The Inner Circle are planning something big on The Gifted, but not everyone knows the plan.  Rebecca (Anjelica Bette Fellini), a mutant who can turn things…and people inside out, joined the team last week. It took a minute, but after Andy (Percy Hynes White) took her on a date, Rebecca joined the team.  

Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) was really upset after her confrontation with Andy.  Meanwhile, the mutant friendly clinic where Caitlin (Amy Acker) worked was ambushed by the Purifiers, led by Jace Turner (Coby Bell).  Jace is trying to change the reputation of the Purifiers from a hate group to the saviors of the human race. 

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The Inner Circle

When the Frost sisters were thirteen,  a doctor tested their powers on mutants to find other mutants. A young Esme tried to protest, knowing she was hurting people.  The doctor forced them to extract information, even as Esme cries. 

The present day starts at the Inner Circle HQ. The Frosts (Skyler Samuels) are restricted to last year’s fashions because Marcos (Sean Teale) burned Esme’s arm.  Andy and Rebecca flirt over breakfast and Polaris (Emma Dumont) sings to her daughter.  Andy interrupts to let Polaris know Reeva (Grace Byers) wants them to train.  Polaris is annoyed with training and Reeva, but she goes anyway. 

The MU

The Gifted

Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Lauren recovers from her concussion.  Caitlin asks her to go to meet with the sympathetic doctor from Lynwood.  Reed(Stephen Moyer) wants to go to, but Caitlin encourages him to train with John.  He doesn’t like using his powers, but Caitlin says the anxiety meds aren’t working anymore. He has to learn to use his powers now.

Andy and Lauren meet in a dream in the Inner Circle training room. He apologizes for hurting her and tells her not to get in her way again. Andy tries to convince Lauren to join the Inner Circle.  He says they can do things the MU can’t imagine. Lauren sees the safe that Rebecca turned inside out. She touches it and her finger starts to bleed. When she wakes up, her finger is still bleeding. 

The Purifiers

Jace informs the Purifiers that he traced some mutants to Baltimore. If they are going to go after these mutants, they have to be smarter in their tactics. They can’t go in there to hurt or kill anyone.  He reminds them that the world looks at the Purifiers as a hate group.  If they want the public on their side, they have to do things peacefully.  The leader of the Purifier chapter, Officer Wilson (Tom O’Keefe) agrees and orders the rest of the group to follow Jace’s orders.  


Polaris, Andy and Rebecca easily defeat the holographic simulation as Reeva and the Frosts watch.  After the training is over, Polaris wants to know what the master plan is, but Reeva says she is on a need to know basis.  Polaris expresses her annoyance with Reeva, the plan and the fact that she has barely spent any time her daughter.  Either Reeva shares the plan details or Polaris walks.

The Gifted

Skyler Samuels and Grace Byers in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Reeva is upset that Polaris doesn’t trust them.  Esme reminds them all that Polaris is used to being a leader. They asked her to join them and believe in their cause. They have no choice but to trust her or lose her.  Reeva agrees to let the Frosts handle Polaris.  She leaves, but makes a phone call to someone and reminds them if anything goes wrong, the consequences for that person are far greater. 

Esme visits Polaris, but Dawn is crying. Esme gets into Dawn’s head to calm her down and put her to sleep.  After Polaris puts Dawn in her crib, Esme approaches her.  She says Reeva agreed to give Polaris more information, but Polaris wants to see where their next attack is.  She needs to know what she is risking her life for. Esme agrees to take Polaris to the next target. 


John and Reed are training to control Reed’s powers.  Reed asks for a short cut, but John tells him it’s all about controlling his emotions. They are interrupted by Marcos and Clarice/Blink (Jamie Chung).  The Purifiers bombed a church in Baltimore.  Most of the mutants got out and Shatter (Jermaine Rivers) has taken them in.  The group agrees to help. 

When they get there, Shatter lets them know they have more mutants than they have space for. John and his group decide to help get the mutants from the church out of town. John checks on Reed, concerned that anything can set off Reed’s powers. He has to deal with his fear and anger about his powers or he will never have control of his powers. Shatter stands nearby and over hears their conversation. 

The Gifted

Guest star Jermaine Rivers in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Inside the shelter, Shatter approaches Reed. He tells him about when he found out he was a mutant.  He was so scared that he shot himself in the head.  Shatter survived, but the more you reject yourself, the worse you make it. 

The Cold Truth

Esme takes Polaris to the target. It’s a bank owned by Creed Financial, a corporation who funds and pushes an anti-mutant agenda. They also funded that lab were the Frost sisters were created.  Esme reveals that she and her sisters are clones.  The lab where they were made forced them to do terrible things. Once they were able to combine their powers, they took over the guards. The guards killed the doctor, then each other. Allowing the sisters to escape. 

Esme and Polaris return to HQ. They appear to be on the same page until Esme starts humming a tune. Polaris asks where she heard the song. It’s the lullaby that Polaris sings to Dawn. She says her mother taught her aunt the song and her aunt would sing it to Polaris.  She ask if Esme was in Dawn’s head.  Esme tries to explain but Polaris gets upset. 

The elevator door opens, with Reeva and the other two Frosts on the other side.  Lorna shuts the door and tightens the necklace around Esme’s neck.  She tells Esme to stay away from her baby or she will kill her. Reeva forces the door open with her voice and knocks Polaris off of Esme.  Polaris gets up and tells them all to stay away from her and her daughter. 

Damage Control

The Gifted

Emma Dumont in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Reeva is upset about what happened with Polaris and needs the situation fixed ASAP.  Phoebe and Sophie want to use mind control on Polaris, but Esme disagrees.  She says if they want build something lasting and real, then people need to believe in them…especially Polaris.  Reeva agrees but they don’t have time to be sentimental.

Esme approaches Polaris, apologizing for tricking her.  She reveals that there were two more clones, who were killed when the other three escaped the lab.  She tells Polaris how she felt her sisters dying. Esme says she never wants Dawn to feel that pain.  She will do anything to protect Dawn, whether or not Polaris joins their mission.  Later Polaris joins Reeva as they look out over DC.

Danger Lurks

Caitlin and Lauren get to the Lynwood doctor’s office.  Caitlin can’t accept that they aren’t able to get through to Andy.  Lauren says Andy is different, he’s stronger.  She says Andy isn’t coming home because he doesn’t want to be saved.  He believes the Inner Circle is saving people and maybe he’s right. 

Caitlin and Lauren tell the doctor that they are related to Rebecca. She gets scared and leaves the room. Lauren knows the doctor is scared.  She follows her into another office where the doctor is calling for help.  Lauren forces the doctor to tell them about Rebecca. The doctor shows them a video of Rebecca killing an orderly by turning him inside out.  She also says that Rebecca killed her family the same way. 

Purifying Trap

The Gifted

Stephen Moyer, Jamie Chung, guest star Jermaine Rivers, Sean Teale and Blair Redford in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Reed discovers that all of the mutants from the church are unharmed.  That means they were sent into a trap.  At the same time, the Purifiers arrive, led by Jace Turner.  He tells them to surrender so they can be turned over to the authorities.  At the same time, Jace has to keep the trigger happy Purifiers from firing on the mutants.

Blink and John plan to open a portal to get everyone out, but Jace shoots a smoke bomb into the shelter. The gas makes people pass out quickly.  Blink is affected. John is able to get her away from the gas along with Reed, Marcos and a handful of mutants. The Purifiers are at the back door.  Reed asks if there is another exit. There is service tunnel on the other side of the wall. They can’t get to it without going through the gas. Reed says he can handle the wall. Shatter volunteers to handle the Purifiers. He’s skin can take getting shot. 

Shatter runs out toward the Purifiers as Marcos covers him.  Reed can’t manifest his powers so he thinks about the things that upset him.  Shatter makes it to the Purifier truck and he touches one of the guys, turning him into crystal. Jace shoots Shatter in the back, killing him.  Reed’s powers finally work and he opens a hole in the wall, allowing everyone else to escape. 

ATL Lives

The Gifted

Guest star Dinarte de Freitas in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Jace examines a piece of Shatter when Wilson comes into let him know the shelter was the biggest mutant bust ever.   It’s all over the news.  Wilson says the man who died will be remembered as a hero.  And the mutant who died was believed to have died in Atlanta.  That means Jace was right and it gives him motivation to keep going. 

Caitlin and Lauren return home and find an upset Reed. He can’t turn off his powers.

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Finally we get an episode where someone is asking questions.  I don’t buy this blind faith that the Frost sisters have in Reeva.  But I really wasn’t buying that Polaris wasn’t questioning her.  I’m glad they finally addressed it.  Now if they can finally get Andy thinking for himself, we’ll be all good.

The MU, or actually John’s group was due for a loss.  They’ve been playing it safe, but without someone finding intel on their enemies.  They messed up by losing Sage. She knew everything that was going on with Sentinel Services. Now they are dealing with a more dangerous group. I like that Jace is trying to turn things around, but he’s only one voice. And all it takes is one mistake to turn the Purifiers into the enemy again.  

I’m hoping for more information about what the Inner Circle is really up to. Reeva is sketchy.  I don’t trust her.  Let’s hope it doesn’t cost a life for anyone else to realize how dangerous she is.

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