Strange things are happening on The Flash. In “Grodd Friended Me,” Barry/Flash (Grant Gustin) is discovering more Post-Crisis changes, Iris…the Real Iris (Candice Patton) is still trying to escape the mirror dimension, and there are Wells (Tom Cavanagh) all over the place.  My biggest question is, what is Iris 2.0 up to? 

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Team Flash is scattered.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is looking for changes as a result of the Crisis. Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) is still looking for Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss).  Iris-Prime is still in the mirror dimension. Iris 2.0 is working on bringing down Joseph Carver (Eric Nenniger). Frost (Danielle Panabaker) went to ARGUS to check in on Bloodwork. And Flash is searching for something downtown. 


Let’s start with Flash. Since the Crisis, a lot of things have changed. Like the location of Nora and Henry Allen’s gravesite.  Barry can’t find them.  And someone who was once a friend to Team Flash is now an enemy. Like Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus), a.k.a. Pied Piper. Yeah, sure, his relationship with Team Flash has been tumultuous, but he ended things on a good note. This time Flash finds him robbing a jewelry story with his sonic waves. Pied Piper gets away by air…yep, he can fly.  

On the comms today are Kamilla Hwang (Victoria Park) and Chester P. Runk (Brandon Knight). Chester is super excited to be “on the team” and even helps by locating Pied Piper after he escaped.  The only problem is that Flash doesn’t know the roads anymore and almost gets run over by a train. That train track wasn’t there in the previous multiverse. 

Barry returns to STAR Labs to give Gideon some upgrades in his earpiece.  He asks her to calculate the number of changes in Central City since the Crisis.  While he waits, Chester visits and discovers that Barry is the Flash. Chester reacts the same way I would in that situation…complete excitement.  

Harrison Wells taunts Barry on The Flash, Grodd Friended Me

The Flash — “Grodd Friended Me” — Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry is obviously frustrated and lets it loose on Chester.  Chester touches the Flash’s earpiece to tweak it a bit and Barry yells at him, reminding Chester that he’s not a member of Team Flash. Chester sheepishly leaves the room, making Barry feel bad.  Kamilla tells Barry that the Flash is Chester’s idol and he should take it easy on the newbie.  

Barry admits he is frustrated because there are too many changes after Crisis.  He can’t find his parent’s grave sites. And his former friend is now his enemy. It’s almost too much.  Kamilla leaves Barry to his work. Barry finishes his upgrades and activates the earpiece. There is a surge of energy in the piece and it knocks out Barry.   He wakes up inside of a cage at STAR labs. 

Caitlin enters the room and starts talking to Barry in a funny voice.  Dr. Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne checks in on him, observing that he’s cranky.  Barry thinks Thawne did this to him and vows to beat him. Caitlin mentions that Ronnie is working on the Pipeline and realizes he’s in the past.  And it’s probably Thawne’s fault. 


Nash has been acting weird around Allegra (Kayla Compton).  He carries a picture of himself and her doppelganger. Frost says that’s his daughter, but Nash hasn’t exactly admitted to it.  He asks Allegra for her help charging a residual particle catcher. Why? Who knows? Allegra thinks it has something to do with Crisis.  Yep…Iris told her about Crisis.  Nash mentions something about Allegra never liked being kept in the dark. She asks why he acts like he knows her so well. It’s weird to her.  Nash dismisses her comment and says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. That’s when Sherloque Wells shows up and calls Nash a liar.

Nash gets nervous. He quickly has Allegra use her UV rays to charge his device.  Sherloque warns him that his contraption won’t work, just as Nash and Allegra are thrown backwards by a blast.  Nash runs to check on Allegra and she’s fine…but she’s mad. Allegra found the photo of herself and Nash. She asks who the girl is, but Nash won’t answer. Allegra gets upset that Nash won’t tell her. Instead he acts creepy and associates her with someone else.   

Eva has lost hope of escape on The Flash

The Flash — “Grodd Friended Me” — Efrat Dor as Eva — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Iris, the real Iris…Iris-Prime continues to help Eva (Efrat Dor) figure a way out of the mirror dimension. The night the particle accelerator exploded, Eva just completed her life’s work. She was building a machine that would emit subatomic particles to open doors to other dimensions.  Iris encourages Eva to recreate the machine and use it on the mirror, but Eva is scared. 

Eva claims to be afraid that the machine will fail.Then she says the particles won’t pierce the barrier, but Iris knows she’s hiding something.  She pushes for Eva to voice her concerns. Eva turns on the machine and reaches through the mirror. She screams in pain because doing so burns Eva’s arms. 


Iris 2.0 asks Joe (Jesse L. Martin) for all of the information he has on Carver, but Joe can’t give it to her.  He says the Carver case is a RICO case now and he can only report to Chief Singh.  

Iris gets frustrated, assuming Joe doesn’t trust her. She slams her hand on the table, claiming Carver is hers to take down and Joe will not shut her out.  Joe is taken back and Iris calms down. She apologizes for her behavior and offers to take Joe to lunch at noon. 

Later Iris gets a phone call from Joe. She missed him at the restaurant because she thought she said 12:30. Joe is okay with the mix up and offers to order Iris’ usual meal.  Iris is actually in Joe’s office, downloading his file on Joseph Carver. Who is this woman?!  

Barry finds himself in a cage on The Flash, Grodd Friended Me

The Flash — “Grodd Friended Me” — Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Frost returns to the lab to find Chester wandering around and wanting to play.  Chester is apprehensive about being around Barry right now, which is too bad because Barry is out cold on the lab floor.  Chester is pretty sure he killed the Flash. 

In Barry’s dreamworld, Caitlin tells him to sign her to communicate with her.  Thawne mentions that gorillas have good days and bad days. Barry realizes that they aren’t’ seeing Barry Allen when they look at him. He looks in a pail of water and sees Grodd looking back at him.  Barry is Grodd. 


Frost is using a neuro comm link to find a signal from Barry’s brain waves so she can communicate with him.  She finds two sets and used the memory machine to find out who he’s linked to.  

So here’s what happened. When Barry activated his earpiece, the energy surge was enough to send his consciousness to ARGUS.  That’s when he entered Grodd’s mind. Whether or not Grodd made that happen…who knows. Grodd is in a coma at ARGUS with a telepathic crown on that keeps Grodd in his sedated state.  

Grodd knows Team Flash put him in the coma and he’s very sad at Caitlin for her betrayal. However, he realizes that he wasn’t a good gorilla.  He was obsessed with power and that only brought him pain. Grodd wants out so he can be better, but he’s trapped by a gatekeeper…Grodd’s rival Solovar.  Of course, Barry doesn’t believe him. To make Barry trust him, Grodd lets him out of the cage only for Barry to knock him out. Barry runs to the breach to get out and Solovar stops him.  

Nash must tell Allegra the truth on The Flash, Grodd Friended Me

The Flash — “Grodd Friended Me” — Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Everyone turns to Frost to fix what has happened…meaning Barry’s situation and Nash’s.  Chester freaks out when he sees Nash, thinking it’s Dr. Harrison Wells. He might be on overload at this point.  Nash tells Frost about Allegra’s outburst and wants to know how to fix it. First he has to admit that Allegra looks like his daughter and then he has to tell Allegra the truth.  Which he should have done from the beginning. Only the truth can make things better, but Nash is scared. Frost uses a line from her life coach to push him to do the right thing.  Ralph told her, “you can’t let that stop you.” 

Back to Barry, Frost sees the second set of brain waves are moving really fast. She knows of only one other species with brain waves like that…Grodd’s. Cue the freak out from Chester.  Here’s the problem. When Caitlin modified Grodd’s telepathic crown, she made so the crown could hold Grodd’s mind only. The mindscape will crumble with two minds in there. If that happens, Barry will die. If they shut it off while Barry is still in Grodd’s mind, he would be trapped in there forever.  

Caitlin’s next question is how did this happen. Chester takes the blame, thinking that when he tweaked the earpiece it caused Barry’s consciousness to travel.  He apologizes, says he doesn’t belong there and leaves. Frost stops him, saying he has to help fix the situation. Putting Barry’s life in danger is a rite of passage for Team Flash. Now it’s Chester’s turn. 

Chester tells her a story of a science fair project gone wrong.  When he asked if he could fix it, his teacher, a black teacher, told him that people like them don’t get second chances in the real world. Frost empathizes and says she’s giving him a second chance because everyone deserves one. 


Barry returns to the cage and this time Grodd is disguised as Joe, a face Barry can trust.  The neuro-inhibitor is breaking. If it collapses, they will both die. Barry believes that was Grodd’s plan all along until Grodd says he knows about the Crisis. His mind was unaffected by the Crisis so he’s aware of the changes, including the fact that Gorilla City is now on Earth Prime. He wants to be freed so he can live with his kind in peace.  Gorilla City is the only place where Grodd feels happy. Barry believes him because Grodd was able to let go of the past. 

Barry realizes that he has to let go of the past too.  He was obsessed with trying to make things the way they were before, but Crisis changed too much. Right now they need to focus on Solovar.  Barry can’t defeat him the same way he did before. This time, the only way to defeat Solovar is if Barry and Grodd fight together. 

They go outside to face Solovar and merge their bodies. Grodd now has Flash’s power.  Frost can see their minds merging and the neuro comm link starts to work. Barry tells Frost about their plan to escape. There’s another problem though. If Barry and Grodd escape with the minds merged, they will end up in one body.  That kind of merge can make their brain cells shut down and they will die. They have to be separated at the exact moment that they leave the mind scape and that’s almost impossible to do.    


Enter Chester P. Runk.  Chester says he can sync Gideon’s quantum intelligence network to Barry and Grodd bio-analytics. That will perfectly time the neuro splicing. He just has to reconfigure the earpiece.   This guy is super smart, but he’s also super scared that he could hurt Flash even more. Flash tells Chester that the small tweak he did in two seconds improved Gideon’s functionality. He calls Chester a genius. Barry says he believes in Chester. That’s all Chester needs to hear. He gets excited again. 

Solovar is beating up Grodd/Flash. They have to work fast to get Barry and Grodd out.  Barry encourages Grodd to get up and run. Grodd uses Flash’s speed to run circles around Solovar and hits him with a punch.  They are free to escape. Chester activates the device just in time. Barry wakes up in the lab and Grodd wakes up in ARGUS. Barry says he’s back, thanks to the team and looks directly at Chester.  

Now that they are separated and Grodd is awake, Lyla put a tracking device in Grodd’s brain and let him out on probation.  He is set free in Gorilla City, but he does anything bad, Flash will be there to stop him.

Iris is ready to go home on The Flash

The Flash — “Grodd Friended Me” — Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Kamilla gets a call that Cisco is coming home.  Barry apologizes to Chester for how he treated him earlier. Chester is a lot to take in, but the guy is SMART! And eager to help.   After Kamilla told Chester about Barry’s parents, he took it upon himself to hack every cemetery in the city. He found where Barry’s parents are buried.  That’s so nice. I like this guy! They are interrupted by another alert and Barry asks Chester to man the comms. The alert is about Rathaway. Barry says he needs Chester’s help to take Rathaway down this time. 

Iris helps Eva dress her burns. She asks why Eva didn’t tell her that would happen if she tried to use the machine. Eva says she needed Iris to see it to believe it.  She sends Iris for more bandages, but as soon as Iris leaves the room, Eva is fine. She goes to the mirror where Iris 2.0 is waiting for her. Evil Iris has burn marks on her arms as well. Eva says she bought them some time and uses her power to cure Evil Iris’ burns.  Hmmm…is Eva using Iris’ likeness to hurt her husband? Probably. 

Nash returns to the Citizen, looking for Allegra. He sees her in the office and takes a step back.  He prepares to go in and something pulls him back. It’s Sherloque. Sherloque tells Nash that “he is coming.” Sherloque eyes turn red and he starts vibrating…just like Reverse Flash. 

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