Things can’t get any worse for the West-Allen family on The Flash, can they? In “Family Matters Part 2,” Barry (Grant Gustin) must choose between saving Central City or saving his family.

Last week’s episode ended with Nora/ Speed Force (Michelle Harrison) and Deon/ Still Force (Christian Magby) blasting Iris (Candice Patton), Alexa/ Strength Force (Sara Garcia), and Bashir/Sage Force (Ennis Esmer). Are they dead? 

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No, Iris, Alexa, and Bashir are not dead. In fact, they were never hit with Nora’s lightning. Bashir was able to create the illusion that they were though. His power is stronger than ever. And it won’t take long for Nora to figure out that they’re alive. Barry says they have to hide Bashir and Alexa in the one place Nora wouldn’t look for them. The old Speed Force. Iris, feeling motherly, decides to go with them to keep her kids safe. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gives Iris a transmit orb to keep them safe from Nora.

Meanwhile, Team Flash monitors the city for Nora and Deon’s isotope signatures. Barry finds Deon, but no Nora. Deon ran from Nora after she attacked his siblings. Now he wants to hurt her. Barry advises against it, wanting to take him to the old Speed Force. But Deon has plans of his own. Those plans don’t go so well and Nora attacks Deon and the Flash. 


A large storm hits Central City, but it’s not a normal storm. Team Flash is certain that it’s Nora. Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) and Cisco work together to find a way to bind Nora, but she’s too strong. At the same time, Bashir convinces Alexa that the only way they can be safe is to get rid of Nora. They trick Iris and take the transmit orb to return to Earth. It turns out that the storm is a creation of the Still, Sage, and Strength Force, not the Speed Force.

The storm sets off all kinds of chaos. First, lightning hits Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and knocks her out. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) was about to go out and make everyone behave when Cecile was struck down. He took her to the lab where Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) monitors her. And he stayed by her side until she woke up. He only took one break. To tell Barry and Iris how to defeat Nora. It takes a family to protect a family. They have to bring the Forces together to keep them safe. 

The storm also took out a wall at Iron Heights and dozens of inmates escaped. Including Mark Blaine, aka Chillblaine (Jon Cor) (ugh) and Frost (Panabaker). Frost chases Mark with the intention of putting him back in Iron Heights. He flirts with her while they spar, saying it’s okay if she has a crush on him. She is able to freeze him long enough for the CCPD to retrieve him.


Flash and the Forces seek out Nora, but she already knows they are there to betray her. She transports them to the speed force and they fight. Nora is strong. So strong her eyes are all black. Flash is able to transport them back to Earth, but they know Nora hasn’t given up. 

Chester and Cisco work together to solve their Force problem on The Flash

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A tornado of energy forms over Central City. Chester says it’s like all of the Forces are returning to the original state to when they were born. They have three minutes to keep the Force event from reaching optimal expansion. Otherwise, the Forces will snap back and destroy everything in existence. 

Flash leaves to take care of the Force event and Nora shows up to play with her siblings. Without dad around, there’s no one to protect them. Or so Nora thinks. Alexa, Deon, and Bashir use their new telepathic abilities to come up with a plan to stop Nora. Nora tries to blast them with lightning, but they move quickly. When she turns around, Deon sends her to her nightmare. Nora is in the world, alone. She is so scared that she starts crying. She says this is worse than death. 

Deon brings her out of the nightmare and Nora is still crying. She doesn’t want to be alone. Alexa says that was just one possible future. Nora can choose another where she’s not alone, but a part of their family. Nora takes Alexa’s hand and apologizes for her behavior. 


Flash continues to run in the storm in the reverse direction. The Forces join him, giving him the strength and speed to stop the Force event. The city is safe once more. After all, is said and done, the Forces return to the Speed Force. Barry will be faster with all of them together. They are going to expand the Speed Force and use it to bring light to the universe. And in return, they all get something that was missing from their lives. Alexa gets a home, Bashir gets a family and Deon finally made the big leagues. And Nora gets to be a mom to them all. She also apologizes to Iris and thanks her for always being on her side. 

Cecile wakes up and she’s fine. Joe is happier now that she’s okay. Allegra (Kayla Compton) has big plans for becoming a superhero. Cisco and Kamilla (Victoria Park) make everyone uncomfortable with their PDA. Cisco gets a text from a potential employer, needing an answer soon. He still hasn’t told Team Flash about leaving. 

Frost shows up at Caitlin’s house. She was released on early parole for good behavior. The main reason being that she rounded up a dozen metahumans after the storm. And she admits she has a crush on a certain bartender. 

As for Barry and Iris, being parents is hard work. Now that the Force kids left the nest, they decide to start trying for their actual biological kids. Time to start a family!

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