Things are looking bleak on The Gifted.  The Inner Circle they set their sights on Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind).  Lauren is being “teMpted” to the dark side after becoming obsessed with the von Strucker music box that seems to be increasing her powers.  This happened after the Inner Circle took out the leaders of the Mutant Underground. Now the remaining MU mutants are fleeing for the safety. Now would be a good time for the Morlocks to step in, but they are very content staying out of the spotlight.

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Erg’s (Michael Luwoye) reluctance to interact with humans comes from being betrayed by one; someone he loved.  The woman’s name was Pam (Olivia Grace Applegate). Nine years ago, she was caught by Sentinel Services and sent out to find information on the underground mutant escape route. Pam led them to Evangeline (Erinn Ruth) and to the decimation of several mutants. Erg vowed never to trust another human again.  In the present day, Clarice, aka Blink (Jamie Chung), has joined the Morlocks.  She settles in easily and prepares to help with supply runs. Erg is more than happy that she is there.  

The Next Move
The Struckers discuss protection for Lauren

Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind and Stephen Moyer in THE GIFTED, “teMpted” ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

What’s left of the Mutant Underground is scattered. John Proudstar (Blair Redford) wants to pull all of their resources together to strike back at the Inner Circle. They’re not in any shape to fight.  Their numbers are low and they can’t recruit because mutants are hiding to survive.

On top of that, the Inner Circle wants Lauren to join them. Reeva Payge (Grace Byers) is working in secret with Benedict Ryan (Peter Gallagher) who just happens to be leading the Purifier’s attacks.  Their end goal is to separate humans and mutants and the MU won’t let that happen. Marcos (Sean Teale) reminds everyone that Lorna/Polaris (Emma Dumont) is risking her life trying to get Intel from the Inner Circle. They have to strike soon.

The Inner Circle’s new recruits, Max (James Carpinello), Tico (Tyshon Freeman), and Heather (Chelle Ramos) start their training for a new mission.  They work as a trio to cause the most destruction possible. They are working on building their power to level buildings. Lorna “accidentally” stabs herself to leave the training room. She breaks into Max’s room to see what she can find on their next mission.  

Lorna meets up with Marcos later to tell him what she found. The Inner Circle targeting the government next. They have plans to blow up the White House, Sentinel Services headquarters, the state Capitol, and the Pentagon. Later Lorna is talking to Tito and Heather about their powers when Max interrupts them.  He’s upset, saying someone broke into his room. Heather says he’s being paranoid, but Max insists that someone was in his room. Lorna leaves them to fight it out and Max gives her a suspicious look.

Whatever it Takes to Survive

The Morlocks break into a warehouse to gather food and supplies, but it’s only a matter of minutes before the cops show up.  Everyone is able to grab and go, but the cops get one shot off before they disappear into Blink’s portal. The cops shot Glow (Laysla De. Oliveira).  The Morlock medical person doesn’t know how to help Glow. Her glowing blood isn’t clotting. Blink wants to take her to a hospital, but Glow is a fugitive. Erg says they just have to do the best they can with what they have.

John and Marcos meet with other Underground fighters, but everyone has pretty much given up.  They argue that they are outnumbered, outpowered and just out. John tells them this is their last chance but everyone is worried about the anti-mutant protests that get violent.  They leave John and Marcos to deal with the Inner Circle on their own.

Speaking of Lauren, when she sleeps, she dreams with Andy (Percy Hynes White).  Nothing can keep Andy from reaching out to her, so Lauren has only been sleeping 20 minutes at a time so she doesn’t dream.  It’s really taking a toll on her. Caitlin (Amy Acker) and Reed (Stephen Moyer) are concerned with her lack of sleep.  She says it feels like Andy is probing her mind looking for a weakness.

Help When Needed
Caitlin sees the Morlock community for the first time

Amy Acker in THE GIFTED, “teMpted”. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX.

Blink appears in the Strucker apartment and asks for Caitlin’s help with Glow.  Reed doesn’t like it because the Morlocks are separatists. They don’t trust humans. But Caitlin is Glow’s only chance at surviving. Caitlin agrees to go after Lauren insists that she will be fine.

Blink asked Marcos to go with them to the tunnels to help Glow. His blood may be able to help her since their powers are similar. As soon as Caitlin sees Glow, she knows exactly what to do.  Erg sees Caitlin and gets upset. Blink defends her actions, saying he wouldn’t allow them to take Glow to the emergency room, so she brought help to them. Erg tries to tell Caitlin to leave, but Caitlin is adamant about staying.

Marcos gives Glow a blood transfusion.   Caitlin says she needs to go to the clinic to use the lab centrifuge.  Erg says they will get her whatever she needs, but it’s more complicated than that. Caitlin needs to isolate Marcos’ blood platelets and mix them with an anti-plasma to help Glow’s blood clot. The only way to do that is in a lab with a centrifuge. Erg doesn’t like it, but Caitlin assures him that she can take care of herself.

Earl King

Reed tells Lauren the story of the Earl King and warns her about the danger of their family legacy.  Lauren explains that she finds the song comforting. The darkness is in their DNA, but it doesn’t feel evil to Lauren. She says it feels incredible like she could change everything that is wrong with the world. The von Struckers are the only people who can understand what she’s going through.  Reed asks if she wants the power to destroy things. Lauren says she doesn’t and decides she’s just being stupid.

Lauren is fighting to stay away but losing the battle quickly. She dreams of meeting Andy.  As soon as she sees him, she tries to wake up but can’t. Andy says he doesn’t want to fight her anymore. He misses her and what they can do.  The Frosts are actually talking through Andy. They are trying to persuade Lauren to meet with Andy in real life. She has doubts and that sets Andy off. He gets aggressive so Lauren pulls away and runs.  The Frosts try to get her back, but she’s gone. Lauren wakes herself up.

The next morning, Reed goes to check on Lauren but she’s gone.  He goes to John for help. Lauren said she needed to get away to figure things out.  Reed blames himself for her disappearance. They are concerned about what will happen if the Inner Circle has both Andy and Lauren.

Fatherly Love
Reed tries to relate to Lauren.

Stephen Moyer and Natalie Alyn Lind in THE GIFTED, “teMpted”. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

John uses his powers to track Lauren, but she’s walking in circles like she’s confused.  Reed says she’s confused about her powers. John asks if Reed talked to her. Reed says he tries, but her experience is nothing like his.  

Lauren is at the bus station and watches the police harass a family.  There’s no indication that the family is mutants, but the police search their stuff anyway.  Lauren stands nearby and throws a disk at the cop car, cutting of the hood lights. The cops get jumpy and turn their attention to finding other mutants.

John and Reed track Lauren to the bus station.  John says they have to find her before she gets to Andy. She’s turning to the Inner Circle.   Reed says the power is irresistible. John says it sounds like Reed knows exactly what Lauren is going through. He says Reed needs to tell her what he has experienced.

Reed and John catch up to Lauren. She blocks them, but Reed says he won’t stop until she talks to him. She lets down her shield and tries to walk away.  Reed tells her that he knows about the power of the music box. He found it as a boy. He was drawn to it like she is. His father knew Reed already liked the darkness of their family and that’s why he tried to suppress his powers.  Lauren says she can’t resist it anymore. Reed says she’s not alone and he can help her  

Bring Back the Glow

Marcos continues with the blood transfusion.  Their time is up so Marcos disconnects the line.  Glow tries to talk to him about his life, but he doesn’t want to talk.  He receives a call from Lorna. She’s worried that Max knows that she’s the one who broke into his room.  They have to find out what the Inner Circle is up to, but Max could mess all that up. Marcos says they need to get Max to talk.  He asks her to find out where Max goes when he leaves HQ.

Caitlin, Erg, and Blink get to the clinic. Blink goes to the front to look out for any signs of trouble.  Caitlin looks for a centrifuge and anti-plasma. Erg thinks that the clinic is in shambles because there were mutants working there. Caitlin corrects him saying there were humans working there, risking jail time to help mutants. Blink comes back and says she has a bad feeling so Caitlin needs to hurry. The Purifiers show up at the clinic, but Caitlin’s centrifuge isn’t complete.  Erg uses his powers to fight off the purifiers and blink gets them out of the clinic safely.

Remember Who You’re Talking To
Blink thanks Caitlin for helping

Jamie Chung in THE GIFTED, “teMpted”. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX.

Lorna sneaks into the training room to hack into the computer. She finds a video of Max leaving and returning from the penthouse.  She slows down the video to see what he is carrying when he returns. It’s a sack from Kilmore’s liquor store.

Marcos is anxious to give Glow another transfusion so she won’t die. She tells him no and starts to fade.  Caitlin shows up just in time to give her to clotting serum.  Caitlin stops the bleeding. Glow is sitting up and thanks Marcos for his help. Marcos receives a text from Lorna about where to find Max.  

Erg apologizes to Blink for doubting her judgment. She says she’s not the one who needs an apology. Erg approaches Caitlin and marks her face with an “M,” indicating that he trusts and accepts her.  Marcos and Caitlin say goodbye to Blink and leave the tunnels.

Lorna practices her knife throwing abilities when Max approaches her. He says it’s suspicious that she carelessly cut herself when she’s so good with knives.  He’s about to make an assumption about her, but she stops him. She reminds him of who her father was and who she is. She is royalty. So Max should stop while he’s ahead. He backs off and leaves the training room.

Everyone returns home, tired from the long day.  Reed gives Lauren a dose of the cure to calm her down and allow her to sleep.  Andy tells the Frosts that he lost his connection to Lauren. They are agitated by the news.  Max exits the liquor store and Marcos is waiting for him in the car. Marcos shines his light in Max’s face, telling him to drive. Max slowly puts his seat belt on and grabs a gun. He turns to shoot Marcos.  Marcos kills Max with his light, setting the car on fire. Marcos barely escapes the car before it explodes.

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That was intense. Marcos didn’t mean to kill Max, but that’s not what the Inner Circle will think. This could set off a Mutant Civil War.  I just have this feeling that we’re going to lose a major character soon. From the promo for the next episode, it could be Caitlin, Lauren, or Blink.  Either way, it will set up a major battle that…in my opinion, only Fenris can stop.

The Gifted returns in two weeks and then we will have the final three episodes of season two.  It’s about to get crazy!

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