a convention where Chris Carter confirms that the X-Files comic book series is canon. That’s important because TLG resurface in the series. Here’s an explanation of what happened from Wikipedia:

In the second issue of the ongoing comic book Season 10, ex-FBI agent Fox Mulder is investigating the disappearances of Dana Scully and John Doggett and receives a tip from someone with the initials “TLG”. This leads Mulder to dig up the graves of The Lone Gunmen in Arlington National Cemetery to which, despite initially surprising Fox while masquerading as the cemetery’s security, he is confronted by the alive and breathing Frohike. A descending staircase is unearthed beneath one of the caskets and Mulder is reunited with the rest of the trio. Their deaths in “Jump the Shark” being faked so they could continue their operations more discreetly, TLG are ready to jump into action when Mulder tells them he needs help pinpointing information on the Van de Kamps in order to move forward in the search for Scully and Doggett.

A few questions are on Mulder’s mind however – although he’s first told that their hand in the creation of the Stuxnet virus for the U.S. military in 2010 is what allows them to continue to fly under the radar, what Fox really wants to ask them is “how’d you boys know I was coming again?” The comic ends with a shadowy, silhouetted figure standing alone in the cemetery, just having dumped an empty pack of Morley cigarettes behind him.

The new X-Files will premiere on January 24, 2016 on FOX.

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