The Good Place is marching into its fourth season. And, it was announced Friday that it will also be its last. Creator Mike Schur confirmed the news in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

Fans might ask the question, “why?”. The answer is pretty interesting and unique in American television. Schur knew all along that the arc of the show would likely be four seasons. He said, “I knew I needed to map this out in the same way that I mapped out the first season, I needed to map out the whole show. I didn’t feel like it needed to be definitive but I needed to have a sense of how long I thought the idea could sustain itself. I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that it was four seasons.”  

So, when the end of season three came, and he was on track with the writers (the only ones that knew his plan) to end after four seasons… he told the producers, network and cast that the end was nigh. Schur is sitting pretty with a big deal with NBC, but it’s still unusual for a creator to end a show thoughtfully instead of milking it for every once of life they can get.  

Schur commented on the end and his respectful way of letting all involved know by saying, “That’s what happens when you do a show about ethics, you start thinking all the time about everybody else’s lives in a really good way. It would maybe benefit me, personally, to do things this way but it will hurt everybody else. It’s a very simple utilitarian calculation that there are other people involved here and they have every right to know what their futures are.”  

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So, goodbye, The Good Place. We can’t wait to see how the end unravels!  



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