The Mutant Underground got some answers on The Gifted. They found out that Trask Industries is brainwashing mutants to fight against other mutants. They got John’s best friend.  Now John wants revenge.

Sentinel Services enlisted the help of Dr. Roderick Campbell to find the underground and dismantle it. Campbell is only interested in finding the Strucker children.  It turns out the Strucker Children aren’t the first mutants in the family.  Reed’s father Otto revealed that he is a mutant and his father was too. Andreas von Strucker was one half of Fenris, the most destructive mutant duo. The other half was his sister Andrea. And now Andy and Lauren seem to have inherited their ancestors’ power.

In “outfoX” the mutants prepare to save their own.  Sentinel Services is hot on their trail though.Lauren and Andy continue to test their abilities.  

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A year ago, the Struckers were having a family picnic.  Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin (Amy Acker) talk about spending more time together. Andy (Percy Haynes White) is messing around on a skateboard. He tries to teach Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) a trick.  She gives it a shot and falls backwards. Andy grabs her hand.  The two are hit with immediate power.  They let go and never speak of it again.

In the present

Reed is reflecting on his father and being consoled by Caitlin.  Caitlin asks Reed why he’s not a mutant. Reed tells her about the serum that suppresses the X-gene.  Caitlin thought the gene was random.  It can be, but in their case, it wasn’t.  It came back in Andy and Lauren.  

Lorna/Polaris (Emma Dumont), Marcos/Eclipse (Sean Teale) and Esme (Skylar Samuel) discuss rescuing other mutants from Trask Industries on The Gifted,

The next day Esme (Skylar Samuel)is trying really hard to get the team to plan an attack on Trask. She says they are the last hope for the people inside.  Clarice (Jamie Chung) asks if she even knows where the building is. Esme is talking about striking when they don’t even know where the place is or how the security system works.  Marcos (Sean Teale) says if they go in blind, they die.  

Dreamer (Elena Satine) checks in on John (Blair Redford). He still blames himself for what happened to Pulse. Speaking of, Dreamer wonders how Esme knew about Pulse. John says it’s because she’s a telepath.  He says he gave up on his friend and they turned him into a monster.  He won’t let that happen to anyone else.  Esme is outside of the room listening.

Lauren and Andy can’t sleep either.  Andy shows Lauren a book he found in the library about Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, their ancestors.  They learn what Fenris is and the damage that the von Struckers caused.  Lauren points out that Fenris was apart of the Hellfire Club. Andy says they disappeared fleeing from the X-men.  Lauren doesn’t like that they were monsters.  She makes Andy go to bed. 

Lorna (Emma Dumont) dreams that all of her friends have been captured and put in plastic cells.  There is a baby crying in the background. She know it’s her baby. She screams because she can’t get to her baby.  Marcos has to wake her up. She has destroyed their bedroom.  Lorna says they have to get into the lab and help those people. Outside of the room, Esme listens to their conversation.

Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell) and Agent Weeks (Joe Nemmers) discuss Sentinel Services’ next move on The Gifted,

Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt) was badly burned in Otto Strucker’s explosion.  Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell) he thinks the Underground will attack Campbell’s lab next.  He tells Agent Weeks (Joe Nemmers) to get a team together. They have to be discreet about what they do. He doesn’t want any attention from Washington.

The first part of the MU’s plan is to find out more about the layout of Trask Industries.  Sage (Hayley Lovitt) found a bar that is frequented by the Trask guards. Lorna and Dreamer plan to go there to see what they can find out.

Caitlin wonders what their lives would have been like if Lauren didn’t hide her power.  Or if Reed’s father had told them about their family history. He asks her if she would have done anything differently.  Reed tells her about Fenris and how destructive they were.  There might be a chance that Lauren and Andy have that same power.  Caitlin says they have to be upfront with Lauren and Andy.  They decided to tell the kids about Fenris.

At the bar, Dreamer and Lorna flirt with a Trask guard.  The guard starts saying nasty things about mutants.  Lorna bends a spoon into a pair of brass knuckles and knocks the guard out.  Dreamer gets the information they need and they leave.

Andy (Percy Haynes White) and Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind) test their powers on The Gifted,

Reed and Caitlin tell the kids about Fenris. They want them to hold hands and see if anything happens.  The first try is a dud.  Andy says they need to try again, but they have to want something to happen.  They hold hands again. Their hand begin to glow. There’s a growing power coming from them that shakes the vault. Reed pries their hands apart and asks what happened.  Lauren says it felt like they could have brought the entire building down.  That would have killed everyone inside.

The Underground assesses the information that Dreamer got from the security guard.  Clarice  can’t get into the facility without knowing where she is going.  Sage tells them there’s a power substation nearby.  If they can cut the power, then maybe a team can get in before security can detect them.  The only problem is, the Underground doesn’t have enough people to attack both places at once.  Esme reminds everyone…again…that her family is in that lab.  John tells her that no one wants to take down Trask more than he does.  But they only have one shot and they can’t miss. 

Andy and Lauren continue to explain the power they felt in the vault.  They said they became one person, like they were looking through the same pair of eyes.  Reed asks how they thought they could bring downa building.  Lauren says Andy’s power pulls things apart and she can put things back together. Combined is like they could do whatever they wanted.  Andy says they could have vaporized the wall.  He tells Lauren that he wants to practice. he says they need to get better at it.  Reed says they can’t just go around using it. That kind of power can hurt people.  Andy snaps back that they should just bury instead like Reed’s father did.  Reed says Andy can  barely control his own powers.  Andy gets mad and leaves. Lauren goes after him.

Andy thinks he’s a freak because he likes his powers.  Lauren says she didn’t hate it.  She has never felt so powerful and it scared her because it felt good.   He asks Lauren if she remembers the first time it happened.  He says that’s all he could think about and that’s why he started doing bad in school.  Andy says all he wants to do is try it again.  He asks if this means that they will be like the von Struckers now.  Lauren says she doesn’t know.

Lorna/Polaris (Emma Dumont) confides in Marcos/Eclipse (Sean Teale) on The Gifted,

Marcos talks to Lorna about her nightmare. Esme is nearby listening to them. Marcos asks if she is worried about the baby.  She says she’s worried about that underground is going to make it.  Marcos says he will protect her and the baby.  Lorna says that might not be enough. Esme interrupts them to tell them about her idea. Use the Strucker kids to cut the power.

Agent Turner calls his wife to let her know he will be working late.  She’s worried about him going to work so soon. He says he’s doing it for justice for their daughter. She tells him to be save.  Agent Weeks comes in to let him know that he got a team together, but its unauthorized.  If it fails, the FBI will come after them. 

Marcos ask the Struckers for their help to blow up the substation transformers.  Reed and Caitlin have their concerns.  Marcos says all of the mutants with combat experience will attack the lab.  The substation has minimal guards and Sage will hack the security cameras.  Clarice will blink everyone in and Sonia will guide them through.  Lauren and Andy are in.  Reed and Caitlin say okay, but they are going to monitor the security cameras.

John, Marcos, Lorna and Esme get in position to raid the laboratory.   Esme almost drops a detonator.  Lorna tells her everything will be crazy when the shooting starts.  If she there because she thinks it will be some adventure then Esme is mistaken.  Esme uses her power to see when Marcos got shot and Lorna was arrested.  She uses that to sympathize with Lorna.  Esme says she is so angry that her family is hurting.  She would do anything to stop the pain. There are people she loves in that building and she can’t leave them. 

Marcos/Eclipse (Sean Teale) and John/Thunderbird (Blair Redford) remember their fallen on The Gifted,

John and Marcos scope out the lab.  Marcos says it would have been easy if Pulse was with them.  John says he misses Pulse.  Marcos says he does to.  He tells John, he wasn’t the only person who left Pulse behind. It’s on all of them and now they get to make it up to them.  John calls Reed to let them know they are in place.

The Struckers, Dreamer and Clarice go to the power station. Caitlin says this is a parents worst nightmare, but they are doing it because they trust Andy and Lauren.  Sage hacks into the security cameras so they can see where they are going. Once inside, Reed and Caitlin will lead them through the power grid.  Dreamer leads Clarice and the Struckers through the power station. They encounter one guard, but Dreamer uses her power to make him forget and walk away.  They continue to look for the grid.  

Sentinel Services doesn’t find anything at Trask.  There are no irregularities.  Turner asks about the lab employees.  There is one security guard who called in sick.  Turner says to look him up. He works at the power station. Turner knows that’s where the mutants will hit first.  He tells Weeks to send a team into the power station.  He knows this is it.

John goes over the plan with the others.  Marcos says once they get in, they don’t really know what they are doing or where they are going. That’s why Esme is there.  Esme says first they free the prisoners, then they destroy the mainframe and the research. Marcos asks if the prisoners will help them.  Esme says they will. 

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) conforts Caitlin (Amy Acker) on The Gifted,

Reed and Caitlin watch the cameras. Reed can feel Caitlin’s worry.  She asks how he got over his nerves. He says he focused on the plan.  He reassures her that the kids are safe.  

Sentinel Services gets to the power substation.  Weeks isn’t so sure that they will find anything. Turner says the mutants would take out the substation first before attacking lab.  And its more than a coincidence that the security guard from that substation is out sick.  They send remote units into the building, but find nothing. An agent finally finds something.  Turner and his people move in.

Caitlin sees something crawl across a camera. She focuses in on that location and sees a Sentinel spider. She radios to Dreamer to get out of the building. Reed tells her there are robots and an armed team in the building.  Dreamer tells the others that Sentinel Services knows they are there. They run.  Clarice doesn’t know where she is so she can’t open a portal.  They see the Sentinel spider and Andy tries to tear it apart.  It has been modified and adapts to Andy’s power.  Clarice tells them to run. The Sentinel Spider gets Clarice.

Caitlin and Reed watch as Sentinel Services descends on their kids.  Caitlin freaks out and attempts to go after them. Reed holds her back and says there is nothing they can do.  They can’t help anyone if they get caught too. 

The alarms sound and all of the guards run to the power station.  John can hear them talk about mutants in the power grid. They have been found it. John says they have to abort.  Esme doesn’t want to leave.  She thinks they can still get in and get her family. John picks her up and carries her away.  

Dreamer, Andy, and Lauren come to a dead end. Dreamer says Sage gave her the codes to the doors.  She opens the door and tells the kids to run.  They scream for her, but she shuts the door.  Dreamer is caught.

Andy and Lauren think this is the best time to try out their new powers. They grab hands and the power begin to grow. Andy lets go. He says if they continue, the building will fall and everyone will die.  Turner and his team catch up to the kids.  Andy and Lauren Strucker have been captured.

Andy (Percy Haynes White) and Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind) are captured by Sentinel Services, on The Gifted,

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Esme is creepy.  Her anxiety is a big red flag for me.  I’m not sure I trust her.  

Of course, Lauren and Andy would the ones caught.  Andy was right that they needed practice with their power.  They may be the only ones who can save themselves, if they knew how to.  Reed and Caitlin are starting to annoy me with their over-protectiveness.  I know…I know…they are the parents.  But they also don’t have powers.  So how would they know what’s good for their kids if they don’t understand their power?

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