V.E. Schwab‘s newest book, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, is officially going to be a movie! Schwab herself announced the adaptation in October of 2020, but Variety broke the news of a director and writing team earlier this week. 

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Augustine Frizzell will direct the first adaptation of Schwab’s work for eOne. While Schwab was initially supposed to write the screenplay, Frizzell will now do so alongside her husband, filmmaker David Lowery. Frizzell’s feature directorial debut came in 2018 with A24’s Never Goin’ Back.

She also directed another book adaptation, The Last Letter From Your Lover, starring Felicity Jones and Shailene Woodley. Lowery most recently helmed A24’s The Green Knight starring Dev Patel and helms Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue came out in October 2020 and centers on a woman who makes a bargain to live forever. In return, however, no one will remember her. She lives this way for 300 years, slipping in and out of peoples’ lives and traveling the world until she meets a young man who remembers her name.

Addie LaRue is Schwab’s seventh novel for adults. She writes for children and young adults as well, under the name Victoria Schwab. Several of her other works are currently in varying production levels, including a film adaptation of Shades of Magic and a television series of City of Ghosts.

Schwab announced Frizzell’s role as director on Instagram on November 17. Along with clarifying her role in the adaptation, she asked her readers not to worry about it just yet. As she stated in her post:

I see so many messages that amount to ‘they better not change/ruin/f*ck up this thing I love’. And I get it, I do. But please remember, no one can change/ruin/f*ck up my book. Because my book is my book. It is not undone. It is not erased. It is not a palimpsest, written over by a new iteration. The book will always be the book. The film will always be the film.

I am so excited about this adaptation. Although Addie LaRue only came out last year, the book already means a lot to me. I can’t wait to see where this journey goes!

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