Almost six years ago, I did a review of The Grizzled for Geek Girl Authority. Almost six years! As I said then, “The Grizzled is best played with 3-5 players, and is set during World War 1. It is not, however, a war game. It’s a game about a group of French soldiers who were friends long before they were sent off to war. All they (you) are trying to do is help each other survive the horrors of this war and return home together in one piece (or at least in as few pieces as possible).”

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After all these years, The Grizzled, published by CMON, has entrenched itself as my favorite cooperative game of all time. It is still very difficult to win, but it is also so much fun to accept the challenge, time and time again. Here is your opportunity to see it played, as three of us try to stay one step ahead of the hopelessness of war. I bring you… The Grizzled. 


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