Come get some folks! During The Game Awards 2020, Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games finally announced Evil Dead: The Game. And not just that, the trailer shows the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash and he has his chainsaw hand at the ready! This isn’t your normal horror game, though. It is a co-op PVP title where players will be fending off hordes of the undead.

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Bruce isn’t alone in this, of course. The Evil Dead: The Game trailer shows off Dana DeLorenzo‘s Kelly Maxwell from Ash vs. the Evil Dead and Marcus Gilbert‘s Arthur from Army of Darkness. Not much else was shared about the in-game mechanics or how many game modes we will play through. But there is one thing we can guarantee. That we will be slaying zombies and we ain’t stopping till the jobs done.

Evil Dead: The Game comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021. Check out the trailer over on YouTube. Like all good horror films, there is a mature content filter on the video. Let us know how excited you are to face off against these zombies with your chainsaw hand!



Julia Roth
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