We have our first look at Godzilla thanks to EW. In the new film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, our favorite atomic-breath wielding kaiju is back with some classic characters. Not only did we get an image, but we also learned a little more about the film. And it’s going to be massive!

It’s been 5 years since Godzilla rose from the depths of the ocean to save humanity (or did he?). And people are still terrified. Director Michael Dougherty says that “the world is reacting to Godzilla in the same way we would react to any other terrifying incident, in that we are overreacting.” I don’t know if you can possibly overreact to learning about the gargantuan lizard being in our oceans for decades? I digress and Dougherty continues. “But there’s paranoia and endless speculation about whether he is the only one out there or whether we’re threatened by others like his kind.” And humanity, in their panic, was right.

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King Ghidorah (yes!!), Mothra and Rodan will all be making their appearance in the film. And apparently Dougherty has a bit of a soft-spot for Rodan. “In a lot of ways he’s more powerful than Godzilla. He’s like this winged A-bomb. I think we’ve done him justice”. However, the image shows Godzilla shooting his atomic breath into the sky which the director says is a “call to arms”. Against what? King Ghodorah? We’ll sadly have to wait and see. And then we can get to the big showdown of the Monsterverse: Godzilla vs. Kong

We also got a glimpse of Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) and her daughter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown). Russell a scientist working for Monarch when she and her daughter are kidnapped. By who? Apparently it’s another mysterious organization who has their own plans for the monsters. Russell’s ex-husband Mark (Kyle Chandler) will lead the rescue mission for the pair with some help from Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins). How this all ties into the appearance of these other kaiju will have to wait and see. Maybe we’ll be getting a trailer soon?

Check out the images below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more kaiju news. Godzilla: King of the Monsters storms into theaters May 31, 2019.

(L-R) MILLIE BOBBY BROWN as Madison Russell and VERA FARMIGA as Dr. Emma Russell