It’s the end of an era on The Flash. In “Good-Bye Vibrations,” Cisco (Carlos Valdes) says farewell to Team Flash, but first! One last OG Team Flash team up to stop a colorful baddie.

Cisco and Kamilla (Victoria Park) decided to leave Central City a couple of weeks ago. Kamilla is looking for more opportunities in her photography career. Cisco is afraid he will be stuck at STAR Labs forever … even after everyone else has moved on. It’s sad, but at the same time … That’s life. 

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Cisco and Kamilla tell Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) that they are leaving Central City. Kamilla has a show in Miami and Cisco took a high authority, high paying job at A.R.G.U.S. And he starts his new job the very next day. They say they both realized they are ready to start something new. The team takes the announcement really well and that bothers Cisco … just a little. They at least offer to help him pack. 

Cisco shows Chester (Brandon McKnight) the Starchives. It’s seriously a nerd’s paradise. Cisco is taking some of the goodies with him but the rest is for Chester to play with. Chester is super excited and then gets super sad that Cisco is leaving. This is the reaction that Cisco wanted. He thinks everyone else just needs time to process.

For now Cisco needs to pack up his lab, but finds that Barry already did it for him. Caitlin finds Cisco and relays a message from Frost (Panabaker). She said he sucks forever but she loves him. Cisco wonders if Caitlin has anything sentimental to say, but she only asks for his ID badge and access codes.

It wouldn’t be the Flash without a bad meta around. This meta is decked out in rainbow clothing and coerces a business man to give her 10 million dollars. She has a power that puts people in a euphoric state and tells them to go live their best life. Team Flash hears about the robbery and finds dark matter all over the crime scene. Caitlin says the euphoria effect wears off in 24 hours. Cisco overhears the debriefing and joins in. He wants to have one more OG Team Flash investigation. Caitlin says they can handle it, but Cisco won’t have it. He wants to help, so they say okay. 


Team Citizen is on site to report on the robbery. Allegra (Kayla Compton) asks for a photo for the story and she finds Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) in the background of the picture. No big deal. Allegra chases another interview so Kamilla thanks Iris for taking a chance on her. She offers to help find her replacement.

Cisco goes through his binder of metahuman trading cards and finds a meta with similar powers of their latest baddie. The Rainbow Raider. This new baddie is actually named Carrie Bates (Jona Xiao) and Cisco christens her Rainbow Raider 2.0. Cisco created a grid to take the OG Rainbow Raider and thinks it should work on 2.0. He tries to reminisce about all of the devices he’s created and Caitlin suggests he take them with him. 

An alert goes off. Satellites get a hit on the Rainbow Raider. Flash and Cisco, aka “Mecha-Vibe” confront her. Mecha-Vibe’s grid doesn’t’ work and shorts out. Rainbow Raider puts on a light show that makes a nearby valet steal a car. Flash stops him, but when he returns to Cisco, Rainbow Raider is gone. And Cisco is left in a euphoric state. 


Iris is having a hard time accepting Kamilla's resignation on The Flash

The Flash — “Good-Bye Vibrations” — Image Number: FLA712a_0211r.jpg — Pictured: Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

Barry takes Cisco back to the med lab and he’s singing about his dream job. Caitlin thinks the grid didn’t work because the other Rainbow Raider only used one color. This Rainbow Raider uses all seven colors and was too powerful for the grid to handle. Barry wants to look for the Rainbow Raider, but neither of them can watch Cisco though.

Iris passed on everyone who applied for Kamilla’s job. Kamilla points out that there are some talented applicants. Iris says she can’t just pick anyone, they need someone who can handle everything Team Flash. Kamilla reminds her that she didn’t know about everything when she started. Besides, it’s a lot to handle. Iris will reconsider a couple of the candidate and gets short with Kamilla about the interviews. 

Chester babysits Cisco and there’s so much energy in the room. It’s almost too much to take. Cisco gets hungry and Chester stop shim from leaving. Cisco wonders why and thinks that the team is throwing him a surprise going away party. He runs away from Chester.


Flash is on his way to intercept Rainbow Raider, but Cisco runs in the control room and starts pushing buttons. Buttons aren’t toys. While Cisco is enjoying the singing disco cats on the screen, Flash gets distracted. To make things worse, Flash’s mask has the capability of seeing the STAR Labs screen in a hologram. 

Rainbow Raider finds Flash and blasts him with her powers. She tells him that she’s on a mission and he doesn’t want to stop her. So he should enjoy some me time. Flash returns to STAR labs, grinning from ear to ear. Cisco asks if he stopped the bad lady and he says no because he didn’t want to. Both of them start laughing.

Barry and Cisco have a party in the control room and Caitlin can’t get them to stop. Barry starts breakdancing. This looks like so much fun. Even Chester P. Runk gets into the groove. He pulls out a device, pretends to take a picture and tells the boys to say cheese. The device flashes light into their face and they snap out of their happy trance. Chester figured out how to refocus Rainbow Raider’s full spectrum light particles through a vibrational filter, the results are fractal energy. Basically he made the light vibrate and it reversed the effect on her victims.

Team Flash goes over what’s happened since they started partying and find that Rainbow Raider stole a blimp. The blimp is headed for a football game. This is a special blimp that can cloak itself, making it untraceable by any satellite. Barry asks if ARGUS had anything that can help them find her. Cisco gets upset, suggesting he report for work a day early. He leaves the room to be alone.


Cisco spends a minute in his workshop, staring at a photo of OG Team Flash. He finds Barry and Caitlin in the lounge and says he’e ready to say goodbye if they want to get rid of him. Caitlin apologizes and says they messed up. They don’t want to get rid of him and they are barely holding it together. Barry and Caitlin decide to put on a brave face to solve one last case with Cisco. They didn’t want his last day to be filled with tears. 

Barry says he was scared that if they started talking about Cisco leaving, Barry would ask him to stay and he would. He can’t do that to Cisco. Cisco has been there from the beginning. There wouldn’t be a Flash without Cisco Ramon. Now Cisco is crying. He tells them about the nightmare the Psyche made him see. He says everyone else was changing and growing, except him and it scared him. Barry says Cisco is a born leader. He’s probably going to be running A.R.G.U.S. in no time. Cisco agrees and says he’s a man on a mission. That triggers something in Barry. He knows what Rainbow Raider is up to.


Barry and Cisco are highly affected by the new baddie on The Flash

The Flash — “Good-Bye Vibrations” — Image Number: FLA712a_0071r.jpg — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

Chester looks up Carrie Bates and finds out that she would find people with huge medical debt and cancel it. Now she wants to be a rainbow Robin Hood and make it rain. Carrie plans to dump all of the money and jewels she stole on the football game. Team Flash is worried that Carrie will create chaos and many people will get hurt. They need a way to stop her. Chester’s device helped Barry and Cisco, but they would need something larger and more powerful. And they have one … Allegra.

Flash races Allegra and Mecha-Vibe close to the blimp. Allegra uses her smoke bomb to transport them into the blimp. Rainbow Raider blasts them with her rainbow powers and Allegra counters with her ultraviolet rays. Flash is able to put meta-cuffs on her, stopping her plan to dump the money on the football game. Allegra and Carrie’s power shocked the blimp’s system and its going to crash into the football stadium. The blimp is on auto-pilot and they have no way of reverting power to manual.

Carrie is upset with Flash, saying she is trying to help people who need it. Flash understands what she was trying to do and says he isn’t sending her to Iron Heights.  Instead he is going to recommend to the DA that Carrie spend her sentence working in the mayor’s office with the economic development committee. Flash says the City needs her and he’s confident that she’s the right person for the job. Carrie is actually grateful. 


Cisco says they have leave the blimp ASAP. Flash can phase enough to get everyone out, but he’ll have to leave someone behind. Cisco says he will stay behind and try to stop the blimp. Flash protests, but Cisco says he will be fine. Flash moves Allegra and Carrie to safety.

Cisco asks Chester how to stop the propulsion unit. All Cisco has is himself and his Vibe gloves. He pulls a wire from the gloves and sticks it in the propulsion unit. The blimp switches from autopilot to manual. Cisco is able to steer the blimp away from the stadium, averting a collision and saving thousands of lives. Barry watches with pride.

Cisco returns to the lab to debrief the team, but only Chester is there.  He’s a little upset that no one else bothered to show up but keeps going. The DA is okay with Carrie’s new appointment. The blimp is back at the airfield. As he finishes the debriefing, Cisco realizes there is going to be a surprise party. Kamilla’s party is at the Citizen and then Cisco’s is at Barry’s loft.

Before they leave to party, Cisco gives Chester the keys to the kingdom. From the conceptual designs to software fixes, fortification for the Time Vault to babel upgrades. It’s all on a flash drive that now belongs to Chester. Chester is beyond honored. He even gets Cisco’s workshop. Chester is the man now. He’s so excited that he skips out on the surprise party to organize his new lab. Cisco officially says goodbye to Ches-co. 

He looks around the lab and remembers when Barry woke up and all of the testing of Barry’s speed. All of the names he gave to the villains. His first encounter with Gypsy. Meeting Kamilla and saying goodbye to Harrison Wells. He takes one last look at the Flash suite and smiles.


Kamilla says goodbye to the Citizen. Iris apologizes to Kamilla about the interviews. She says it’s hard because she not just saying goodbye to a team member, she saying goodbye to a friend. Kamilla says her time at the Citizen was great. She loved getting to know Iris and Allegra. They toast to Team Citizen.

Cecile joins them and Allegra asks why she was at the crime scene earlier. Cecile says she was meeting up with a old contact. She digging something up for a case and she’s getting close. She changes the subject by suggest they take a really cute selfie.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Caitlin, Barry and Cisco gather at Barry’s loft. Cisco has no idea what he’s going to do without speedster food delivery. Joe asks about Cisco’s plans and says he’s proud of him. Joe thanks Cisco fro always having Barry’s back. Cisco gives out presents. T-shirts. His classic nerdy t-shirts. That’s a big deal! Barry asks what he wants to do next. Cisco wants to sing karaoke, in particular Poker Face. That was the song he played for Barry when he woke up after the particle explosion. Even Joe sings a little. 

Cecille returns home to an empty, dark house. She hears someone whisper her name. She looks through the dark house to find whoever is in her head. Cecille looks in the mirror and sees herself with a gold mask on. She says she will find whomever is looking back at her. 

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