Things have been just a little too quiet on The Flash. In “Enemy At the Gates,” Godspeed returns to wreak havoc on Central City as Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore) find themselves in a dangerous investigation.

Quick recap: Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) are trying to conceive. Joe is helping Kristen find the man who sabotaged her mission. Allegra (Kayla Compton) saved her cousin Esperanza, aka Ultraviolet (Alexa Barajas) and thinks Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) can help her. And Frost’s (Panabaker crush, Mark Blaine, aka Chillblaine (Mark Cor) snitched on his friends and is now a free man. Ok, let’s go!

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Barry has a dream about his daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy). She says everything is going to work out like it’s supposed to. Barry takes it as a sign that Iris is pregnant. So he takes a sample of Iris’ urine to test it himself. He has to drive the samples to STAR Labs because using his lightning speed will compromise the sample. Barry bumps into Psychic Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and she can tell that Barry is up to something. He is doing his best to keep it a secret and is quick to come up with every excuse in the book. 

Barry goes to STAR Labs and runs into Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) who asks a million questions about the samples. Barry comes up with the excuse that it’s for his annual physical with Caitlin. Who is in the med bay preparing to perform surgery on Ultraviolet. It’s time for the backup plan, so Barry heads to the CCPD lab. 


Joe meets with Kristen and they go over everything he dug up on Adam Creyke. Turns out that Creyke set up some strong explosives around Kristen’s unit. Joe hit a dead end after that. He is more interested to know how Kristen survived the blast. She doesn’t remember much except that Adam had a look in his eyes like he knew he would survive.

Adam and Kristen are both from Wet’suwet’en First Nation. Adam followed Kristen to the Army, but really wanted to join the Navy because he really liked open water. Joe gets an idea to look up boat names, using Adam’s call sign “Rasputin.” A schooner named Rasputin was registered in Midway City, six weeks after the mission. 

Kristen starts to leave, saying there’s no way she’s letting Adam get away this time. Joe stops her and asks what she’s going to do. He says this mission has to be about justice. If it’s about vengeance, he says Kristen can do it all by herself. She takes a moment to think and then asks Joe to lead the way.


Frost is frustrated that Mark is out of prison. Chester doesn’t help and innocently suggests that Frost stalk Mark to make sure he doesn’t step out of line. Frost finds Mark at the bar, surrounded by thugs. His freedom came with a cost. That cost is being hunted down by said thugs for snitching. They actually stabbed him in the stomach. Frost offers to take him to several hospitals, but he’s not welcome at any of them. He stole tech from basically everywhere in Central City. Frost resigns to take Mark to STAR labs so Caity can help him. 

Speaking of UltraViolet, Black Hole put a chip in her vascular system that keeps her from getting enough oxygen. The chip needs regular updates or it will stop working. The mask she wears covers the damage to her neck where Black Hole inserted circuitry in her vocal cords. Caitlin is pretty sure she can repair the damage. 

At first Esperanza won’t let Caitlin operate on her. She doesn’t trust the doctor. Allegra argues with her, saying she is trying to save her cousin. Esperanza rethinks her decision and agrees to let Caitlin operate.


Frost and Chester help Flash fight off the new enemy

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Cecile catches Barry putting in a chemical compound into a vial of urine. Cecile quickly figures out that the urine belongs to Iris and Barry is testing it for HCG levels. They don’t get the results because someone blasts out the windows of the lab, forcing Barry to quickly move Cecile out of harm’s way.

That someone is Godspeed. Upon further investigation, the team determines there’s more than one Godspeed in Central City. Barry thinks it’s too dangerous for anyone but him to go outside of STAR Labs. Everyone is ordered to stay inside. Chester offers to find a way to decipher Godspeed’s modem speech so they can figure out what the speedsters are upto.

Caitlin patches up Mark and he has a few questions about Frost. He really wants to know what she likes. The only thing Caitlin divulges about Frost is that Mark can’t handle her. Frost comes in to update Caitlin about the blast that Barry experienced. Caitlin is worried, but Frost tells her to concentrate on UltraViolet.

Mark figures out that a speedster caused the blast and offers to help the team. Frost denies his request, prompting Mark to lecture her about judging people. She of all people should know that villains can change. Regardless, Mark is benched. Frost locks him in the lounge.


Caitlin starts her surgery, with Allegra and Cecile in the room. The satellites pick up Godspeed’s signal and Flash heads out to stop whatever they are doing. They are at the power plant. Chester is able to decipher the modem speech. The whole attack is a trap for Flash. 

There are six Godspeeds, all chasing the Flash. He radios Chester, telling him to lower the forcefield around START Labs. Flash barely makes it in time to slide under the force field before it lowers to the ground. He faces the Godspeeds as they try to figure out a way through the force field. 

The Godspeeds start punching the force field. Team Flash has about an hour to figure out how to stop them. There is no way to escape around the forcefield and Caitlin is in the middle of surgery. Barry calls to check on Iris, saying he will do everything he can to keep her and the baby safe. Chester overhears the conversation and he’s so excited … like more than usual. Barry asks him to keep the baby a secret for now.

The Godspeed’s attack is making the building shake. Barry tells Chester to hide in the time vault if the speedsters get in. He says nothing can get in there. Chester actually went to find Barry because he thought of something. Chester’s plan is to transmit the modem speech to every speaker in central City. It will confuse the Godspeeds and they can be defeated. It will take Chester five minutes to download the sound into the system.


Frost gives Mark his frost cuffs. She asks him to promist to be a good guy. He says he can’t because he’s not a good guy. It really comes down to …  if the speedsters get into the lab, they will all die. Frost also warns Mark that it takes a lot to gain Frost’s trust. If he breaks it, he won’t get it back. 

Allegra is freaking out because of the attacks outside. Cecile tells her to calm down. Esperanza’s hand starts shaking and Caitlin doesn’t know why. Removing the chip is causing some kind of systemic neuro trauma. Cecile holds Esperanza’s hand and projects her calm feelings into the girl. Esperanza’s vitals become stable and Caitlin is able to finish.

The Godspeeds figure out a way to absorb the energy from the forcefield and it’s not long before they are in the building. Chester runs to the time vault. Flash faces off with one Godspeed in the control room. Frost and Mark face two clones in the lounge. The other speedsters are attacking the building. Chester decides to broadcast the modem speech over the STAR Labs intercom. It was really Gideon’s idea. 

Team Flash … and Chillblaine are able to hold off the Godspeeds for a little bit. Another Godspeed shows up and breaks into the time vault. He turns off the modem speech and goes after Chester. The two clones in the lounge throw Frost and Mark around. Two more clones show up in the control room. All of them are ready to kill.


The Flash runs through the three Godspeeds, causing one of them to cry out. At his command all six speedsters go after the Flash, saving Team Flash from death. They all eventually catch up with Flash and attempt to absorb his speed. That’s when six more Godspeed clones show up and attack the first set of clones, saving the Flash. The good clones defeat the bad clones and they all disappear. 

Esperanza is recovering and will be okay. Barry is okay too. The Godspeed clones didn’t absorb much of his speed. Everyone is confused about what just happened. Speedsters attacking speedsters sounds like a civil war. Mark makes Frost a celebratory drink. She’s actually warming up to him a little. Mark turns on the charm, saying he was okay with dying because she was with him. Frost actually attempts to kiss him. The kiss is stopped by the sound of a tiny explosion at the bar. Frost checks the bar and finds smoke coming from the shaker Mark used. When she turns around, Mark is gone. Jerk!

Barry and Cecile go back to the CCPD lab to complete the urine tests. Barry is so excited about being a father and how much their baby will be like Iris. The test is negative. Barry is disappointed, confusing Barry about the dream. He’s afraid of what his future with Iris is going to be like.


Joe and Kristen went to Midway City and found Creyke’s house. They waited all day for him to come home, but there’s no sign of him. Kristen tells Joe about how Adam changed when he went into special forces and became a killing machine for the army. Joe sees a light behind them. Kristen turns to look at it and yells at Joe to get out of the car As soon as they open the doors, the car explodes. 

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