Diversity comes in many forms. Obviously, we are all familiar with the need for diversity in terms of representing various cultures, age groups, and different demographics. This is incredibly important to appeal to a broad range of people, to be inclusive to everyone, and to gain many live views on Instagram.

However, in this guide, we will talk about another form of diversity. What about being diverse in the tools that you use for your social media? Platforms like Insta have a variety of tools, and you need to be using all of them in some way for the best results. One great option to boost some engagement is to buy Instagram live view packs from resources like buytoplikes.com to help bring attention to those streams. They are really great for this kind of thing, and they are affordable too.

Continue reading to discover more about the importance of using multiple tools on IG to achieve many IG live views.

The Algorithm Notices

You know that dirty word we all roll our eyes at? On social media, it’s the word algorithm, isn’t it? Instagram has an algorithm just like every other social media platform. And while it picks up on things like interaction, engagement, and live views on IG, it also takes a look at whether or not you are using Insta to its full potential.

So let us ask you this. Are you using Instagram to its full capability? Ultimately, you can post in these three ways.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Carousels

And on top of those three methods, you have multiple options for diverse sources. For example, you can host an Instagram live to gain views. You could also use stories, reels, traditional posts, and more. If all you ever do is post photos, that’s ok, but it’s not really doing you any favors.

In fact, the algorithm might just think you’re not exciting enough. Instead, create a plan that uses plenty of tools and integrates them together. Create your photo posts, but also add some stories occasionally. Use IG live to collect views to boost the stats as well.

Mixing Up Engagement

Even if you have a great audience and liking, you need to be aware that mixing up engagement will keep them entertained. In all actuality, you will likely get the opportunity to engage with other users and collect more Instagram live views than you do on traditional posts.

It’s the same with stories and reels too. An expert Ronald A. Harris explains the importance of such method this way: “You see, each category of posting shows up in diverse markets. They’re going to pop up for various people based on what their interests seem to be in that field. Therefore, being diverse and using useful tools in this way can help open the doors for you to gather more IG live views and engagement overall.”

Don’t get frustrated when you first go live and receive just a few live views on Instagram. If it’s not a tool you’ve actively used, it may take much time and effort to build up followers for live streams and other posting tools too.

Rank in Different Categories

Instagram tells us on their about pages how important it is to post in various areas, and they rank people differently in each category. This means if you only post in lives, you only rank in lives.

If you want the ability to rank across the board, you should use various features. These are the categories that Instagram ranks in:

  • Feed and Stories
  • Explore
  • Reels
  • Lives

And while maybe you feel most comfortable hanging out in feed and stories, it will certainly limit you. A whole host of people on Insta prefer to watch things like broadcasting or reels or find great pages through Explore.

So, what methods can you use to make the most of building a following? You learn how to do so in each of these categories. Take the time to do some research and find out how to use these tools. Stop ignoring them. This is the diversity that is going to build you up much more live views on Instagram.

Tie Things Together

When you decide to step out there and try new styles of interaction on IG to gain more live views, there are some helpful strategies. The goal is ultimately to drive your engagement and build your following, but you also want to point people to look at distinct forms of posts, right?

You can integrate your various data together and use one category of posting to attract people to another. For example, why not remind people to follow your page on that live video you’re creating?

You could also create stories or posts that direct people to check out a broadcast to collect more Instagram live views. This works well between all of the posting categories, including lifestyle. Use each one you create to drive or invite people to other areas.

The goal will be to hopefully help pull the different audiences together and be able to grow in IG live views and as a page as a whole. In fact, you could even make it fun:

  • create a game,
  • make some sort of challenge for your audience,
  • and do a giveaway.

Make it a scavenger hunt, where they have to find separate elements of your content.

This is just one fun way to mix it up, and it’s pushing people to check out different things you are creating simultaneously.

Increase Your Total Following

In the end, your goal on Insta is to boost the stats and scale the business that you have, right? After all, the more Instagram live views, the better off it is. But here’s the thing. Only posting to one category, like movies, is going to limit you.

At some point, you’re going to hit the ceiling where you won’t be able to pick up many impressions, and momentum will definitely slow down. But using diverse tools on IG, such as broadcasts, to gain many live views and other types of content. It is a great way to continue increasing your audience.

Not only does it make you more present and more visible in different categories, but it also brings more categories of people straight to you. The goal is to diversify not only your content but also find ways to diversify your following to some extent.

And this strategy of using various tools is the best way to do just that.


It can be scary and overwhelming to step out of your comfort zone and create the first broadcast and gain the first IG live views. But it is so important to do so in the ever-changing world of social media. If you aren’t willing to switch it up and become a part of all the things, you’re going to be limited in many ways.

It may take some time to figure it out, but when you keep at it, your hard work pays off!

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