Dragon Age wasn’t the only surprise to come out of BioWare during The Game Awards 2020 on Thursday night. At the very end of the live stream, they teased another trailer for a new Mass Effect game. Everything the trailer suggests is looking to be a continuation of the Mass Effect 3 story. It looks as if players will be exploring the galaxy after the death of Commander Shepard. Exploring how things have changed in his absence.

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The Mass Effect trailer starts off slow with a camera flying through space with news and radio audio talking about space and humanity. Things then become a bit more hectic as the camera flies through debris, including a broken Mass Effect relay, and we begin to hear distress calls. Things begin to settle as we see a ship heading down to an unknown planet, where we then see an Asari trudging through the snow. There she finds a piece of N7 armor before looking back at her comrades. It is presumed that this  Ansari is Liara from the original trilogy.

The trailer comes to an end simply sharing that Mass Effect will continue. BioWare did confirm back in November that a new project for the franchise was in the works and that a veteran team of developers was tasked with its development. BioWare provided no more information surrounding the new project. Though I am sure we will be seeing more from the studio over the next few months. Check out the trailer below and let us know how excited you are to return to the stars and the Mass Effect franchise.



Julia Roth
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