Netflix has announced that Alice Oseman‘s young adult graphic novel series Heartstopper has been given the green light to start production. See-Saw Films will produce it. The series will have eight 30-minute episodes directed by Euros Lyn with writing by Oseman herself. Patrick Walters, Jamie Laurenson and Hakan Kousetta will be serving as executive producers.

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Heartstopper originally launched as a webcomic on Tumblr and Tapas, where it amassed many supportive readers. Readers can currently find it on Webtoon and Oseman has since published three book volumes of the series, with a fourth coming this May. The series tells the story of Charlie and Nick, who meet at an all-boys school in Kent. The two become friends and quickly discover a romance blossoming between them.

Over the series, Charlie and Nick fall head over heels for each other. During Heartstopper, they are surrounded by a community and allies and friends who help them to really become their true selves. They also learn that there is no “right way” to come out. This heartwarming LGBT+ graphic novel is a must-read and soon must-watch for everyone.

Oseman shared that she is overjoyed that Heartstopper has found a home on Netflix and how they are in complete support of how See-Saw and herself want the show to transpire. She is ready to use another medium to continue to tell Charlie and Nick’s story for not only her existing fans but a whole new audience around the world. Lyn shares in Oseman’s excitement sharing that he can’t wait to bring this boy-meets-boy love story to the screen.

To read Heartstopper while you wait for the series, it can be found here, or physical copies can be bought on Oseman’s site.



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