Scrolling through a social media platform, you see an overwhelming product, fill out the order form, proceed to checkout and finally pay. Just after you pay you get a digital receipt and just beside that receipt is a track my package button. 

Unfortunately, this is the best-case scenario. You do not get this option instantaneously. What can you do then? Well, here are a couple of things you can do to ease out your post purchase scenario.

While you may be aware of several package tracking tools, the problem with them is that they do not provide you with the specific coordinates of your package; instead, they simply provide you with information on the most recent area where your product was spotted. This effectively means that you will never receive the live location of your delivery. Even so, you might be able to gain a tip from them concerning the package’s location.

Now how do you track your package can be jotted down into a number of steps.

Search for the tracking ID

You should be able to find this id in the confirmation email or the receipt. Search for the carrier service that your retailer is using and type in the numbers there. You will be able to see the status of your delivery. In many circumstances, customers are unable to locate the email; in this case, go to the website from which you ordered and look for an ongoing order in your shopping cart button; from there, you can extract your tracking id as well.

Postal service helpline

You could call your respected country’s postal service helpline number. They will ask you to register your mobile number with them so that they may send in alerts for your package when they receive any. You will just have to provide them with the details of your package. In most countries, international courier services operate centrally hence there is a very high chance that you might get the help that you need in no time.


You may use the same strategy here as you would to ask random inquiries on Google. Simply type ‘track my package 109273TA’ into Google, and it will attempt to recognize the code and provide you with information on the supplier. All tracking ids include GPS coordinates, so there’s a good probability that Google will be able to connect you to the actual position of your shipment.

The majority of tracking companies guarantee that their products will be delivered within 8-10 working days of receiving them from the seller. As a result, the package can only be tracked once it has been delivered to the courier firm. Only a small fraction of internet consumers pay the whole price online; instead, many choose to pay cash on delivery. 

Because it is a liability for them as well, it is prudent to presume that the courier service will contact you in some way regarding the delivery of your item.

The methods discussed above are fairly crude methods for tracking down a parcel; nevertheless, technology has progressed, and some package tracking software programs now enable live package tracking. 

Users should always check with the supplier to see which carrier service they are using and confirm the delivery information ahead of time. Because many suppliers employ private transportation, it is impossible to track them down using the internet. As a result, you would be unduly concerned about the delivery of your purchase.

Remember that courier firms always call before delivering the product, so if the other methods don’t work, you should wait for that call.

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