We are halfway through this week’s drop of Amazon Prime Video’s The Legend of Vox Machina. While the last episode focused on Vax (voiced by Liam O’Brien) and Vex (voiced by Laura Bailey), “Pass Through Fire” gives us a look into Keyleth’s (voiced by Marisha Ray) journey. As Vox Machina heads to their next destination, Keyleth rushes off to help the Fire Ashari in Pyrah. Will she prove that she is worthy? Let’s find out!

DISCLAIMER: These are recaps and, by definition, will contain spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina. Please proceed with caution and be sure to check for traps. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the episode, we highly suggest doing so.

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“Pass Through Fire” opens with a flashback to young Keyleth saying goodbye to her mother, Vilya (voiced by Janet Varney), as she heads out on her Aramente. There is a lesson about being one with the elements and listening for when it is time for Keyleth to head out on her journey. In the present, Vox Machina is heading off in search of the next Vestige. Vex is going on about her new perspective while everyone is trying to start the fire.

Keyleth opens up that they are near Pyrah, the last place her mom was seen. Pike (voiced by Ashley Johnson) offers to stop in, but Vax doesn’t think wasting more time is a good idea. It clearly upsets Keyleth, but she agrees with Vax. On the other hand, Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham) is dealing with his own issues. Scanlan (voiced by Sam Riegel) finds him trying to use the bathroom and plays him some poop music.

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The poop music covers up the fact that he is chatting with Craven Edge (voiced by Matthew Mercer). We learn a little about what Edge wants and that he will give Grog power in return for blood. If Grog was smarter, he might realize this isn’t the best deal. But that is what makes Grog so great. Back at the fire, Vax has more weird visions thanks to the Matron of Ravens that awakes everyone else. He heads off to stretch his legs, and Keyleth catches him trying to take the armor off.

The next morning, Vox Machina heads off toward their next destination. Vex tries to get Scanlan to tell her what the magic broom does (it flies, of course), but he won’t tell her how. All he wants is a favor, but she doesn’t trust him enough. While flying above, Scanlan sees the volcano at Pyrah has erupted. Keyleth can’t leave her people to deal with the rift to the fire plane and rushes off, leaving the rest behind. Vax is annoyed that she ran off, but Pike points out that they are her family, and Vex reminds him that Keyleth would be willing to drop everything to help Vox Machina.

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In Pyrah, Keyleth finds the rift open and monsters attacking the city. But she isn’t the only Air Ashari helping. Her father, Korrin (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), is helping too. He explains that the rift in the fire plane was ripped open by a dragon, and he came to help Headmaster Cerkonos (voiced by Robbie Daymond). Keyleth and her dad need to help them close the rift. We learn that Keyleth hasn’t been upfront with her dad about what she has actually been up to, but our girl is strong, so we know she’s got this.

Grog yelled at Craven Edge for constantly saying he is hungry.

The Legend of Vox Machina. Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

When they reach the rift, Keyleth finds Lady Allura (voiced by Indira Varma) and Lady Kima (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) helping. While she helps them, the rest of Vox Machina take turns facing the little firebugs. Poor Percy (voiced by Taliesin Jaffe) is very flammable, and Grog loves blueberry pie. Allura and Kima eventually go to find them. We learn that they survived Thordack’s (voiced by Lance Reddick) attack but are responsible for him in the first place after only banishing him to the fire plane instead of completely stopping him.

Back at the rift, Keyleth and her dad try to help close the rift, but it doesn’t hold. They try again while the others try and get them some time. Grog has a moment where Craven wants to take a bit out of Pike, and Vex finally agrees to Scanlan’s terms and sets on sailing on the broom. Everyone tries to help close the rift, but it still isn’t enough. Finally, Keyleth opens up about being scared, but then she hears her mother’s voice. It’s like a calling that leads her into the rift and onto the otherside.

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Keyleth was made to pass through fire and become one badass fire elemental. With her new power, she can close the rift for good and end the torment on the otherside. Thankfully, there is no cliffhanger, and we know that Keyleth makes it out of the fire plane, rocking a new headpiece and armor. Later on, Keyleth completes this leg of her journey, and the Headmaster warns her that Throdack escaped with the help of someone pretending to be a part of their tribe.

Pike tries to get Allura and Kima to join them on their journey, but they have other things that need attending before hitting Whitestone. They also mention how the Elven city of Synghorn has just disappeared. Vex thanks Scanlan and officially agrees to his terms with the help of Trinket. As “Pass Through Fire” comes to a close, we watch as Umbrasyl (voiced by Mercer) meets with Ripley (voiced by Kelly Hu), who is warning them of Vox Machina’s plans.

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We love each and every member of The Legend of Vox Machina, but Keyleth holds a very special place in our hearts. Watching Marisha Ray bring her out of her shell during Critical Role‘s live game and gain confidence and power during her journey was incredible. And this is what makes this episode so great. Keyleth’s journey is front and center, giving us a look at her insecurities and getting the chance to see the fire elemental Keyleth animated was just the icing on the cake. We love how this season gives more focus to each team member and shows off their growth alone and together.

We’ve got one more episode to dive into this week so let’s go!

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