The God of High School is one of the anime we’re covering this season here on GGA. Its voice cast were kind enough to respond to a short Q&A we sent their way. We hope you enjoy this interesting look behind the scenes! The three actors interviewed are Tatsumaru Tachibana, the voice of Jin Mori. Mr. Tachibana has mostly been known for his stage work, and The God of High School marks his first leading role in a major anime production. Kentaro Kumagai, the voice of Han Daewi, has been a rising star in the industry for several years. His work includes supporting roles in recent hits like Dr. Stone and GGA favorite Blackfox. Ayaka Ohashi, finally, is perhaps best known as Yayaka from Flip-Flappers. All three provide interesting insight into the voiceover process! Let us know what your favorite response is!

Jin eating a banana (God of High School season 1, episode 2)

Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira, left to right.

Geek Girl Authority: How have your prior roles, in anime or in other mediums, influenced how you approached The God of High School?

Tatsumaru Tachibana (voice of Jin Mori): I have wanted to be a voice actor since I was a kid. I started doing voice acting when I joined my current agency. I also have a very loud voice, so I learned to move away from the microphone a little bit during the fight scenes and move closer to it depending on the scene.

Kentaro Kumagai (voice of Han Daewi): I think my experience so far has helped me to play this role.

GGA: Do you do anything special to get “in character” for your role?

TT: The other casts and the staff members helped me get into the role faster than I thought I would. I learned a lot and felt a lot through this title. It’s a treasure in my life to have met [the God of High School].

KK: While reading the script again, I visualize the images in my mind and ruminate feelings of my character.

GGA: Does God of High School present any interesting or unique challenges to you as a voice actor?

TT: Absolutely. We had a lot of ad-libs, and I had a lot of different challenges every week.

KK: The one thing I struggled with was the emotional distance among Daewi, Mori and Mira when he doesn’t show much emotion early on.

Ayaka Ohashi (voice of Yoo Mira): It was difficult for me to play action scenes and to act and play the dialogue in one take. Gag scenes were a lot of fun to act out!

GGA: What’s the funniest or most memorable thing that’s ever happened to you during a voice acting session?

TT: It was interesting to have all the voice actors in the studio auditioning for a particular mob character who appears in the last episode.

KK: It’s about being able to experience a part of many characters’ lives together.

AO: There was often a delicious snack treat in the studio, but I remember it was around the time I started gaining my weight, and I just had to fight with the craving. (laugh)

You can watch The God of High School on Crunchyroll here, and catch up on our The God of High School recaps here!



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