Exciting things are happening on The Flash. In “P.O.W.,” Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) future is starting to look a little bleak. A.R.G.U.S. sends the one and only John Diggle to help Team Flash stop the Godspeed war. David Ramsey guest stars on this week’s episode of The Flash

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 Last week, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) saved Esperanza’s (Alexa Barajas Plante) life and removed a chip from her voice box that Black Hole was used to control her. Now Esperanza is ready to finish what she started and vows to take down Black Hole once and for all. Allegra (Kayla Compton) asks her prima to wait until after the Godspeed war for help. But nothing is stopping UltraViolet. 

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore) are alive. They managed to jump out of the car before it exploded. Shortly after, Adam Creyke (Julian Black Antelope) shows up, ready to take down anyone who threatens him. Joe figures out that Creyke doesn’t know who was in the car. He thinks that Creyke has no clue that Kristen is looking for him. They use this information to their advantage to capture him.


Barry has another dream about Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), but this time, she says things are falling apart. Flash hightails it to STAR Labs and is attacked by the Godspeeds along the way.  He is at a loss about how to stop the Godspeed war. Their patterns are random so the Godspeeds are hard to track. 

Barry tells Caitlin about the second Nora dream. He’s worried about the future of his family because Godspeed is Nora’s nemesis from 2049. Caitlin suggests he run to 2049 to make sure she’s okay, but Barry is worried about creating another Flashpoint. Plus there won’t be anyone able to defend the city if he leaves. Diggle arrives to save the day!

Cisco created an entropy trap that should help save the city. Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) fanboys over Diggle. He knows way too much about the Arrowverse. The device is supposed to eliminate all entropy from any object or person, freezing it in time. Barry wants to use the device to trap a good Godspeed and question it. 

Chester emits a signal that tricks the good Godspeeds into thinking he’s a bad one. A Godspeed finds Flash and chases him down to the device. The trap works perfectly. Time for some answers. 


Team Flash find new information about the Godspeeds

The Flash — “P.O.W.” — Image Number: FLA716b_0134r.jpg – Pictured (L-R): Brandon McKnight as Chester P. Runk, David Ramsey as John Diggle and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

The Godspeed doesn’t talk at first but then reveals to Flash that there are Godspeeds who want free will. They don’t want to die. Some of the Godspeeds started thinking for themselves. They decided the best way to keep their autonomy is to go back in time and kill August Heart, the first Godspeed. 

This Godspeed asks the Flash to join them, but Flash doesn’t kill. The Godspeed decides that if the Flash isn’t with them, he’s against them. Godspeed breaks out of his cell, breaks the entropy trap, and attacks Flash. Allegra runs to the pipeline in time to blast the Godspeed and he leaves. 

The team is confused. The pipeline is filled with dampeners that should have kept the Godspeed locked up for days … months … years! How did he get away? Well, it’s designed to hold metas. Godspeed is a drone … and artificial meta. He let them catch him to find out intel on Team Flash.

Barry is really worried now and demands that Chester find a way to fix the entropy trap. He actually yells at Chester to find a way. Diggle excuses everyone to find out what’s really going on. Barry tells him about Nora and how this Godspeed war might have an effect on the future. He wants to run to 2049 to make sure Nora is safe, but he can’t. Diggle says there isn’t anything he wouldn’t risk to protect his family. Barry should do the same. Allegra overhears Diggle encouraging Barry to protect his family and leaves. 


Barry tells Cecile (Danielle Nicolet)  that he’s running to 2049. She agrees and says Iris has been reading Nora’s journal. She was looking for clues about where to find August Heart and narrows her search down to three places. Cecile offers to find Heart while Barry is in the future. She recruits Diggle and Allegra to help her, but Allegra is nowhere to be found.

Before they leave the lab, Diggle has a massive headache. (He had a mini one when he arrived.) Cecile taps into his mind and shares his pain. The pain goes away and Cecile says she felt something infinite. John says he can handle it and prepares to leave to search for Heart.

Caitlin helps Flash prepare to run in the speed force. Before he leaves, Barry apologizes to Chester for yelling at him. Flash runs into the speed force, only to be met by more Godspeeds. Luckily, Deon (Christian Magby) is there to help him. 


Barry discovers that Iris is in danger

The Flash — “P.O.W.” — Image Number: FLA716fg_0031 — Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

It’s no coincidence that Deon is there. Deon tells Flash that the Godspeeds are feeding off the Speed Force’s (Michelle Harrison) energy. They can’t contain it for long and they keep coming back to drain her. Speed Force Nora has her hands full trying to keep them away from her. Flash realizes that Deon can transport him to 2049. Deon can’t do anything until Nora is safe. And he doesn’t have the strength to do it because he’s been protecting someone. He’s protecting Iris.

Iris is unstable. Something is making Iris move in and out of their timeline. They don’t know why, but she phased through temporal planes. Deon is using all of his strength to stabilize her, but she has to stay with him in the Speed Force. He has to put her in a temporal strain to keep her alive. Barry wants to go too, but that would take too much out of Deon. If he loses his power, Iris could die. Barry reluctantly agrees.

John and Cecile use nanite guns to shoot the Godspeeds, slowing them down enough to overpower. John gets another headache while fighting a Godspeed. He hears someone tell him that Worlds Await. The Godspeed gets up and prepares to kill John. Thankfully Frost shows up in time to save him. Cecile wants to take John back to the lab so Caitlin can examine him, but he’s determined to find Heart.

Meanwhile, Allegra tracks down Esperanza at the CCPD. There are bodies everywhere. It’s obvious the Godspeeds attacked the place. Allegra finds her cousin among the bodies and she is badly injured. She apologizes for not helping Esperanza when she asked for help. Esperanza says she fought alone and now she will die alone. Her body turns to ash in Allegra’s arms.


John, Cecile, and Frost arrive at the place where August will build his lab. They also find a random guy (Karan Oberoi) lying by a trash can. He’s scared and doesn’t remember who he is. Cecile suggests getting him to safety, but he doesn’t want to leave. He feels like the place is important. 

Creyke catches up to Kristen, not knowing it’s her. He taunts her saying he can’t be killed. He’s already died like 17 times, so there’s nothing she can do to hurt him. She turns around and he’s shocked to see her. Joe creeps up behind Creyke and throws a meta power dampener on his leg. 

Kristen confronts Adam about killing her squad. He says he doesn’t know who or what she is. Creyke informs her that Kristen Kramer died at Fort Dakota. Kramer wants to know why he killed them. He says he’s immortal. Once he discovered that, he became a mercenary for hire. He gives half of what he earns back to his reservation. Creyke thinks he’s doing good. Kristen raises her gun to kill Adam, but Joe talks her out of it.

Cecile and John take the stranger back to the lab. Chester informs the team that the Godspeeds are regenerating at a faster rate the more they drain the speed force. They have maybe 90 minutes before the speedsters return to Central City. 


Cecile and Chester help a stranger with memory loss

The Flash — “P.O.W.” — Image Number: FLA716a_0003r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton and Brandon McKnight as Chester P. Runk — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

They focus on the stranger. Cecile wants to help him figure out who he is, so he won’t be so afraid. Caitlin examines him and says he has severe memory loss, but no speedster powers. She thinks she can use neurogenic dark matter to jog his memory, but it’s risky and temporary. The team agrees as long as the stranger consents.

Chester scans the entropy trap to find a way to fix it. He sends the original back to Cisco. Diggle is impressed by Chester and Chester is giddy that John likes him. Diggle tells Barry that he has to take care of some business as we see a flashback of when Diggle found the green ring. Hmmm … Diggle wishes Barry luck and says farewell for now.

Caitlin injects the neurogenic dark matter. The stranger is anxious to know who he is. He also trusts Cecile when she says it will help. After the injection, Cecile asks what his name is. He says his name is August. 

Cecile informs Barry that they have August Heart, but his memory loss is too severe to get any other information. She asks what happened in2049 and he tells her why he couldn’t make it. Barry feels really helpless because he can’t help Nora or Iris. Cecile tells him to have hope. No matter how bad things seem, they will get through it. She leaves to check in with Chester.


Nora shows up and this time it’s not a dream. Barry is happy to see her. Nora is just as bubbly and in good spirits. She says Iris is going to be okay. They are both proof that everything will be okay. Barry is confused. He thinks she’s talking about her and Iris. She likes that he’s happy to see her and says he will be twice as happy in a second. 

Another speedster arrives and he is just as bubbly and positive as Nora. He even looks like Nora a little. Nora introduces Barry to his son Bart (Jordan Fisher). Bart talks just as much as Nora and wants to call Barry ‘Pops.’ He’s also impressed by STAR labs. Barry is so shocked to meet his son, but smiles.  

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