On November 7th, the Roman Goddess of Strife, Discordia, was released to play on the SMITE live servers. Discordia was datamined (the act of going through game files to find upcoming Gods and events) back in the late summer and gained popularity closer to her release. She is a ranged, magical Mage who costs either 11,000 favor or 200 gems. Here is a breakdown of her lore, abilities, and general information.


As the Roman Goddess of Strife, Discordia thrives off of disagreement. Known in Greece as the Goddess Eris, she sought for a way to remake herself from a simple Goddess of mischief and chaos to much more. With a single golden apple with the words “for the fairest” written across, she began what would become known as the Trojan War and the kidnap of Helen of Sparta. At the end of the war Discordia led the mortal Aeneus across the sea to what would now become the nation of Rome. It was here that she reinvented herself, taking the name Discordia and becoming the Goddess known for helping to build Rome.

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Passive: Discordia’s passive works like a single player buff. In mythology, she was constantly comparing herself to the other Gods and that doesn’t change here. She compares her team and chooses the teammate who has dealt the top damage to enemy players. The buff increases their physical power by 5 +2 per level and magical power 10 +3 per level. The level scales off of Discordia’s current level.

Unruly Magic: Her number 1 is her clear ability. In clash or conquest this will allow her to clear lanes quickly, racking up experience and gold. This also comes in handy during team fights as she can aim to hit 1 target first, and the other minor projectiles will hit any Gods that are grouped close together during the fight.

Strife: Her number 2 has a few useful abilities. Not only does it deal damage to any enemy minion or God in the area, it also forces Madness on them. This means that if two or more enemies are inside the area when it is cast they will instantly start attacking each other. This is useful in group fights as it will force your enemies to stop attacking your team and deal damage to each other. If there is only one enemy or God in the area when it is cast, they will be instantly rooted for 1 second. This works well when you are trying to combo abilities and want an enemy to stay put for a moment.

Erratic Behavior: Discordia’s number 3 is not an escape. This I learned the hard way. She only leaps a small distance away and if you deal any damage you are revealed for a short moment. It does work well when you are trying to get away and want to switch directions quickly to through the pursuing enemy off. Once I realized exactly how this ability worked, it changed my gameplay greatly. While Discordia is in her little area of confusion, her cool down on her 1 and 2 are sped up. This allows her to get her abilities back faster so she can have a greater presence in the fight.

Golden Apple of Discord: Discordia’s number 4 (or ultimate) is her strongest attack. She tosses an apple ahead of her, skipping over minions and bouncing off of walls. If it hits an enemy God, they take damage and then are forced to hold it. During this time they suffer additional affects as well. Once it detonates the affects spread to other Gods as well. This means that your ultimate can hit every God in the fight during a team fight if they are closer together.

Recommended Item Builds:

Item builds are everything in this game. A God can be unkillable with the right items or can be crushed if the player ignores counter-building. Discordia is not different than any other Mage, and will need items that affect her cooldown reduction. This will allow her to pump out abilities faster during lane clearing and team fights. You also want to make sure you build defensive items as well. Depending on the other teams composition and if they have more physical or magical damage will dictate what items you should get. It is also recommended to add some power items at this time so that you get that big burst damage.

For help with  a good starting build or to see what others are using, I would recommend checking out SmiteGuru. They offer tons of advice as well for items that help counter build for every God.

Personal Review:

Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten quite a bit of time to play Discordia. I was able to work out how to set up combos for her and what items really work well and when I should buy them. Having played a few matches against her as well, it is easy to see that those who can hit her abilities will see a lot of burst damage, especially when her build is complete. This alone makes any Mage satisfying to play.

I did check out the Smite Forums to see how other’s feel about her. It wasn’t a shock to see that so many people are already calling for a nerf to her abilities. This is normal for new Gods since the developers need to see how she is going to be played and what needs to be adjusted to make it an even match. She is most definitely a back lane Mage (standing behind your Guardian or Warriors) since she doesn’t have a true escape. She is however pretty easy to learn and incredibly fun to play. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a new Mage to play.

Julia Roth
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