The Mutant Underground is finally getting some answers on The Gifted in “threat of eXtinction”. Mutants now have to worry about Trask Industries and Sentinel Services. The scary thing is, Trask is using mutants to hunt down other mutants. More interestingly, Reed’s father used to work for Trask.

Lorna found out that Marcos was working for the cartel again and she was not happy about it. Marcos insisted that he did it for her. Oh the things we do for love.

John found Clarice and helped her track down the road from her portals. The road lead to an old foster home, but the family she lived with were gone. Sentinel Services killed them. Clarice is now ready to fight alongside the Mutant Underground.

Agent Turner is determined to stop the Mutant Underground once and for all. He will go to any lengths to do so…including collaborating with the infamous Dr. Roderick Campbell.

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The “threat of eXtinction” provides more answers for Reed Strucker. At the same time, the MU is attacked by another mutant. The real war has begun. And though they don’t know it, the Struckers have the most powerful weapon of all.

Andrea (Caitlin Mehner) and Andreas von Strucker (Paul Cooper) in The Gifted,

Flashback – London, England 1952.

A young man is writing on a postcard saying he and his sister Andrea (Caitlin Mehner) have made it safely to London. There are several newspaper clipping about two terrorist fleeing justice. Those two mutants are Andrea and Andreas (Paul Cooper). The phone rings. They have been found. The police bust into the apartment and try to arrest the mutants. The siblings join hands and a burning light takes over the room. The police scream in pain.

Present day

Reed (Stephen Moyer) tells Caitlin (Amy Acker) and the kids about what they found in the files from Baton Rouge. He reveals that Trask Industries is involved. The same Trask Industries that his father worked for. Andy (Percy Haynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) ask about their grandfather. They’ve never met him. Reed told them that he ran out on his family, but that’s not entirely true. He says their relationship isn’t good. Reed was sick when he was younger and his father never visited him in the hospital. Now he has to speak to him.

Marcos (Sean Teale) continues to try and convince Lorna (Emma Dumont) that he only works for Carmen (Michelle Veintimilla) to protect her and the baby. Lorna questions whether or not they can protect a child with the all the danger they are in. Marcos thinks they can. Lorna says they can’t even protect themselves.

Reed tells John (Blair Redford) about his father in Tennessee. They have to speak to him about what Trask is doing. John says he has to pick up some refugees first. They will go as soon as John returns. Marcos tells John that Lorna is not going with them. John says if there is a problem with them, it will affect the Underground. Marcos says everything is okay.

Dreamer (Elena Satine) asks Clarice (Jamie Chung) if they are okay. Clarice says they aren’t, but she’s there to fight back against Sentinel Services. It’s a war and they are on the same side. That’s all they need to be.

At the church, a group of mutants are being hidden in a shed. Marcos, John and Clarice prepare the mutants for transport. Clarice sees a young girl with different color skin. She befriends her so the girl isn’t scared.  

Esme (Skylar Samuel) and John Proudstar (Blair Redford) in The Gifted,

John is approached by a telepath, Esme (Skylar Samuel) who tells him that a woman is giving her some strange thoughts. When John approaches the woman, Chloe (Michelle Kim). He grabs her hand sees an emblem tattooed on her wrist. It’s the same tattoo that Pulse (Zach Roerig) had. Chloe immediately starts fighting against everyone. Chloe is very fast and John is having a hard time keeping up with her. Marcos traps her with is solar rays. Clarice opens a portal and John jumps through. He hits Chloe, knocking her down and John restrains her. They take her back to HQ.

Marcos found a beacon in the woman’s belongings. They have caged the woman. She is running around the cage. Sage says they might have to stop taking in refugees if these spies are among them. John says they can’t turn their back on desperate people. John and Reed leave to meet with Reed’s father. He tells Marcos and Sage to find out who the woman is.

Caitlin examines all of the new refugees and meets Esme. Esme reads Caitlin’s feelings and says she is afraid of ending up on the opposite side of her kids. She also tells Caitlin that people at the Mutant Underground follow her.

Lorna asks Dreamer to use her power to get memories from the caged woman. The woman is too fast. Lorna threatens the woman with knives and Marcos yells at her to back down. They start fighting again, in front of everyone.

Clarice reaches out to the young girl,  Norah (Liza Fagin). She finds out that Norah was at the same foster home that Clarice was looking for.  Norah saw Sentinel Services attack the farm and kill their foster parents. Clarice puts it all together.

Marcos (Sean Teale) and Lorna (Emma Dumont) in The Gifted,

Lorna tells Marcos to use his interrogation tactics from his cartel days to get information from the woman. Marcos doesn’t want to do that to people anymore. Marcos says he knows Lorna is mad at him for going to Carmen, but if he didn’t Lorna could have ended up just like that woman in the cage. Lorna says they could all end up like her if they don’t do anything.

Marcos notices that the woman is acting weird. Like she’s having drug withdrawal. They ask Caitlin to examine her, but she’s too fast for Caitlin to tell. Caitlin says they have to figure out a way to restrain her.

Reed and John go to meet Reed’s father, Otto Strucker (Raymond J. Berry). Otto tells them that Sentinel Services have been there and asked about the kids. Reed asks about Trask. Otto says that’s classified and he cannot say anything about his work there. Otto says it has nothing to do with him. John tells Otto that Sentinel Services is experimenting on mutants. They need his help.

Reed and Otto go upstairs. Otto asks to see a picture of Andy and Lauren. Reed show him and says he needs to know about the experiments that Otto was doing for Trask. Otto says the experiment he was working on isn’t the same as what Sentinel Services is doing.  

Otto asks about Andy and Lauren’s powers. Lauren makes shields and Andy tears things apart. Otto gets very concerned. He says he failed. It came back.  

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Meanwhile, Dr. Campbell’s (Garrett Dillahunt) people inform him that their asset is gone and her beacon is inactive. Campbell’s mutants have some kind of mental conditioning that won’t allow them to tell anyone anything about the project. Campbell knows that the mutants can get through that conditioning though. He tells them to send out another asset and head for the church.

Andy and Lauren tell Caitlin that they can restrain the woman with their combined powers. It works and they are able to restrain her. Marcos and Lorna put the finishing touches on the restraints. Caitlin examines her. The woman is dying.

Otto (Raymond J. Berry) and Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) in The Gifted,

Otto shows Reed a picture of his father, Andreas von Strucker and his sister Andrea. They were terrorist and mutants. He shows Reed the newspaper clippings about the disasters that the von Struckers caused. Otto explains that when Andreas and Andrea were apart, they had the same powers as Andy and Lauren. Together they were known as Fenris, the wolf. They were more power together and more deadly. This means that the mutant gene is hereditary in the Strucker family.  

Otto is a mutant too. He ran away to avoid becoming like his father. He hid his powers. Otto says their family’s abilities set them apart from everyone, even mutants. Otto’s experiment at Trask was a project to eliminate the X-gene. Trask wanted him to make a serum that worked on all mutants. He wasn’t able to do that. He was able to make a serum that would work on one mutant. Reed. When Otto gave him the serum, Reed got really sick and almost died. Otto says he felt guilty for the pain he cause Reed. He says it was all for nothing.  

Some of the other mutants are uneasy about the rogue mutant. Lauren stands up to them, telling them to stay back. She tells them the others are trying to figure out who she is and where she came from. Andy jumps in and uses his abilities to scare them off. Lauren thanks Andy for stepping in. He says no talks to her like that but him.  

Sage (Hayley Lovitt) found more information about Chloe  She was taken when her daughter got sick and the doctor wouldn’t treat her. Chloe destroyed the doctor’s office. Chloe wakes up. Caitlin tries to talk to her. She asks what Sentinel Services did to her. Chloe can’t talk. Caitlin suggests they get Esme to read Chloe’s mind.

Reed asks otto why he kept him in the dark about their family. Otto says the Struckers are monsters. He wanted to give Reed a normal life. His secrets cost him his family, but they were safe. Otto asks if Andy and Lauren have used their abilities together….have they held hands.  John yells from downstairs. Sentinel Services are outside.  

Pulse (Zach Roerig) and Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt) in The Gifted,

Dr. Campbell’s assistant says they haven’t gotten anything from Otto Strucker. He doesn’t think they will find anything. Campbell says the mutants are aware of Trask. They would come to Reed’s father to get more information. He holds out a tube of drugs and shows it to Pulse. Pulse is also going through withdrawal. Campbell gives Pulse the drug and tells him to lock down the area.

John sees Pulse from upstairs and tells Otto about his ability to suppress mutant power. Otto volunteers to go downstairs while Reed and John hide. Reed says there’s nothing he can do. Otto says their family is different. Otto apologizes for everything. He tells Reed to protect Lauren and Andy. And to protect the world from them.

Otto goes downstairs to meet with Dr. Campbell. Campbell is beyond happy to meet Otto. He says his work to suppress the mutant gene was brilliant and it led to Campbell’s work to enhance it. Campbell asks Otto about Reed. Otto maintains that he hasn’t spoken to Reed in years. He tells Campbell to leave. Campbell says he needs verification that Otto hasn’t had any contact with his family. He tells his men to search the place.

Otto refuses and his hand start glowing. His powers aren’t suppressed like John’s. Campbell orders Pulse to stop Otto, but Otto is too powerful. Campbell tells his men to shoot Otto. They shoot him two times in the chest. Otto’s power is intensifying and he creates a ball of energy that explodes. Campbell and his men flee the building.

John and Reed feel the explosion too. The watch the doctor run to his car. He is hurt. John tells Reed that they need to go. When they get downstairs, Reed finds Otto and John finds Gus. Gus apologizes for what he has done and dies. John promises to make them pay for what they did to Gus.

Caitlin Strucker (Amy Acker) in The Gifted,

Caitlin is very concerned about Chloe’s condition. Esme reads Chloe and comes up with that Sentinel Services killed her husband and took her daughter. Chloe shows Esme the Trask building and the room of mutants that work for Sentinel Services. Chloe dies.

Clarice tells Dreamer she is the reason Sentinel Services attacked the foster home. When she was sick, she opened up a bunch of portals to a road that lead to the farmhouse. Sentinel Services used that event to find the hidden mutants and attack the place. Norah can’t stop dreaming about the tragedy. Clarice asks Dreamer to take those bad memories away from Norah. Dreamer agrees.

Reed and John bury Otto and Gus. Reed leaves a picture of his family with Otto.

Marcos and Lorna make up after losing Chloe

Reed returns home to his family. Caitlin asks what happened, but she can already see it on his face. Caitlin consoles Reed. Lauren and Andy hold hands as they watch over their parents.

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Finally! Lauren and Andy are linked to Fenris.  Of course we all knew they would be.  It’s a classic story and this new take on it will be fun to watch.  I like that the show is straying a little from the comic book. For one, John Proudstar is still alive and two, the Strucker kids haven’t reach their full potential.  It will be fun to watch a new story unfold.

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