Well, ladies and gents, we’ve come to the end of The Flash season six. And there are so many questions to be answered. Is the end of Barry’s (Grant Gustin) speed? Who will save Iris (Candice Patton) and Kamilla (Victoria Park)?  Will Nash (Tom Cavanagh) ever give up on Allegra (Kayla Compton)?  What’s going on with Sue (Natalie Dreyfuss) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer)?  In “Success is Assured,” Barry and Team Flash are forced to take sides between Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) and Joseph Carver (Eric Nenniger).

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Team Flash is all split up again.  Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is in witness protection, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is in Atlantis, the real Iris, Kamilla, and Chief Singh (Patrick Sabongui) are in the Mirrorverse, and Caitlin/Frost (Danielle Panabaker) is still recovering from a mysterious frosty illness. That leaves Barry with Ralph, Allegra, and Nash to help him face off against Eva.

Eva returned to the real world, with one minion left, Chief Singh. Eva has to sleep in a containment pod that is helping her acclimate to the real world.  She also wears a suit that helps the acclimation process when she can’t be in the pod.  Their first mission to get rid of everything that protects Carver.


Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), Nash, and Allegra help Frost pack for her trip with Dr. Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters), Caitlin’s mom.  Even though Frost and Caitlin inhabit the same body, Frost has never felt close to Carla.  So when Carla arrives, things are kind of awkward.  Carla wants to run some tests on Frost to check for ribonucleic anomalies. (I love closed captions) She finds some abnormalities. She wishes Caitlin were there to help her analyze everything. Frost can help, but something tells me Carla prefers Caitlin. 

Frost thinks Carla only sees her father Thomas when she looks at Frost.  Thomas was kind of a monster but redeemed himself in the end. Carla and Frost have a heart to heart.  Frost says she felt like a third wheel with Caitlin and Carla.  Carla wasn’t the best mother, but Frost says she’s pretty awesome. They agree they need to get to know each other better.

Eva uses Chief Singh to extract her revenge on The Flash season finale

The Flash — “Success Is Assured” — Patrick Sabongui as Captain Singh — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Well, this is a different look for Team Flash.  No Iris, no Cisco, and no Caitlin, Oh My!  Allegra and Nash are great though.  They meet up with Barry and Ralph at Barry’s CSI lab. Barry still has a job to do on top of everything else that’s going on.  They brainstorm about Eva’s whereabouts and realize she wants her company back.  But she would have to deal with Black Hole.  So how do they find Black Hole?

Ralph shows everyone the diamond that Sue gave to him. The Black Hole logo is embedded inside of the diamond.  Allegra shines her UV light into the diamond and reveals the logo. Nash says it’s a treasure map.  Barry has her shine the light on a map of Central City, giving them the location of a warehouse with five subterranean levels.

Flash and Elongated Man leave to investigate the warehouse and find all of Carver’s blackmail material, including what he has on Sue’s parents. Flash smells gasoline and finds Mirror Singh dousing the place with gas.  He tries to stop Singh from setting the place on fire, but Singh is determined to help Eva get her vengeance.  

Singh informs Flash that Carver was with Eva the night the particle accelerator exploded. He let the mirror keep Eva and didn’t try to rescue her.  Carver took all of Eva’s tech and sold it to the highest bidder for weapons. That’s why Carver has to die.  He lights the place up and leaves.  Flash tries to use his speed to put the flames out, but can’t. He grabs Elongated Man and rushes them out of the building.  They are okay, but now the only thing they can do to stop Eva is to protect Carver. 


In the Mirrorverse, Kamilla and Iris continue their search for Chief Singh.  The neural dissonance is getting worse for Iris. She happens to look at the computer screen. And despite the excruciating headache, she sees a map of the city. There was a thermal signature on the map, that has to be Singh. Iris is invigorated by the experience, but she needs to focus on what she’s seeing. Kamilla thinks it’s a bad idea because it puts Iris in pain.  Iris says she is acclimating to the place.  And she is sure she can find Singh.

Ralph meets with the Dearbons, only to find out that Sue went home.  She told her parents that she joined a mindfulness retreat in India and lost track of time.  Dr. Dearbon tries to pay Ralph, but Ralph can’t seem to find a pen. He asks Sue to help him look for a pen. 

Outside of the office, Ralph tells Sue that he found the files Carver kept on her parents, but they were destroyed in a fire.  At first, she thinks Ralph set the building on fire.  He starts to tell her about the Mirrorverse, but that’s just too confusing. Sue lets him know that Carver called the week before and now her parents are safe. And she can finally go home.

Barry tries everything to stop Eva on The Flash season finale

The Flash — “Success Is Assured” — Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Carver meets with one of his men about the fire. He tells the man to replace everything they had in the warehouse.  But don’t tell “the 3” because they can’t know they are off the hook.  Now that he knows Eva is coming for him, he will need their protection.

Barry has an interesting conversation with Carver.  Eva is trying to kill Carver, Barry wants to protect him.  Yeah, Barry knows that Carver knows that he knows that…Eva is alive.  Carver also has a video of the night Iris was kidnapped by Eva.  He didn’t tell Barry because Iris was a problem for him.  He was glad that she disappeared. What a jerk!

Carver says the same thing that happened to Eva is happening to Iris and they are both gone. His experts studied the Mirrorverse and found it’s incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until that person is no longer recognizable. He tells Barry to accept it and move on. 

Carver asks how Barry knows Eva is trying to kill him. Barry says Eva burned down his warehouse. Carver plays it off that he would never buy a building on that side of town. When he leaves he tells Barry to give Joe his best, but Carver is clearly shaken up by the exchange.


“The 3” are the three UV metahumans that work for Carver.  Dr. Light (Emmie Nagata), Ultraviolet (Alexa Barajas), and Sunshine (Natalie Sharp).  As they prepare to meet with Carver, Eva takes them one by one through the mirror.  Dr. Light is the last and actually shoots the mirror where Eva appears.  Eva easily takes Dr. Light. When Carver arrives, he sees the gunshot and knows that Eva took his protection squad. 

Barry meets up with Team Flash at CCPD and tells them about his meeting with Carver.  They’re not sure what to make of what Carver said about the Mirrorverse. It makes sense to Nash.  He knows all about neural dissonance because he traveled through other worlds to get to Earth-Prime.  

Carver arrives and tells Barry that he needs his protection after all.  He wants the same treatment Joe got and to be put in federal protection. They realize that Eva got to his Light Trio of assassins.  Carver says if he goes into protection, then Joe can come out of protection.  Ugh! He’s the worst. 

Barry reluctantly helps Carver against Eva on The Flash season finale

The Flash — “Success Is Assured” — Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Eric Nenninger as Joseph Carver — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry walks Carver downstairs and they run into Mirror Singh.  Singh says he wants to personally escort Carver to ARGUS.  Singh pulls Barry aside and tries to make a deal: Carver for Iris.  Barry is seriously considering it and Nash knows it. He grabs Barry and throws a smoke bomb that teleports Team Flash…with Carver back to STAR Labs.  When they are safe, Harry Wells appears to Nash and says the Barry Allen he knows would have never considered that deal. 

The team fills Carver in on the doppelganger situation.  Carver is more impressed with Nash’s teleportation device and offers to buy it.  The team brainstorms about what to do next and Carver tells them that he has a safe room at McCulloch Tech.  He also has a biogenic ionization field that can be activated around the McCulloch building.  The easiest way to get there is through the sewer system.

Nash pulls Barry aside and confronts him about the deal Singh tried to make for Carver.  He says all of the Wells in his head screamed that Barry hesitated and he questions Barry’s moral compass.  Barry says this is different, Iris is his wife.  Wells asks what Iris would say if she knew Barry traded another person’s life for her. 


Once at McCulloch Tech, Barry goes with Carver to his safe room.  Allegra, Nash, and Ralph empty the building.  ARGUS is on its way to pick up Carver.  Nash gives Allegra something she can use with her UV rays. She asks when he’s going to stop trying with her and he says never.  

Ralph sees Sue at the elevator.  She is wearing a Black Hole pin. She says Carver considered her more valuable than her parents and agreed to let Sue take her parents’ place in his blackmail scheme.  Sue is working for Carver now. And she is using her new job to get close to Carver. Ralph caught her on her way to kill him.  Ralph tries to talk her out of it, but Sue sprays him with something that knocks him out.  

Carver activates the force field and it fails.  The Light Sisters enter the building ready for a fight.  They aren’t doppelgangers though. Eva gave them a choice. Let Carver continue to blackmail them or join her in taking him down. They sided with Eva.  

This sets up an epic comic book, split-screen battle.  Elongated Man, Allegra (Why hasn’t Cisco given her a name yet) and Nash face off with Dr. Light, Ultraviolet, and Sunshine.  Barry offers to try and reroute the power for the force field.  He runs into Singh in the hallway. Barry tries to talk Singh out of pursuing Carver, saying it’s not his will. But it is. Because Eva is inside of Mirror Singh.  Allegra uses the device that Nash gave her, causing Ultraviolet to relive her worst memory.  Sue shows up and saves the Elongated Man from Dr. Light and they team up to fight Dr. Light and Sunshine.

Team Flash is surrounded by the Black Hole in The Flash season finale

The Flash — “Success Is Assured” — Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells, Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man, Kayla Compton as Allegra and Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Meanwhile, Eva finally makes it to Carver’s safe room.  Again, she can get through anything with a reflection…like a monitor.   Eva breaks the mirror in her old office.  She goes through the list of everything Carver did wrong after she disappeared.  He says he did what he had to do. She feels the same way.  She uses the glass from the mirror and throws it at Carver. Flash runs in front of Carver, saving him.  Eva pushes a shard through Flash’s shoulder, stabbing Carver.

Eva says her husband let her rot in the Mirrorverse.  He doesn’t get to live in the real world.  Carver counters saying his real wife died in the particle accelerator explosion.  He says she’s not human and dies.  Eva apologizes to Flash for having to witness Carver’s murder.

Downstairs, the UV sisters surround Team Flash.  Eva tells Flash that they are not enemies.  Iris set out to catch a bad man but she couldn’t  Together they succeeded. Eva says they are on the same side.  Team Flash is about to attack The 3, but Eva tells the ladies to stand down.

Flash says he will take her down.  She says it won’t be easy.  McCulloch Tech is hers again and he’s trespassing.  She tells Barry to run along before she calls the police.  


The next day, Eva holds a press conference with Dr. Light by her side.  She says she was kidnapped by a crime syndicate.  She was forced to watch as they used her technology to create weapons.  Eva says Joseph Carver saved her only to be murdered shortly after.  She is determined to find her husband’s murder. And she’s resuming her position as CEO of McCulloch Tech effective immediately.

Ralph visits Sue to let her know that Eva framed her for Carver’s murder.  He shows her a headline saying she’s wanted for murder.

Barry visits Caitlin before she leaves.  She assures him that they will find a way to get Iris back.  Caitlin says speed isn’t what drives Barry, it’s love.  As long as he stays true to himself, he will always find a way to beat the bad guys.  It’s time for Caitlin and Carla to leave.  As Caitlin leaves, she tells Barry she missed the team already.

The team reconvenes in Barry’s lab again.  Allegra is finally warming up to Nash.  She thanks him for giving her the UV device.  He tells her what it does and lets her keep it.  Barry joins them ready to get back to saving Iris, Kamilla, and Singh. Cecile arrives and Joe is with her.  Now they’re really ready to get back to work.

Back in the Mirrorverse, Iris focuses long enough to find Singh at the Central City hospital.  Kamilla says Iris can control the mirror verse now.  Iris freaks out, gets a headache, turns into Prism Iris, and disappears.  

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