Sometimes being a hero means having to sacrifice something on The Flash. In “The People vs. Killer Frost,” Team Flash rallies around Frost (Danielle Panabaker) as she goes to trial. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Nora (Michelle Harrison) may have found a lead on Fuerza. 

Frost wasn’t always a hero. It took a long time for Frost to resign to the idea of being good. But she did it. She did a full 180 and protects the city with Team Flash. But will this be enough to save her from going to jail? At the same time, Team Flash is still trying to find the Forces, Sage, Still, and Strength. Nora is back to full health and she wants to find the Forces before they find her. 

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Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore) is at ARGUS with a silver briefcase. She is impressed with the added security. The guard says they will need it with what she’s proposing. 

Team Flash discusses Frost’s trial. Well, her sentencing. Frost skipped her trial entirely. Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) says the judge will take into consideration all the good that Frost has done in the last four years. Caitlin (Panabaker), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Allegra (Kayla Compton) think the whole things is ridiculous. Frost has proved her heroism time and time again. Jitters even named a drink after her! Frost is ready to face the consequences of her actions saying if she doesn’t face her crimes, she can’t move forward. She has to pay for what she did to truly be seen as a hero.

An alert goes off, signaling seismic isotopes. It’s the Strength Force, Fuerza. Nora rushes to Barry’s side, urging him to track the signal. It’s coming from a nearby town, Keystone City. Barry doesn’t want to leave, but the team knows it’s important. Iris (Candice Patton) is manning the comms and Nora offers to go with Barry to face Fuerza. Everyone else will be with Frost. 


Cecile delivers an opening statement painting a picture of Frost as a hero, but the prosecution says she’s already pleaded guilty to her crimes. They say she is a threat to the safety of the city and ask the judge to force Frost to take the meta cure in lieu of prison. Cecile and Caitlin are upset about the prosecution’s request. Caitlin calls her mom to find out if Frost can even be cured. Dr. Tannhauser says the cure could possibly kill Frost.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) thinks Kramer is going after Frost way too hard. There’s a ulterior motive here and Caitlin wants to find out. Frost says she wants to do things by the book and everyone should accept whatever the judge decides. But she wants to stop Kramer from whatever she’s trying to accomplish. Cecile is determined to convince the judge that jail is better than the cure. And Cisco and Caitlin are going to find other ways to stop Kramer. 

The trio goes to the CCPD. While Caitlin distracts the guard, Allegra runs past the front desk. Cisco is on the comms and leads Allegra to the surplus meta cure with an inertia oximeter. Allegra runs into Kramer along the way, and uses her journalism title to get out of being caught. Kramer doesn’t remember agreeing to talk to Allegra but gives her five minutes of her time.

Cisco warns Caitlin about the encounter and she runs to intercept. Allegra drops the oximeter for Caitlin and walks away with Kramer. Caitlin picks up the oximeter and attaches it to the supply door. The oximeter sends out a pulse that neutralizes the cure. Mission accomplished!

Alexa is afraid she might be a metahuman on The Flash

The Flash — “The People V. Killer Frost” — Image Number: FLA708a_0138r.jpg — Pictured: Sara Garcia as Alexa — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

When Barry and Nora arrive in Keystone City, they find a tent set up by Keystone Cares. Keystone Cares helps the less fortunate and there is no sign of Fuerza. Iris is certain that Fuerza is there. Barry wants to evacuate the place, but Nora is afraid that will tip off Fuerza. Barry says they still don’t know much about the forces, but Nora knows everything she needs to. She says the Forces fed on her. They are pure evil. Iris disagrees.

Iris says the Still Force, Deon was just a kid who wanted to be left alone, very much unlike Fuerza. Nora insists that the Forces are trying to manipulate them. They can’t be fooled by the human personas that they hide behind. They only have one goal and that’s to destroy everything they touch. Iris says there is another signature from a nearby tent. When Barry and Nora go in, they find a woman working alone. 

The woman’s’ name is Alexa Rivera. Alexa gets nervous when she sees Barry’s CCPD jacket, thinking he’s there to arrest her. She admits that she had a drug problem but she’s clean and has her life together. Barry says they scanned the city for a meta and it lead them to Alexa. He asks her to come to Star Labs to test her. Nora jumps in, accusing Alexa of being a monster. Alexa gets upset and refuses to go with them. 

Back at the lab, Nora tries to talk Barry and Iris into kidnapping Alexa to test her. She is certain that Alexa is Fuerza. Iris says that’s not how they do things in Team Flash. Nora is asking Barry to do something that takes away from what makes him a hero. Nora says it’s up to Barry what to do next. 


The prosecution puts Joe on the stand. He defends Frost saying she has saved countless lives. The judge is moved by Joe’s testimony and is ready to make her decision. But first … the prosecution has new information to present to the court. They have footage of Caitlin putting the oximeter the door to the supply room. Kramer has some tech skills that revealed the covert operation. The prosecution thinks it’s Frost, so Caitlin. has to stand and admit she did it, but she worked alone. They don’t believe her though.

The CCPD supply of the cure is inert, but Kramer hands the prosecution a silver briefcase. They explain that Kramer supplied them with a new supply of the cure, courtesy of ARGUS. They are prepared to create 100 vials ready for distribution. The judge adjourns to make her decision. Cecile is afraid that they just lost their case. 

Caitlin gets upset and wants to find another way to stop Frost from taking the cure. Cisco doesn’t want to make things worse for Frost, but Caitlin won’t give up. Frost talks to her and says she is ready to serve time. Their mom texts Caitlin, letting her know that it’s safe for Frost to take the cure. This means she can be free, but Frost would rather serve time. Caitlin doesn’t understand why Frost won’t take the cure and be free. Frost doesn’t want them to change who she is. And this isn’t about protecting Frost, it’s about protecting Caitlin.

The Flash visits a new meta

The Flash — “The People V. Killer Frost” — Image Number: FLA708a_0186r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as The Flash and Sara Garcia as Alexa — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Barry, as the Flash goes back to the Keystone Cares to talk to Alexa about getting tested. Alexa knows that Barry sent him and she knows why. She shows the Flash a video of Fuerza. Alexa says she was in Central City with a team building low income housing and Abra Kadabra destroyed their work site. She remembers feeling angry, but not much else.  Since then she’s been having blackouts, waking up in strange places without remembering what she did. She’s afraid that she is the monster.

Flash wants to help her find out. He knows how scary it is not to have control of yourself. She hasn’t felt this lost since she got clean and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to know the truth. Flash reassures her that she’s not a monster. She dedicated her life to selflessly helping those in need. If she finds out the truth, she can keep others safe. She trusts the Flash and agrees to get tested. 

Nora and Barry meet Alexa at the lab. Barry is just as nice as he always is but Nora is acting weird. She apologies for being rude earlier and is eager to get started on the tests. 


Joe arranges a one-on-one between Frost and Kramer. Frost wants to know why Kramer is coming after so hard. Kramer has some pent up feelings about metas. She holds them responsible for losing a platoon of soldiers. So this isn’t just about Frost, it’s about metahumans, in particular, criminals. If Kramer can get the judge to sentence Frost to take the cure, that sets a legal precedent for future sentencing. This would force any meta who is a danger to society to follow suit. Kramer says there’s nothing Frost can do to stop her. In the end, justice always wins.

While they wait for the judge to return, Caitlin apologizes for freaking out. Frost forgives her and tells Caitlin about Kramer’s real motive behind her persecution of Frost. Kramer wants to make it so any meta accused of a crime can be punished with the cure. Frost isn’t so scared for herself as much as she is for other metas. She wants to do whatever she can to help the other metas. This scares Caitlin, but she comes up with a way to stop Kramer. 


Before the judge makes her decision, Frost addresses the court. She says taking a meta’s powers isn’t the same as taking away a gun. Justice should be about changing actions instead of changing the way metas were born. Different cant be cured. Some people only think of Frost as the criminal she used to be. She found someone worth protecting and that led her to protecting a whole city. She learned how to be selfless instead of selfish. And she’s her best self when she protects others. With that person’s help, Frost is submitting a request for life in prison without parole. 

Kramer stands up to object to the request, but Cecile reminds the prosecution that their only goal was “to ensure this extremely dangerous criminal no longer threatens the good citizens.” The judge tells Kramer to sit down. She asks if Frost is fully aware of what she’s proposing and she is. The judge makes it clear that a ruling for the cure will make it a precedent for other meta criminals. Any other ruling will take it off the table. She grants Frost’s request and sentences her to life in prison without parole. 


Kramer packs up her office and says goodbye to Joe before leaving. She tells him that he has her respect and his commitment to justice. He says the feeling is mutual, but he doesn’t agree with her methods. Joe tells her to make sure to check which side of the line she’s on. 

Caitlin returns home alone and looks at Frost’s artwork. She thinks about when the bailiff took Frost away. They allowed Frost and Caitlin to say goodbye. Norvock (Mark Sweatman) was there too and said every meta in town will know what Frost did for them. Caitlin cries while looking at the art. 


The Flash — “The People V. Killer Frost” — Image Number: FLA708a_0090r.jpg — Pictured: Michelle Harrison as Nora — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Barry talks Alexa through the procedure. He plans to emit a small amount of isotopic energy to see how it affects Alexa. Alexa is scared that she will turn into Fuerza. Barry assures her that the small amount of energy is controllable and no one will get hurt.

Iris sees Nora eyeing her awkwardly. Nora says she’s impressed with how Iris inspired Barry to reach out to Alexa. She weirdly says Iris truly is Barry’s lightning rod.

Alexa starts to change, showing brute strength. Barry turns off the emitter and she returns to normal. Alexa freaks out a little and Barry promises to help her deal with her powers. 

Nora blasts Alexa with her Speed Force lightning. Barry looks shocked and Nora says if she doesn’t end Alexa, Alex will destroy her. Nora also doesn’t like that Barry wants to help Alexa when he’s supposed to be helping her. And she blames Iris for that. Iris may be the lightning rod, but the Speed Force is the lightning. She throws a bolt at Iris. Barry jumps in front of his wife, throwing a bolt of his own and creating a strong lighting ball. Nora takes the ball and throws it at Alexa, knocking her out. Barry stares at Nora in disbelief. Nora says it’s time to pick a side. 

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