In April of 1990, television was forever shaped with the premiere of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The official summary claims that it was a crime drama about a small town, a murdered prom queen, the quirky FBI agent and how he occasionally relies on supernatural allies to help crack the case. But real fans of the show know this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Nothing, including those weird owls, are what they seem. Even after watching the complete series, you’re left with the feeling that you still don’t know what to believe, you can only speculate how much you and the residents of this mysterious town truly know about Twin Peaks. However, there is always one exception.In this case it comes in the form of that weird woman that’s always carrying around a cut log, Margaret Lanterman; cleverly named The Log Lady.

While most assumed the woman to be mentally ill much wiser minds, like that of Special Agent Dale Cooper and Deputy Hawk, actually knew Margaret to be a modern day shaman that was able to connect with the spiritual world through her log. Throughout the series she accurately describes multiple key events that assists Cooper in his search for Laura Palmer’s murder, this gives her the appearance of being all knowing and far more powerful than people assume.

But who was the Log Lady? Specifically, who was the actress that brought this fan favorite to life? That’s what director Richard Green intends to answer  in this full length film entitled I Know Catherine, The Log Lady. This authorized documentary collaborates closely with David Lynch to share the story of the renowned broadway, film and television actress Catherine E. Coulson and the legacy she left behind after her passing in late 2015. Green was struck with inspiration when he found out about her death, which occurred shortly after filming her final scenes as the Log Lady in Twin Peaks: The Return. 

“When I heard that Catherine died four days after shooting her last Log Lady scenes, a character who was also dying, I knew we had to tell the story. And when David spoke to me so intimately about Catherine, I knew we had a story to tell.” Green says in a video he uploaded to the film’s Kickstarter page, which is still active! While Green has raised quite a lot already for the film, he’s counting on the additional  Kickstarter’s goal of $250,000.

This budget will give the viewers a close and intimate look into Catherine’s early life and career and feature several interviews with people that worked along side her, including David Lynch himself. Donating to the Kickstarter comes with additional perks for the generous donors (besides, you know, the actual movie) including joining the Legion of the Log Lady, getting your own tree planted in Log Lady Grove and your very own $250 custom, Magic 8 Ball-style log to finally get your hands on all the owl’s secrets.

The Kickstarter is set to end on June 16th and even if you can’t donate share the word!  Our precious Log Lady is so terribly missed and I think I speak on behave of all Twin Peaks fans when I say a movie like this is just what we need to properly celebrate Catherine Coulson’s career.