Sentinel Services is closing in on the Mutant Underground on The Gifted.  Last week, Caitlin Strucker reached out to her brother for help, but were stopped by the neighborhood watch. Marcos and John were able to get the Struckers back to HQ with some help from Clarice and Sonia.  Sonia gave Clarice a false romantic memory of John and gave her enough strength to get them back.  Reed made a deal to give up the Mutant Underground in exchange for his family’s safety. He thought about everyone who would be affected by his decision and changed his mind.  Now the Mutant Underground and the Strucker family are going to work together to get Reed and Lorna back.

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Flashback – John (Blair Redford) and a man named Gus a.k.a Pulse (Zach Roerig) are waiting by a fence outside of the Mutant Detention Center.  Marcos (Sean Teale) and Sage (Hayley Lovitt) come running toward them.  Guards are shooting at them.  They failed to get in.  Gus says he can turn off the automatic weapons and lights so they can get away, but a guard with a handgun shoots and kills Gus.  This was the last time Mutant Underground tried to extract mutants.

Agent Turner (Coby Bell) moves Lorna (Emma Dumont) to a holding cell until they can move her to a mutant detention center.  She insists that he call her Polaris instead of Miss Dane.  Polaris is surprised to see Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) in the next cell.

The Mutant Underground have a group meeting. They want to try and help Lorna escape. Sage reminds them about the last time they tried to help someone escape. They lost 6 people that night.  Sentinel Services have better security systems and their chances of succeeding are lower. Marcos reminds everyone what Lorna has done for all of them.  

Andy (Percy Hynes White) thinks the mission is too risky, he’s afraid for his dad.  Caitlin (Amy Acker) says they have to have faith.  She says some things are worth the risk. John and other mutants discuss options for going into the jail to extract the five mutants.  Marcos indicates that they may not be able to get Reed.

Harry a.k.a Trader (DJames Jones) can turn invisible, so that’s one option.  Using Clarice’s (Jamie Chung) portal is another.  Caitlin says Sentinel Services is planning on moving them, so they should get them while they are moving. John says it’s a great idea, but they don’t know when they are moving.   Marcos can get that intel…from the cartel. John doesn’t like the idea, but Marcos says it will be fine.

John asks Sonia (Elena Satine) if she talked to Clarice about the memory.  She says Clarice is fine.  And it’s not a memory,  it’s like a dream.  She’s afraid of how Clarice will react if she tells her what she did.  Clarice might leave.  John doesn’t like it. He thinks it could lead to more trouble if Clarice doesn’t know what Sonia did.  Sonia says she did it to save John.  

Sean Teale as Marcos and Michelle Veintimilla as Carmen in The Gifted,

Marcos goes to a nightclub.  The doorman knows he is a mutant and what he can do.  Marcos says he’s only there to talk to the boss.  In the nightclub, he sees a woman named Carmen (Michelle Veintimilla). She teases him about their past relationship.  Marcos  wants to talk to her father, but he retired. Carmen is in charge now.  He asks for info on Sentinel Services.  Carmen knows about Polaris.  She says he only does favors for her friends.  Does he want to be her friend?

John is on the phone with Marcos.  Marcos got some of the info they need and is working on getting more details.  Carmen steals Marcos’ phone, ending his conversation with John.  Carmen keeps talking about her relationship with Marcos. She’s still hurt by the way he left and who he left for.  The doorman interrupts them and tells Carmen something quietly.  Marcos is running out of time.  He asks what she wants in exchange for the info.  Carmen wants Marcos hands.

Sentinel Services is moving Polaris and Reed in a military convoy which means there will be a lot of guards surrounding them. The plan is to find a way to stop the bus transporting Polaris and Reed.  They need to find a way to stop it without anyone getting killed.  

Lauren overhears their conversation and runs to talk to Andy.  She says he has the ability to stop the bus.  Andy is afraid if he tears the bus, he’ll injure their dad. Lauren tells Andy to tear a lightpost. As he does, she uses her powers to keep it intact.  Together they can stop the bus without any harm to their dad.  

Emma Dumont as Polaris and Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker in The Gifted,

Polaris and Reed sit and wait.  Reed tells her that he thought everything was black and white. Then he found out his kids are mutants.  They didn’t mean to hurt anyone, they were just defending themselves and broke the law.  He says a few days ago, he didn’t understand. He apologizes to Polaris for misunderstanding her.  Polaris says she doesn’t accept his apology and won’t forgive him.  Reed destroyed families by putting mutants in prison.

Lauren and Andy show John what they can do when the combine their powers. Caitlin refuses to let Lauren and Andy go on this mission.  Lauren says they want to fight for this and they aren’t little kids anymore. Lauren reminds Caitlin that she said there are risks worth taking.  John says they need them to stop the bus and then they can go.  Caitlin says okay.

Carmen takes Marcos to a building where there is a man tied up, gagged and beaten.  She wants the man to tell them where he took her drugs.  Carmen says the price for the information that Marcos wants is that he has to work for her.

Marcos tries to make the man talk without powers first.  The guy refuses.  He lights up his hands and shines the light on the man.  The man gives up and Marcos gets the information he needs.  He returns to HQ and tells John when the convoy is leaving.  John can tell that things didn’t go well with the cartel, but Marcos tells him to back off.

The next day, Polaris and Reed get on a bus.  They are surrounded by a lot of guards.  Polaris is put in a plexiglass cell and the guards put a collar on her.

The mutants wait for the convoy.  John checks with Clarice to make sure she’s ready.  He can see she’s not comfortable with him.  Clarice has been having dreams about kissing John.  She thinks it may have actually happened. She asks him if they ever had a moment together.  He tells her no and she is embarrassed.

Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren, Percy Haynes White as Andy, and Amy Acker as Caitlin in The Gifted,

The Struckers wait on top of a roof.  Caitlin is getting medical supplies ready.  Lauren thinks about what she is missing from her normal life.  

Marcos is with Sonia and Harry.  He says if things go wrong, they need to leave.  He’s not leaving without Polaris.

The convoy shows up.  Everyone braces for the crash.  Andy gets nervous and says he can’t do it. Lauren makes him mad so he will use his powers. Together, the Struckers blow a tire on the bus.  The convoy stops and all of the guards get out and look around.  Turner is sure that mutants were the cause of the tire blowout.

Reed tells Polaris that they need to work together.  If they get the chance, they need to take it and escape. Polaris agrees.

John and Clarice have to adjust their plans because the bus did not stop where it was supposed to. The two run into each other and there is an awkward moment between them.

Marcos tells Sonia and Harry to go, the plan has failed and he doesn’t want them to get hurt.  Harry says he can get to the bus safely with his invisibility powers.  He takes off unseen.

Clarice tries to open a portal.  She gets a weird feeling, she says something is interfering with her powers. John tries to track what’s interfering.  He says he knows of only one person who can do that.  He looks around at the guards and sees Pulse.  Pulse has the ability to disrupt electronics and mutant powers.  He says he’s going to try and stop him from disrupting them.

Harry’s powers glitch and the guards see him and shoot him.  Marcus takes out a gun and covers Sonia while she runs to check on Harry.

The Struckers try to escape but there is a guard looking at their car.  None of the powers are working.  Caitlin knocks out the guards. She gives the keys to Lauren and tells them to go.  She’s going after Reed.  The kids leave.

Turner says they need to move Reed and Polaris to a secure location. As the guards remove the seat belts, Reed and Polaris fight back.  One guard is able to knock down Reed and Polaris. He drags the other guard out of the cell.

Blair Redford as John and Zach Roerig as Pulse on The Gifted,

John attacks a guard to get to Pulse.  He still has some super strength.  John tackles Pulse and tries to talk to him.  Pulse is pale and turns his powers on John.  He’s been brainwashed.  John knocks him unconscious.

Polaris can feel her powers come back, but there’s nothing she can use to get them out.  Reed says he has a metal screw in his leg.  He tells her to take it.  She uses her power to extract the screws, untie their bonds and kill the guard.

Everyone’s powers are back and the swing into action. Marcos blows up a car to distract the guards. Clarice opens a portal and Sonia is able to get Harry through. 

John meets up with Marcos.  He says they have to go. Marcos is not leaving without Polaris.

All of the guards run to the bus.  Polaris and Reed jump out.  Polaris stops all of the bullets and turns them on Sentinel Services.  She uses her ability to rip the guns apart and Sentinel Services has to retreat.

Marcos and Polaris are reunited.  Caitlin drives up and everyone gets in the car.  Reed kisses Caitlin and they drive away

Turner is mad that they got away.  He says to shut down every safe house and everyone who helps mutants.  He wants them all.


That was intense! It was a nice touch seeing Sentinel Services use a mutant against other mutants.  That means that they see the value in the mutant abilities, but it also shows they are not above turning the mutants on each other.  

It was nice seeing Zach Roerig on the show. Zach was previously on the Vampire Diaries and one of my favorite humans.  I assume they will bring him back and utilize his ability again.  It is a unique strategy and can give the Sentinel Services leverage.

Even though the Mutant Underground has good leadership, they have hard time making decisions or having a back up plan.  Nothing ever goes as planned. They should know that.

And this whole messing with Clarice’s dreams…it will probably bring some trouble for John, but I really hope it doesn’t.   John is my favorite because he is so grounded. The last thing he needs is to tiptoe around everyone’s feelings.  

Emotions are already high enough.  They need to calm down and think long term.  Something bad will happen before the end.  And that something could really affect Andy Strucker. He’s so angry.  And anger seems to be the only emotion that makes him powerful.  He’s also exhibited some Magneto-like opinions of mutant-human interactions.  

I really like this show.  It’s moving at a steady pace and the threat continues to increase for mutants.  I think it has the potential to go several seasons without becoming boring.

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