During The Game Awards 2020 Nintendo announced the next upcoming character to the Nintendo Switch‘s Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. Final Fantasy VII‘s main antagonist Sephiroth will be joining the arena to go head to head with the series long list of fellow characters including Cloud. Sephiroth is the third character available from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s second Fighters Pass.

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The Sephiroth Super Smash Bros Ultimate trailer opens as characters are flown back in a gust of wind. As the haunting music we know and love slowly grow louder and louder, we watch as Sephiroth finally reveals himself and his growing want to bring despair to Smash. Then the trailer flies through scene after scene of Sephiroth doing just that. He carves his way through characters, arenas and even Mario finds himself on the end of his sword. He is clearly looking like a contender to be wary of.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the next installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake, this is the perfect way to fill your Cloud versus Sephiroth needs! And you won’t have to wait long either! Sephiroth will be joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate later this month. So brush up on those katana skills and get ready to slice your way through arena after arena. You can repurchase the Fighters Pass DLC here. Check out the trailer below and let us know how excited you are to get your hands on him!



Julia Roth
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