Gamers all over the world would agree that Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto online are among the most successful gaming franchises ever. The latest version of the series GTA 5 was released in 2013, and it was welcomed with open arms from players all over the world. It amassed a sum of a billion dollars in the first 3 days, earning a place as the 3rd most successful game in history after Tetris and Minecraft.

The developers of the game Rockstar Games, announced that there would be a luxury casino added to the online version of the game as an update. It is said that this new casino update would be available to PS4, Xbox, and PC users alike. This announcement was first made in 2013 at the initial launch of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, but now the developers have made it clear that it would be one of the biggest updates the game has seen. Even though there are offline casinos in the game, it is great news for the fans to hear that the casino is finally going to be included in the online game.

The online casino is branded as “The Diamond Casino and Resort” and is loaded with a lot of amenities that ensure that there is something for everyone. There is going to be exclusive shopping, state of the art gaming facilities, and first-class entertainment in the least – at least that’s what Rockstar promises. It doesn’t matter what you are in town for, the Diamond Casino and Resort is going to open to all.

The casino is located at Vinewood Park in East Vinewood, Los Santos. If you are familiar with the Vinewood Racetrack, then you shouldn’t have any trouble locating the casino. There are tons of buildings open to all in the game, but there is a reason the casino has been shut for a long time. It likely is to prevent players from gambling away all the hard-earned cash they have accumulated in the game. Now that the construction sign “opening soon”, which has been there for the past six years, has been removed and there are signs of construction taking place, it is clear that the online casino is closer to our fingertips than we know. A lot of players and online sources have given false release dates in the past, only to leave players shattered at the fact that the casino was still “under construction”. This was mainly because the game never released a trailer or teaser to carry players along until now. The anticipated unofficial July 18 release date has been ruled out because there has not been any abnormal specific database updates to confirm an incoming update. With that in mind, the casino is likely to open anytime from now till September 23.

With the addition of poker and other casino gambling games to Red Dead Online, there has been a lot of controversy about adding gambling to gaming. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the game contains a lot of microtransactions. However, it seems GTAOnline used Red Dead Online to test the waters and collect data before making its official debut. Regardless, one thing common to both games is the gambling restrictions in different states and countries. This is the reason why some parts of the United States banned the gambling part of Red Dead Online, and the same might happen to GTA 5. For players in non-gambling states, this means that they are automatically going to miss out on the online casino of GTA 5. Some players in these regions might be able to get into the casino, but there is going to be a loading screen to determine whether you are eligible to enter or not. Since you can’t go in, it does not make sense to buy and run the casino as you would be car dealerships and nightclubs in the game as it would be a waste of money.

But in these speculations, it seems clear now that the Diamond Casino and Resorts is going to involve gambling with real money – the most tangible reason why the restrictions are in place. Still, they are just speculations. Rockstar games would want everyone to enjoy the online version of the casino, and it seems that there might be a second currency on the GTA online platform that can’t be bought with real money to prevent players from gambling away their real money.

All in all, the Diamond Casino and Resorts is going to be a blast!