The wait is over for The Flash fans. In “All’s Wells that Ends Wells,” Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) comes up with a plan to save Barry’s (Grant Gustin) speed, but is it too dangerous? And Iris (Candice Patton) makes a revelation inside the Mirror-verse.

Season six ended abruptly as Iris, Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) are still trapped in the Mirrorverse. Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) escaped the Mirrorverse and murdered her husband Joseph Carver (Eric Nenniger).
She has some plans for the outside world 

Barry started losing his speed when the Speed Force died. That happened because, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry had to accept power from Spectre, aka Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Now he enlisted the help of Nash and Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) to build an artificial speed force. 

So, Iris is gone. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) went to Atlantis. Caitlin/Frost (Danielle Panabaker) got sick and is with her mom to find out why. That leaves Allegra (Kayla Compton), Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) as the only super-friends around to help Barry keep the city safe. 

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At the end of season six, Eva reclaimed McCulloch Industries and told the Flash that they are on the same side. Flash only wants his friends back and vowed to take down Eva and her Black Hole friends. Since then Barry sleeps in stasis to preserve what little power he has. And the remaining team members keep an eye out for signs of Eva. Chester is contemplating the universe when the Eva alert goes off. He wakes up Barry and the Flash takes off to find Eva. When he catches up she assures him that they are on the same side. So, why is she keeping his wife hostage? 

Flash runs at Eva, but she moves differently. She also has a reflector gun that slows down Flash. Eva leaves to catch up with her true target. Rosalind Dillon, aka The Top (Ashley Rickards) and her boyfriend Mirror Master Sam Scudder (Grey Damon). Eva kills Mirror Master and reveals to Top that she created him. When Flash wakes up he catches up with The Top crying over Scudder’s body. The CCPD takes The Top into custody. Cecile is her defender and goes into question The Top about Carver’s technologies that she and Scudder stole. 

Iris has fond memories of Barry on The Flash

The Flash — “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” — Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Iris and Barry have a nice dinner when she realizes it’s not real. She wants to send a message to Kamilla but another Iris stops her. She freaks out a little bit and starts to see older versions of herself. Those alter egos talk down to Iris, making her doubt her sanity. 

At the same time, Nash and Chester are trying to find a power source for the artificial speed force or ASF. They have this fusion sphere, but it needs a power source. The sphere will send a charge through the ASF and into Barry. The Council of Wells, including new member, actor Harrison Orson Wells shows up. They tell Nash that he is the power source. When the Multiverse collapsed, all of the versions of Wells ended up in Nash’s head. Those are actually multiverse particles. Those particles will power the ASF for life. Meaning in order for the Flash to live, Nash has to die.


Eva finds an external hard drive in Joseph’s office. She plugs it in and sees a file labeled, “For Eva.” She clicks on the file and it’s a video of her. Eva remembers Joseph’s last words to her. He said his wife, the real Eva died in the particle explosion. He said she is not the real Eva. Eva dismisses the video and says Joseph can’t control her life anymore. 

While Cecile questions The Top, she discovers that The Top has more powers than just giving people vertigo. She can get into people’s heads and manipulate their fears. The Top admits she gave up Scudder to Eva, in exchange for a job. The Top has something special planned for Central City and there’s nothing The Flash can do to stop it. She also gets into Cecile’s head. She knows Cecile is scared of her powers and makes fun of her. 


Nash declines to be the power source because he’s not ready to die. He looks into finding another way to get the particles into the orb without him dying. Allegra has the ability to control electromagnetic waves. Nash thinks she would be able to push the multiverse particles out of his body into the fusion sphere. They give it a try and it looks like it’s going to work until the sphere starts pushing back. The sphere blasts Barry with a bolt of light, pushing the Wells into him. He wakes up speaking French…he’s Sherloque. Barry is the Council of Wells!

Barry cycles through the different Wells and Chester loves it. We even meet a Wizard Wells. Allegra thinks it’s all her fault and is scared about what could happen to Barry, especially when Barry passes out. Chester uses Gideon to diagnose Barry. The Wells are overloading his cerebral cortex. The only thing keeping Barry alive is his speed healing. When that runs out, Barry will die. 

Chester thought the particle transfer would work but something was missing. He says they need an organic receptor. Allegra realizes she saw Nash researching organic receptors. Nash tells them the truth. He’s the organic receptor but he’s not ready to die yet so he lied. They all know Barry wouldn’t let anyone die for the ASF. Allegra gets angry because Nash let her think she did this to Barry. Maybe he hasn’t changed. 

Barry channels his inner Wells on The Flash

The Flash — “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” — Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Allegra comes up with an idea. She asks Chester to build a particle magnet so she can push the multiverse out of Barry. When Barry wakes up, he’s Harry Wells and he realizes that Allegra figured out that Nash was lying. Nash wonders why he was left behind and all of the Wells ended up in him. He says all of the other Wells are good men and he’s not. Harry says they were all broken men when they met the Flash. And Team Flash made them better men. Harry believes in Nash and says there’s a good man in there somewhere. 

Iris continues to run from herself. The alter says it’s all about survival or madness. Iris knows she’s not crazy and she realizes that someone else is controlling the situation. She closes her eyes and the other Iris disappears. A mirror appears, so Iris starts talking to Eva. She knows she’s getting close to finding a way out. That’s why Eva is trying to stop her. Eva appears and threatens Iris. If she can’t accept Eva’s conditions, she will never see her husband again. Iris hits the mirror and Eva disappears. The mirror doesn’t shatter, it just ripples. 

Cecile goes back to question The Top but uses her powers against her. She says she is afraid of her power because she doesn’t want to be like The Top. Cecile pushes her fear into The Top and asks her what has in store for Central City.  Afterward, Cecile rushes to Joe to inform him about The Top’s plan. The Top planted a bomb on a jet carrying Joseph Carver’s remaining tech to ARGUS. The bomb set to explode over Central City and killing hundreds of people. And the Flash isn’t fast enough to stop it. 


Chester completes the particle magnet. Nash puts the magnet on and Allegra pushes the particles out of Barry. With Barry okay, they have to find a way to stop the bomb. Nash says they need the Flash. He grabs a hold of the fusion sphere and everyone tries to stop him. Barry won’t let anyone die for him, but Nash says he feels pride and honor doing this for Barry. The Council of Wells feels it too. The artificial speed force starts powering up. 

Barry says he can’t be the Flash without a Wells. Nash says he’s always been the Flash. And he always will be, with or without a Nash. Nash starts cycling through Wells, all saying farewell to Barry. They are all proud to give their life for him. Harry is last. He says he was a broken man. Barry showed him how to be a better person and Harry will always be grateful for their friendship. Barry starts to cry as the ASF powers up to 80%. The last thing Harry says is, “run Barry, run.”

Barry starts running as the Wells start to disappear into the fusion sphere. When the ASF powers up to 100%, Barry is hit with a lightning bolt. The Flash is back. Flash runs through the city toward the jet. Once on top of the jet, Flash grabs the bomb and throws it into space. He races back to the ground in time to see it explode and the jet flies away. Back at star labs, everyone is sad that Nash is gone. There is a burnt spot on the floor where Nash stood. Barry starts to cry and looks at the fusion sphere. 

Iris is getting close to finding an escape on The Flash

The Flash — “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” — Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry informs the new team members that the jet landed at ARGUS. Allegra goes through Nash’s things. She says he sacrificed himself and she didn’t get to know them. Chester says after tonight they will never be the same. Nash was happy to have Allegra in his life. 

Barry knows everyone will be upset. He says when he felt the Wells’ spirits when they were inside him. He knows how much they loved him and how much they gave up for him. Barry doesn’t know how he’s supposed to live with that. Chester says that’s the point. They gave up their lives so the Flash could live. And now they will always be with him when he runs. Barry thanks Allegra and Chester for their help. Now…time to save Iris and bring everyone home. 

Meanwhile, Iris sends a message from her mirrorverse computer. The screen ripples after she sends it. 

Allegra published the story about the Flash stopping the bomb over Central City. Eva is indifferent about it. She watches the video on the external hard drive instead. The video is from the night of the particle explosion. She sees herself fly backward and bounce of the mirror. Joseph ran to her and called for help. Eva watches the moment her body hits the mirror and realizes that she died that night. That means, this Eva is the mirror duplicate. 

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RIP Wells. I have faith that a new Wells will show up … some way … some how. It’s just not The Flash without a Wells. And Tom Cavanagh is just too good to let go of. 

I miss Cisco. I miss Caitlin. Allegra and Chester did a good job of figuring things out. I love Chester’s enthusiasm in the throws of confusion. 

It’s so weird jumping back into season 6. It almost doesn’t feel like a season premiere. Thankfully, the Flash is back. I just hope they save Iris quickly so we can go on with our Team Flash lives.



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