We’ve reached the final episode of this week’s drop of Amazon Prime Video and Critical Role‘s The Legend of Vox Machina. In “Into Rimecleft,” Vox Machina continue their journey to find Osysa’s (voiced by Alanna Ubach) mate and then uncover the next step of their journey. But is it going to be as easy as they hope? Or does this sphinx, Kamaljori (voiced by Tony Plana), have something else up his sleeve? Let’s dive in!

DISCLAIMER: These are recaps and, by definition, will contain spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina. Please proceed with caution and be sure to check for traps. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the episode, we highly suggest doing so.

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“Into Rimecleft” opens with Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham) having a nightmare where he accidentally kills his friends with Craven Edge (voiced by Matthew Mercer). He was so lost in winning that he didn’t realize what he had done. Thankfully, again, it’s just a vision. But this terrifies him nonetheless. The next morning, the team moves forward in search of the Sphinx and Pike (voiced by Ashley Johnson) realizes something isn’t quite right. She tries to talk with Scanlan (voiced by Sam Riegel), but he plays it off.

Keyleth (voiced by Marisha Ray) tries to get Vax (voiced by Liam O’Brien) to open up about asking the Matron of Ravens for some guidance, but he doesn’t seem to open to the idea. Eventually, they reach Rimecleft, and after an adorable moment between Vex (voiced by Laura Bailey) and Percy (voiced by Taliesin Jaffe), plus Grog swaddling Scanlan and avoiding Pike’s questions about the sword, we finally get to see where this journey is taking us. Just ignore the mysterious creature trying to follow them.

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After solving a riddle and Vex checking out the views from the skies, they find their way inside. There they meet Kamaljori, who doesn’t want to tear them down like Osysa but offers them a different challenge. They can either fight a bunch of death gorgons, survive a maze or inflict an injury on him. The easy answer (or so they think) is to wound him. While Vax gets ready for his go, Craven Edge shows Grog precisely what he will do if he doesn’t get blood.

Grog swaddling Scanlan with Pike standing next to them.

The Legend of Vox Machina. Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Vax tries his best before getting knocked into the void. This leads Vex to dive in, but even she is overpowered. Grog goes next, but even he gets knocked out. Keyleth, Pike and Percy rush in even after Scanlan pleads for them to think this through. It’s a good thing, though. Scanlan might be the jokester, but sometimes he has the best ideas. Like hitting Kamaljori where it hurts most – Oysysa. It’s these moments of the series that we absolutely love.

We do get a moment to really see what lies under Scanlan’s quippy retorts and realize that he really wants to find love. Eventually, everyone falls out of the void and are shocked (us too, really) that Scanlan managed to be the one to save them. For proving their worthiness, Kamaljori gifts them the vestige Mythcarver which allows Scanlan to see the other vestiges waiting for them. He shares that he sees a bow in the Fey realm while a gauntlet is in the hands of someone who looks like Grog in Westruun.

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Before they can figure anything else out, the temple is attacked by Umbrasyl (voiced by Mercer). With Kamaljori on their side, Scanlan thinks they can take him down, and Vox Machina joins the fight. It’s an epic battle as they try to help take down Umbrasyl, but in the end, he is able to get both Scanlan and Mythcarver. Kamaljori sacrifices himself to save Scanlan from falling to his death. Grog allows himself to be taken over by Craven Edge while Keyleth tries to portal them away.

Pike tries to pull Grog away, but he won’t listen. As Keyleth gets closer to finishing the spell, Pike puts herself between Grog and Umbrasyl, trying to get his attention. And it’s in the next moment that Grog’s nightmare comes true as Craven Edge slices through little Pike. It’s enough to pull him out of his rage, and he rushes over with Scanlan just in time for Keyleth’s spell. Keyleth tries to hold them together, but as “Into Rimecleft” draws to a close, we see that Vox Machina has been split up.

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CLIFFHANGERS Critical Role! We thought we talked about these! We are putting all of our good and positive vibes into the universe that when The Legend of Vox Machina returns next week, Pike is going to be ah-okay. In better news, this episode gave us a different side of Scanlan than we are used to seeing. Through the first six episodes, we have seen little tidbits of what has been going on underneath all his charm and confidence. And everything that is happening is chipping away at him. It will be interesting to see what happens with his character going forward.

This is the final episode for this week’s drop. What are your thoughts on the series so far? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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