Well, fellow Critters, we have reached the end of season two of Amazon Prime Video and Critical Role‘s The Legend of Vox Machina. And folx, season two was one hell of a ride. And the final episode, “The Hope Devourer,” is everything we love and more. Our heroes head off to Gatshadow Mountain in pursuit of Umbarsyl (voiced by Matthew Mercer) to make their final stand against the beast. Let’s dive in!

DISCLAIMER: These are recaps and, by definition, will contain spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina. Please proceed with caution and be sure to check for traps. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the episode, we highly suggest doing so.

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“The Hope Devourer” opens as an older Scanlan (voiced by Sam Riegel) is telling his grandchildren about Vox Machina’s exploits. It would be really adorable if it weren’t for the fact that this was a dream and one that Vax (voiced by Liam O’Brien) was forced to wake him up from. We are pretty sure his chest hair will grow back at some point. Getting out of the back end of a dragon is going to be one hell of a nightmare.

As Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham) holds on for dear life, Percy (voiced by Taliesin Jaffe), Vex (voiced by Laura Bailey), Keyleth (voiced by Marisha Ray) and Pike (voiced by Ashley Johnson) try to figure out their next move. It’s good that Vex has her broom, and Keyleth can turn into a giant bird, right? It looks like the chase is on as they rush off after the fight. Percy tries to get an open shot with Bad News, but Grog just keeps getting in the way.

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And poor Grog. Umbrasyl is doing everything to get him off his back, including knocking him around in the trees and a rock wall. Grog is a bit hard to shake, though, and ends up on his back, using his new axe to rip apart his scales. On the inside, Vax and Scanlan realize they can’t go out the way they came in and will have to make the sword blade bigger in order to squeeze out.

Umbarsyl manages to shake Grog off and sends him flying, but with some smart thinking he makes himself big before hitting the ground. This leads to some broken bones, but it looks like he is going to be okay. On the inside, Vax is still hacking away, but they need to move quickly. When acid starts to pour in, Scanlan uses his magic purple hand to punch Vax through and follow him out. Finally on the outside, Umbrasyl knocks them from the sky.

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As they are falling from the sky, Vax calls out to the Matron and finally comes to terms with his agreement with her. In return, Vax gets golden wings, and our boy can fly. He swoops down and saves Scanlan before they crash down. Don’t worry; we are equally in love with and annoyed over the wings just as much as Scanlan and Vex.

Pike manages to heal as much of Grog’s wounds as possible, but he isn’t perfect. And in even worse news, Umbarsyl seems to have headed off to his den. As they debate what to do next, Vax makes it clear that they can’t walk away. They may be hurt, but so is the dragon, and the world needs them to put an end to him. So, it looks like the fight isn’t over yet.

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In his lair, Thordack (voiced by Lance Reddick) tries to get answers on what is happening, but Umbarsyl doesn’t care. He tells Ripley (voiced by Kelly Hu) that he is going to be fine for this fight and the fools are walking right into his trap. Let’s just hope that he is heavily underestimating Vox Machina.

Outside, Vax decides that he is going to head in and check things out. Keyleth reminds him of the safe word and woosh, he is gone. Scanlan, however, is struggling with his title of coward. He opens up to Pike about his daughter Kaylie and wanting to be more for her. Pike drops some friendly knowledge about how doing the right thing can be hard, but to be a better person, he just has to do it.

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Inside the lair, Vax scouts everything out before Umbarsyl appears behind him. That sneaky invisibility trick again. Vax tries to get out, but it isn’t as easy as he thought. Outside, Keyleth braces Grog’s leg with some vines. Vex is worried that she doesn’t feel or sense Vax and Pike tells them it’s their cue to head in. So, the party gets split, and Pike and Grog wait outside.

It’s a good thing they went too. Umbarsyl was one moment away from becoming the Matron’s new champion, and we don’t think he would look as good as Vax does in the armor. Percy, Keyleth, Vax and Scanlan try everything they can to get Vax back and try to put a stop to Umbarsyl, and it’s a back-and-forth fight with no clear winner for quite a while. They eventually manage to find a hole to sneak out the otherside.

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Scanlan wants out, but Vax still isn’t ready to give up. However, they aren’t safe. But Vax does a great job of winning Scanlan over, and hopefully when this is all done, he will be able to tell him. But a big evil dragon has to bust up the party, and the fight continues. It still doesn’t seem like they are going to get the upper hand, and it only gets worse when Vex loses her bow. But it’s Pike and Grog to the rescue.

The battle rages on, and Scanlan goes back and forth on whether or not he is even cut out for this. Does he stay and help or run and live another day? Watching his friends fall around him just makes matters worse in his mind. But he doesn’t want to let anyone down, including Kaylie. Unfortunately while he is debating what to do, Grog loses the Titanstone Knuckles, and Umbarsyl looks like he has them backed into a corner.

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But don’t count Scanlan out! Our little gnome snatches Mythcarver, stabs it into Umbarsyl’s eye and brings an end to the terror. But did Scanlan sacrifice his life to save them all? Pike does everything in her power to save him, but it’s all for nothing. She tells him that Kaylie would be proud of what he did and even gives him a kiss. Which, of course, means that Scanlan is totally fine. Whew, we were worried for a second.

As they celebrate their win, they find all the gold and some magic keys. On their way out, it’s nice that Vax and Scanlan can have their moment to patch things up. We don’t know if we could end this season with the two of them at odds.

Vox Machina returns to Whitestone to decide the next step of their journey. And while celebrating their win alongside Cassandra (voiced by Esme Creed-Miles), we are given one last cliffhanger. It turns out that the Chroma Conclave has infiltrated Whitestone and the make-shift council. Raishan (voiced by Cree Summer) has been pretending to be Keeper Yennen this whole time and has knocked out everyone outside of Vox Machina.

It turns out that she wants their help just as much as they need hers. She knows exactly why Thordack is collecting all of the gold, and it looks like it has to do with tons and tons of baby dragons. And with that, season two of The Legend of Vox Machina draws to a close.

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What a season! The Chroma Conclave was one of our most anticipated adaptations for Critical Role. We were beyond excited to find out that they didn’t try and squeeze the entire arc of the campaign into one season either. There is so much to explore and possibly expand on. And choosing to finish up season two with the epic Umbarsyl battle and learning about Raishan was perfect. Utterly perfect. We have a lot of questions heading into season three, so keep an eye out for them to pop up. But we want to know your thoughts. Let us know how much you loved this season in the comments below and on social media!

Hopefully, if they follow a similar timeline, we should be seeing season three kicking off in January 2024. So, fingers crossed, Critters!

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