Sentinel Services is planning something big on The Gifted. Agent Turner has joined forces with Dr. Roderick Campbell to come up with a fool proof plan to defeat the Mutant Underground. The Mutants knows they are brainwashing other mutants and using them in this war.  The MU is preparing, but more and more refugees are arriving at HQ. The MU has to be careful about who they let in.

The Struckers are having their own issues accepting the kid’s powers and their desire to join the fight. Caitlin and Reed only want to protect the kids, but the kids are old enough and powerful enough to do more for the MU. Theirs isn’t the only personal relationships that have become complicated. Marcos is keeping his new alliance with the cartel a secret from everyone. Carmen has threatened to call Sentinel Services if Marcos doesn’t help her.   

In “eXtreme measures,” Marcos must find a way to either get out of his deal with Carmen or find another way to protect the MU. Lauren and Wes are getting closer, but Reed has some concerns about Wes. Reed is also examining the mutant files from Baton Rouge. John hopes to find where Sentinel Services is taking the mutants, including his friend Pulse.

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Three Years Ago

Marcos (Sean Teale) met John (Blair Redford) and Lorna (Emma Dumont) at a diner in a small town. They want him to join the Mutant Underground. They know he’s helped other mutants get across the US borders and they want him to do that for the MU. He says his current situation is complicated. John says with the X-Men gone, it’s up to them to protect other mutants.

Present Day

 John tells the team that Sentinel Services is upping their surveillance. Things are about to get worse. Lorna says they have so many refugees and very little supplies left. Marcos volunteers to go on a supply run. Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Sage (Hayley Lovitt) are working on decrypting the files from Baton Rouge. John says he’s going to find Clarice (Jamie Chung). She knows where HQ is, he has to find her for her safety and theirs.

Reed and Sage are going through the files from Baton Rouge. Reed finds a file on a mutant who has the power to manipulate imagery. The picture of the mutant looks similar to Wes (Danny Ramirez). Reed tells Caitlin (Amy Acker) about his suspicions about Wes. He’s worried that Wes may be trouble. Caitlin tells him to talk to Lauren first and not jump to conclusions. She’s been through a lot. Reed goes to the training session to find Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), but she’s not there. He asks Andy (Percy Haynes White) where she is and if she’s with Wes. Andy says he can’t tell him. Reed says Andy is the least of Lauren’s worries.

Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell) and Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) in The Gifted,

Dr. Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) asks Agent Turner (Coby Bell) about his new Surveillance Program. Turner says it’s off to a rough start.  The mutants are staying off the grid. Dr. Campbell says it’s time to take a more aggressive approach. He wants to put mutant assets in the field. Turner doesn’t think they will be suitable. Dr. Campbell has already tested mutant capability in undercover work. He says they can start immediately.

Clarice is warming up a can of soup and she burns herself. John shows up to try and talk her into going back to HQ. He says he’s concerned for her safety and the Underground needs her. Clarice says she has stuff to do. She’s trying to find the road from her random portals. John says he will help her find it. Clarice gets frustrated because they can’t find the road from her portals. John says the trail may be inside her. Like when an animal gets hurt, it retreats to a safe place. That may be what Clarice is looking for.

Agent Turner gets a visit from the DOJ. She tells them they didn’t submit the proper paperwork for their operation. She says the legality of the project is too risky and suspends the program. Turner says he won’t suspend it. He’s ready to fight to see the program through.

Lorna looks for Marcus but he’s not back yet. She calls the supply headquarters to check if Marcos had been there. The guy on the phone says that they don’t have any supplies and nobody’s been there all day. Lorna know Marcos is lying to her. Lorna asks Dreamer (Elena Satine) for her help in finding Marcos. She tells her that Marcos lying to them. His Santa de Muerto medallion is gone. He used to wear the medallion for luck when he worked for the cartel. They have to find him.

Marcos shows up at Carmen’s (Michelle Veintimilla).Carmen tries to convince him of the benefits of their arrangements. She uses his powers and she has money. They can help each other. Marcos is sure they will end up in jail. Marcos asks Carmen what she needs from him. Carmen wants him to destroy a Russian shipment of drugs to send a message. She offers to pay him. He agrees.

Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin Strucker (Amy Acker) with Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind) in The Gifted,

Reed and Caitlin find Lauren and tell her about Wes. Reed shows her the file he found. Lauren gets angry. She says the file is not Wes’. She tells Reed that he hasn’t changed. He assumes Wes is guilty without asking questions. Lauren throws the file at him and storms off.

The DOJ meets with Turner’s team to tell them that they are out of line with the Surveillance Program. She accuses them of persecuting American citizens with rights and says she is requesting a court order. The DOJ agent starts coughing and bleeding. Campbell steps forward to check on her and says she’s having a stroke. There is a mutant in the room that is doing that to her. Turner figures out what Campbell is doing. When he confronts Campbell, the doctor acts coy. Turner says the DOJ will send someone else. Campbell says they will proceed with their work until then.

Reed asks Sage how they choose who can come into the Mutant Underground. She says they don’t allow murders, rapists, or anyone who victimizes other mutants. They just ask everyone to be honest. If they aren’t, they are kicked out. Sage says the Underground is built on trust.  

Caitlin finds Reed in the bedroom. He tells her that Lauren is angry with him. He says he knew they would butt heads, but not like this. Caitlin says Lauren and Andy are growing up. Reed just wants to protect Lauren. Caitlin they were so blind to what was going on, that’s why Lauren hid her abilities. Caitlin tells him to stop being a lawyer and just be a dad.

Lauren confronts Wes about the file. He acts like he knows nothing about it first, but he can’t hide the truth from her. He says when he was kicked out of his house, he got in with a bad crew. They used him to trick the cops. Lauren gets angry and says he’s just another mirage. Reed finds Wes and outside. He tells Wes that he needs to come clean to the Underground about what he did and who he was.

Marcos prepares to leave with Carmen’s men. Carmen keeps trying to remind Marcos of who he was. He says he changed. He changes the subject to ask what the plan is. Carmen’s men will deal with the guards while Marcos destroys the cargo.

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Clarice/Blink (Jamie Chung) and John/Thunderbird (Blair Redford) in The Gifted,

Clarice finds a road that looks familiar. She tells John about her foster home. She says they hid the mutant children who couldn’t pass as human. They find a gate that is familiar to Clarice. Behind the gate is the farmhouse where she grew up. John feels something is wrong. He uses his senses to see that Sentinel Services has been there. He tells Clarice to be careful. They run into the house, but it’s locked up. John breaks the door and they enter. Clarice calls out to the people who lived there, but no one answers. John finds blood on the floor. John tells Clarice that the couple she lived with did die defending mutant kids. Clarice feels guilty. She thinks her portals led Sentinel Services there. John says it’s not her fault and consoles her. Clarice says John’s fight is now her fight too.

Lorna takes Dreamer to Carmen’s to find Marcos. They flirt with the guards to get them closer to the gate. Lorna uses her power to knock one guard out and she uses the other guy’s gun to raise him in the air. She asks him where Carmen and Marcos are. He says he doesn’t know. Dreamer uses her power to make him remember.

Carmen and Marcos arrive at the warehouse where the Russians operate from. As soon as they finish loading their trucks, Carmen’s men move in.  The Russians see them coming, but another mutant friend of Carmen slows down time. Lorna and Dreamer show up and see Marcos use his abilities to set the cargo trucks on fire. After setting everything on fire, Marcos walks back to Carmen’s car. He has a very satisfied look on his face. Lorna sees it and decides to leave.  

When Marcos returns to HQ…with supplies…Lorna is waiting for him. He starts to tell her about the supply run. He says he ran into an old contact who gave him money to support the underground. Lorna says she knows and pulls off his medallion. She knows where he was and who he was with. He starts to explain that he went to Carmen for help to get Lorna out of jail. He says he kept it from her because he didn’t’ know how to tell her. Lorna throws the medallion and walks away.

Wes interrupts the Struckers dinner to let them know he came clean about his past. He apologizes and starts to leave. Lauren asks if he’s staying. He’s actually leaving for another station. The next day, Wes prepares to leave. Lauren comes up to him and kisses him goodbye.

Sage tells John and Reed that the files show the mutants that were selected for a special program. Pulse is a part of that program. Reed asks for the location. Sage says it was only about the mutants and their abilities. She says it’s not a government program but a private military contractor call Trask. Reed says they shut down in 2006…his father used to work for Trask. John asks if Reed’s father had anything to do with the program. Reed says he doesn’t know anything anymore.

Dr. Campbell tells Turner that they are ready to send mutant spies into the Mutant Underground. Campbell calls them weapons. He shows Turner 20-30 mutants who are ready. Dr. Campbell says they are in a position to win the war.

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Reed and Caitlin are slowly, but surely loosing the reigns on their kids. It’s nice that Caitlin is trying to maintain some kind of normal life for the kids, but how long can that last?  If the fan theories are trues, the parents should be more afraid of Lauren and Andy…together. (*wink*)

I’m really glad that Lorna found out Marcos’ secret.  It moves their story forward. The same for Clarice.  Most shows would have spent 3-4 episodes on both storylines alone.

This episode slowed things down a little. I’m sure things are going to move pretty fast for the next few episodes. Sentinel Services has a plan in place that could really hurt the MU. It’s about to get crazy y’all!

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