Looks like we’re headed for a family feud on The Flash. In “Family Matters Part 1,” Barry (Grant Gustin) works with Alexa (Sara Garcia) to control the Strength Force, a.k.a Fuerza. He tries to impress upon her how important it is that she masters her powers quickly or Nora/The Speed Force (Michelle Harrison) will kill her. This causes Alexa to get angry, lose control, and smash Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Ouch. Cisco is fine, but Barry still pushes her, causing Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) to step in and tell Barry to back off.  Caitlin reaches out to Alexa and tells her about her struggle with Frost (Panabaker). She gives Alexa a mental dampener so she can communicate with Fuerza. Alexa is just ready to quit and leave STAR Labs, but steps up when she’s needed.

The Forces are all over the city, so pinpointing Nora is almost impossible. She actually confronted the Still Force, Deon (Christian Magby), and lied to him. She convinced Deon that Barry is the true villain and he’s is out to destroy them. 

Kramer (Carmen Moore) is back and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asserts his position to question what she’s up to this time. She says she is investigating some people who disappeared. Joe intercepts a package for Kramer that contains bullets, armed with the meta-cure. This is Kramer’s latest attempt to lessen the metahuman population. And she says the governor is on her side this time. Joe doesn’t like it and won’t stand on the wrong side of justice. He turns in his badge and gun immediately. 

Last week, Cisco and Kamilla (Victoria Park) decided to leave Central City, but Cisco hasn’t told Team Flash yet. Kamilla on the other hand already has an interview in Miami. Did they finalize their decision to move to Miami? Cisco admits that when Psyche showed him his nightmare, it was Cisco still working at STAR labs. But everyone else had moved on. He doesn’t want to be stuck in one place and that’s why he wants to move on. 


Team Flash investigates a string of murders of people associated with the Sage Force, a.k.a Psyche (Ennis Esmer). We find out that Psyche’s real name is Bashir Malik. Iris (Candice Patton) finds out that Bashir is a former rich kid whose parents abandoned him to avoid losing their fortune. He leaned on his friends the League of Lions for support, but they abandoned him too. The members of the League of Lions are all billionaires now and half of them are dead.

The Flash and Alexa face Psyche and find out that he’s getting stronger. Psyche has “magenticals”, a tentacle-like laser that even the Flash can’t handle. Good thing Alexa pulls it together and is able to control Fuerza long enough to stop Psyche. Iris talks to Bashier through Barry, saying his friends set up a fund for him after his parents left. They didn’t abandon him; Bashir pushed them away. Fuerza tells Psyche to give their new family a chance.

They all return to STAR labs, only to be confronted by Nora and Deon. Deon stops time and Nora blasts Alexa, Bashir, and Iris with lightning. When they disappear, Barry unfreezes and has no idea what happened. 


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