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Have you watched the first two seasons of The Leftovers on HBO?  I have.  Have you loved them?  I have!  Have you read the book?  I have not.  Fail.  But, others at GGA have, and they approve.

Well, the third and final season is about to come our way.  And, I am full of anticipation after seeing the trailer that was released this week.  As is to be expected from creator Damon Lindelof (who also created LostThe Leftovers new trailer asks many more questions than it answers.  BUT, we do get some hints as to what is in store.

It looks like the final season centers around the anniversary of the departure and the apparent end of times that will come with it.  Seven years after the departure, Kevin is facing a prophecy that the anniversary will bring a great flood, and the perception that he may be some kind of reluctant messiah.  This notion seems to be fully supported by the poster for season 3, which depicts a concrete ‘winged’ Kevin.  He has, after all, come back from the dead, and from whatever that underworld was last season.

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As always, violence abounds, Nora is losing her mind, fear rules, panic overwhelms, and it looks like Kevin may die AGAIN!  And, it’s all set to Abba’s absurdly poppy S.O.S.  This trailer is so good, I’ve watched it at least six times.

The real question is, will we ever find out what the departure really was?  What does it all mean?  Can Kevin save them all?  This is it.

The end is near.  And, it starts on April 16th on HBO.  Bring it on!!



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