The Flash enters a whole new ballgame. In “Fear Me,” Team Flash face their greatest fears while Caitlin and Frost (Danielle Panabaker) deal with their new reality. 

A new meta jumped onto the scene in last week’s episode and killed long time nemesis turned friend Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian). She would have killed Barry/Flash (Grant Gustin) too, but luckily he got away. Now the team is on the lookout for this stronger meta. 

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So this new meta has Barry stumped. He is using the meta’s geothermal isotope signature to track her. Iris (Candice Patton) finds him in the lab and tells him to take a break. Barry says he can’t sleep until he stops this new meta. Team Flash is down one super friend with Ralph gone. And Frost is still recovering from the mirror-showdown … speaking of Frost … Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is happy to reveal the latest development. Caitlin and Frost are two different people now. Barry and Iris are speechless and can only stare at Caitlin and her alter-ego. Frost bet Cisco that they would freak out and she won. 

Someone calls out to Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and scares the bejeezus out of her. This person talks to her from a dark corner in the house, saying it’s time to come home and she never learned her lesson. Cecile screams bloody murder, seeing blood in her hands. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) runs into calm her down, assuring her that it was only a nightmare.

Back to Frostie … Caitlin thinks when the Mirror Monarch blasted Frost with the mirror gun, Frost’s cryogene began to rapidly replicate and created a new form so she could survive. Barry and Iris are still stunned and speechless. Frost and Caitlin can’t hear each other’s thoughts anymore. Frost kept her icy powers and Caitlin got all of the smart stuff. Caitlin says she’s already working on a way to put them back together, but Frost isn’t so eager for that to happen. 

The team assesses a new threat on The Flash

The Flash — “Fear Me” — Image Number: FLA705a_0049r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen and Carlos Vales as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Talk turns to the meta that killed Kadabra. Cisco calls her Fuerza, Spanish for strength and She-Hulk was taken. There is no sign of Fuerza, but Barry figured out how to track her. An alarm goes off and they all assume it’s their new friend. The isotope signature is headed straight for them. Blue, yellow and red lightning strike all over the lounge and the Speed Force, in Nora Allen’s (Michelle Harrison) form appears. 

They put Speed Force Nora in the med bay but they have no way to monitor her progress. Caitlin’s instruments can’t read her biometrics. Cisco says that’s because the Speed Force is like a god in mortal form. Barry gets the idea to use his speed force monitor to check her energy levels. He puts the monitor on her wrist and it’s red. Luckily her appearance hasn’t affected Barry’s speed.

Barry notices isotope readings all over the city. They assume that Fuerza is the one who hurt the Speed Force. Cisco is a little worried about this new villain, but Barry’s not. They’ve beat stronger villains before. The team goes to work to find Fuerza. 


Iris meets with Joe to talk about a bank robbery. She says the guard told her that he saw a hallucination of his abusive father … It was like a nightmare. Joe looks at the time of the robbery. It was at the same time that Cecile had her nightmare. Is this some kind of Freddy Kruger meta?  

They are interrupted by Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore) from the Governor’s Municipal Logistics Commission. She’s early but in her book, if you’re not early, you’re late. Something about Kramer doesn’t sit right with Iris. 


Caitlin came up with a quick solution to her separation from Frost. The Firestorm Matrix could help bring them back together. Frost is a little uncomfortable with how fast they are moving. She kind of likes not being forced to watch This is Us. Cisco thinks Caitlin misses having Frost in her head and he’s pretty excited to get started. He modifies the matrix and leaves it to charge. 

Cecile pays a visit to the lab to see Caitlin. She mentions the nightmare to Barry and has another attack while talking. At the same time Barry gets an alert about Fuerza. The location is at another bank. When Flash arrives, two security guards are fighting an imaginary monster. A man in a purple mask arrives. Flash puts meta-cuffs on him and deducts that this guy put scary visions in the guards’ heads.

Flash thinks that he’s handled the situation but then Cisco calls him to let him know of the isotope reading in his location. The purple dude sends Flash into his own nightmare. Flash sees Thrawn at STAR labs and then he’s attacked by Savitar. Savitar stabs Flash in the chest. When Flash falls to the ground, the nightmare goes away. But there’s blood on the Flash suit. 

Cisco names the new villain Psych on The Flash

The Flash — “Fear Me” — Image Number: FLA705a_0142r.jpg — Pictured: Carlos Vales as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry is okay, thank goodness to his speed healing. Cecile thinks someone is broadcasting fear and she tunes into it. The hallucinations are so bad, it caused Barry to hurt himself.  Caitlin checks out Barry, but he’s okay. His speed healing saved him. 

Cecile thinks someone is broadcasting fear and she’s tuning into it. The purple dude is inciting extreme psychosomatic reactions to the point that they can hurt themselves, like Barry. Cisco names the purple dude Psych (Ennis Esmer). He’s a psychic psychopath, causing psychosomatic symptoms…he practically named himself. Anyway, they think Fuerza and Psych are connected somehow because Psyche sets off the same kind of isotopes, which means they can track him too. But how do they keep him out of their heads? The mental dampeners that they use to fight Grodd should do. Cecile feels Barry’s fear, but he brushes it off. 

Iris ran a background check on Kramer. She found her file at the D.O.D. database and most of it is redacted. Joe wonders if Iris’ reaction has anything to do with what happened in the mirrorverse. Iris says she has a feeling something is not right here and asks Joe to at least read Kramer’s file. 


Frost and Cisco are chatting in the lounge when Caitlin comes storming in. Someone froze the Matrix and broke it. Hmmm… Frost admits to breaking the Matrix and admits that she doesn’t want to recombine with Caitlin. This upsets Caity and she storms out of the room. 

The alarm goes off again, Frost and Cisco meet Barry in the control room. They spotted Psych and the three of them head to the next place he’s robbing. The first thing they do is get everyone out of the building. The trio faces Psych while wearing the mental dampeners, but Psych is too strong. He sends Frost and Cisco into their greatest fear. 

Flash wants to stop him so he throws a lightning bolt at Psych. Psych absorbs the lightning, just like Fuerza did. Psych is kind of a talker. He doesn’t like Flash’s friends and gives Flash another nightmare to consider. This is a new nightmare for Flash. One where everyone he loves is dead. 


They return to the lab and Caitlin runs some tests on them all. She determines that Psych’s hallucinations also cause panic attacks and have a residual effect on the victims. Barry has had two doses of Psych’s power and when he faces him again, he will not be protected. Psych is too strong for the mental dampeners. 

Cisco is still shaken up and doesn’t even want to think about facing Psych again. He wants to know what Psych is after. They determined that he doesn’t want money, he wants chaos. Caitlin asks what nightmares they saw. Cisco says he saw Kamilla in danger. Barry doesn’t want to say. Instead he freaks out because he feels completely powerless against Psych.

Frost tries to fix the Firestorm matrix. Caitlin comes in to talk to her and asks what Psych scared her with. Frost’s nightmare was being arrested and Caity being the one who turned her in. She knows Caitlin would never do that. Frost admits that she likes living her life outside of Caitlin. Caitlin doesn’t like the silence in her head. They’re both afraid of what life is like without the other in their heads. Caitlin offers to give it a try and they will face their fear together. 

Cecile helps Barry work through his fear on. The Flash

The Flash — “Fear Me” — Image Number: FLA705a_0314r2.jpg — Pictured: Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cecile confronts Barry about his fear. He tells her about his greatest fear. They’ve taken on danger several times, but these metas seem more dangerous. For the first time since Crisis, Barry is scared. Cecile says every time she’s scared, she asks herself, “what would the Flash do?” She says Barry runs through fear every time he saves the city. Now he has to find that courage for himself. 

The alarm goes off and Psych’s isotope signature has expanded. He’s attacking the City. Barry remembers that Cecile was able to project her own fear into a meta before. He wants her to do that on a larger scale by using the Thinker’s chair. Cecile is afraid because the chair turned the thinker into a villain, but Barry says she will be okay. Cecile is going to save the city. 

Psych is getting a high on all of the fear in Central City. People are having nightmares everywhere. Caitlin and Cisco set up Cecile in the Thinker chair, but she’s afraid of what the chair will do to her. Caitlin says she will ‘probably’ be okay. That’s reassuring.


Cecile detects everyone’s minds in Central City. She finds Barry and connects with him. At the same time, Flash hits a big purple force field that throws him into his latest nightmare. Caitlin monitors Flash’s biometrics and knows he’s hallucinating. Cisco calls Flash on the comms to let him know that Cecile is connecting with him and to fight through the nightmare. 

Barry looks around and sees Cisco, the Speed Force and Iris on the floor. He keeps telling himself it’s not real, but the nightmare won’t go away. One by one Cisco, the Speed Force, and Iris get up and blame Barry for their deaths. Cecile says Barry is caught inside his nightmare. 

Cisco calls Barry again and tells him to fight harder. Barry admits that he’s afraid, but he won’t let his fear control him. He runs through his fear and through the force field. Cecil can feel Barry’s courage and she uses the Thinker chair to project Barry’s courage all over the city. The nightmares stop. Flash finds Psych at the same time that the courage flows through Psych. Psych disappears. Cecile did it!


Barry’s motor skills were affected by the third interaction with Psych. There’s no sign of Fuerza or Psych. Barry says the two are definitely connected. When he hit Psych with the lightning, it was glowing and it stayed with Psych for a minute. The same thing happened when he fought Fuerza. They were lucky to have Cecile there. Cisco praises Cecile’s powers. 

Barry hears a high pitch noise that causes him to grab his head and scream. Caitlin says she’s getting the same readings from Barry that she got from Speed Force Nora. Barry grabs onto the control center railing and sparks fly. The speed monitor on Nora’s wrist starts glowing yellow. Barry tells Caitlin to open the cryo-pod so he can heal himself. Iris thinks it’s a bad idea because it will put him into a coma, but it’s the only way. 

Joe meets with Kramer and shows her the DOD file. He says if she wants to work in his precinct she has to be honest with him about why she’s there. Kramer comes clean and says by order of the Governor, she’s there to locate and apprehend a rogue meta. She’s there to apprehend Frost. 

Caitlin says Barry’s system was overwhelmed by the same strange signature that she found in Nora’s system. She doesn’t know when he will be fully healed. If there is an attack on the city while Barry heals, the team is on their own. Speed Force Nora interrupts and asks what happened to Barry. Iris explains their encounter with Fuerza and Psych and Nora is familiar with them both. They both attacked her too. Iris asks who they are and Nora says they are just like her. 

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