What the heck is happening on The Flash? In “A Girl Named Sue,” Iris (Candice Patton) isn’t Iris, Nash (Tom Cavanagh) is seeing Nash, well Harrison Wells, and even Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is acting a little weird.  The only thing that really makes sense is that Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) finally makes some headway in the Sue Dearbon case.  

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There are two Irises in the Flash.  The real Iris who is trapped in the mirror world. And a duplicate Iris, living her best life with the Flash. Barry (Grant Gustin) notices some different things about Iris, but brushes them off.  

Iris-Prime is not alone in the mirror realm. She meets Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor).  Eva was working on opening doors to other planes of existence when the particle accelerator exploded.  The blast pushed her into the mirror and she’s been trapped in there for six years. She explains that there are two Irises because of a fractal variable in the mirror created a duplicate of Iris. 


Barry is sore from his fight from last week’s fight….which is weird because he has speed healing.  Iris 2.0 tells him that she’s getting close to taking down Black Hole. She has a picture of a mirror gun that McCulloch created. She wants to examine it to find a connection to McCulloch and asks Barry to get it from the StarChives.  Barry is hesitant to take anything out of storage. Not because he doesn’t trust Iris, but he doesn’t trust everyone else. Iris is disappointed…maybe even a little mad, but she’s trying really hard not to show it. What is Fake Iris up to? 

Barry goes to work and Joe grabs him as soon as he exits the elevator. Joe asks Barry to take a second look at a solved case.  A house fire where the occupant died of smoke inhalation. He doesn’t tell Barry what to look for. Just to bring whatever Barry finds directly to Joe.    

Meanwhile Iris 2.0 goes to the Starchives to look for the mirror gun.  She finds it and Nash finds her. He lies and says he is doing inventory for Cisco (Carlos Valdes). That’s when he sees Harrison Wells again.  Iris lies and says she lost Nora’s journal and thought it might be in storage. She gets out of looking by saying she should start living in the present.  Iris asks Nash not to tell Barry that she was in there. He’d be crushed if he found out that she lost the journal.

At the same time, Harrison is talking to Nash…in his head of course.  When Iris mentioned losing her daughter, Harrison says Nash knows what that’s like.  When she suggests they live in the present, Harrison says that’s difficult for Nash. He has so much unfinished business.  He taunts Nash to tell Iris the real reason he’s in the Starchives. Iris leaves and Nash is holding the Journal of one Harrison “Harry” Wells.

Iris tries to keep Eva in a positive state of mind on The Flash

The Flash — “A Girl Named Sue” — Efrat Dor as Eva and Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Eva says there are only two options: survival or madness.  She’s tried 1322 times to escape and nothing works. Eva has been alone for a long time and is really about to lose it.  While Eva finger combs her hair, Iris remembers Sam Scuddder. Scudder trapped the Flash inside of a mirror so he could rob a few banks.  Killer Frost froze the mirror and Flash was released. She asks Eva for liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen should slow down the mirrors molecules to the lowest enthalpy state possible. 

Eva sets up the liquid nitrogen to freeze the mirror, but it only shatters the glass.  They are still trapped. Eva flips out. Iris still has hope that they can go back. Eva is upset because she watched her husband Joseph Carver mourn for her and then move on.  She says it would be easier for Iris to accept that she’s trapped. Iris won’t do that. She encourages Eva to go back and start a new life.


Ralph is still looking for Sue Dearbon.  Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) tells him to take a break and take a shower.  She offers to work with him on the case, saying every Holmes needs a Watson.  Ralph wants to solve this on his own. He gets an alert on Sue Dearbon’s bank account.  She has just rented an apartment in Central City.  

Ralph goes to the apartment and his first meeting with Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) is explosive, literally.  She explains that her ex is trying to kill her because she knows too much about his side hustle.  Her ex is John Loring, a black market arms dealer. Sue says she found his client list, inventory and everything that exposes his criminal activity.  Ralph tries to call her parents, the people paying him to find her. Sue stops him, saying that will lead Loring to them and he will kill them. He offers to take her to the police, but Sue is sure that Loring has the police on his payroll. 

Ralph is confused. He’s not sure why Sue is in Central City if Loring is there too.  They are hunting each other. Loring is trying to kill Sue and Sue is trying to get the evidence she needs to send Loring to jail so she can go home.   She says Loring is in town for a big arms deal. Ralph offers to find the evidence and put Loring behind bars. Sue doesn’t want him to go alone and decides to tag along. 

Ralphs teams up with the missing Sue Dearbon on The Flash

The Flash — “A Girl Named Sue” — Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue and Hartley Sawyer as Dibny — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The arms deal is taking place at an old warehouse.  Sue is ready to face the guy head on, but Ralph insists that she stays in the car. At first Sue protests, saying she’s not a damsel in distress. Ralph says she belongs at the Country Club and not at a dirty warehouse.  Ralph gets out and takes a few pictures of the place. He’s caught by one of Loring’s henchmen. The guard has Ralph beat and pushes his head in a barrel of water. Sue saves Ralph from drowning, by kicking the guard in the head.  

They go to Jitters to regroup.  Sue is ready to move on because Loring knows someone is after him, thanks to Ralph.  After a little convincing, Sue agrees to continue to work with Ralph. She knows where Loring keeps his ledger and they plan to steal it.  Cecile interrupts and gets a weird vibe from Sue…and Ralph. She loves that they are working together and tells Ralph that they are surfing the same wave emotionally.  


Ralph and Sue infiltrate Loring’s office building pretty easily, but they are spotted. They quickly get to Loring’s office and find a key to a safety deposit box at the Central City Mercantile Bank. Loring’s guards catch up and start shooting. They run to the roof and have no way down.  Ralph elongates his arm and lowers himself and Sue down safely.

Sue is shocked to find out that Ralph is the Elongated Man.  He tells her his story about how he got his meta powers. Sue realizes that he’s a real superhero and a good person.  Which makes the next part kind of hard for Ralph.  

They have to get the safety deposit box from the bank.  If they wait for a warrant, they run the risk of Loring moving the box.  Sue wants to steal the box ASAP, but it goes against Ralph’s superhero code.  This may be Sue’s only chance to be able to see her parents again, so she has to take it.  I’m sure that hero-code can be modified. Being a hero is about helping innocent people after all. Ralph says he will help, but they do it his way. They go in, get the ledger and immediately take it to CCPD. Sue agrees. 


Barry found scorch marks that are giant burns like the sun through a magnifying glass.  It was done with UV light rays. Joe says this isn’t the only suspicious case that has come across his desk. All of the questionable cases involve an accidental death and all of the victims are associated with Joseph Carver. Joe thinks someone on the force is helping Carver cover up his murders.  

Barry admits that Iris is investigating Carver. She had a lead that fell through because he wouldn’t give her the McCulloch mirror gun.  Joe reminds Barry that Carver is very dangerous. Iris is his partner and family and they can’t trust anyone but family right now. 

Ralphs teams up with the missing Sue Dearbon on The Flash

The Flash — “A Girl Named Sue” — Hartley Sawyer as Dibny and Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Joe goes to the Mercantile Bank and asks to be let into the vault.  As soon as the door is open, Sue jumps out and knocks out the bank manager.  Joe is actually Ralph in disguise. They get into the vault and find the security deposit box.  Sue takes the contents out of the box and it’s not a ledger. It’s another box. She kicks Ralph in the head and walks out of the vault.  Sue locks the door behind her. Ralph got played. 

Sue is a thief.  She knew Ralph was tracking her and she knew John Loring had a giant diamond.  She used Ralph to find the diamond all the while feeding him what he wanted to hear.  Slick! Her parents don’t know that she’s a thief and she blackmails Ralph into staying silent.  If he doesn’t tell her parents about her, she won’t tell anyone that he’s the Elongated Man. 

Sue exits the vault to find she’s surrounded by Loring and his men…with guns.  He has an alarm on his safety deposit box, so he knows Sue is stealing from him. Just as Loring is about to shoot Sue, Ralph elongates out of the cell through the fire sprinklers and gets in between Sue and Loring.  He makes a giant fist to shield her from the bullets. They hear Loring and his men fall and yell in pain. When Ralph removes his fist, UltraViolet (Alexa Barajas) is waiting for Sue. She says Sue has something that belongs to her and UltraViolet attacks them both.  


The bank manager wakes up, attracting UltraViolet’s attention.  Ralph elongates himself to shield the manager from UltraViolet’s blast and gets burned.  Sue steps out of her hiding place to turn UltraViolet’s attention to her. The two women fight over the diamond.  Ralph watches, but he’s too hurt to do anything. Sue is holding her own against UltraViolet. She ends the fight by sliding the box to Ralph.  UltraViolet follows the box and Sue escapes with the diamond.

Ralph shows UltraViolet the empty box and says they’ve both been had.  UltraViolet punches her fist into her hand, creating a blast that makes UltraViolet disappear.  Loring and his men wake up and get ready to kill Ralph. Flash and the CCPD show up in time to handcuff Loring and arrest him.  Flash apologizes to Ralph for being late. UltraViolet got away. Ralph says he couldn’t stop her….but he’s not talking about UltraViolet. 

They go back to Star Labs and can’t find any trace of Sue Dearbon. Ralph blames himself for falling for her lies.  He’s supposed to be a Master Detective. He leaves to tear up his crime board. 

Barry says he knows Iris was as CCPD, but she didn’t say hi. He knows why.  Barry retrieves a mirror gun for Iris. He realizes how dangerous Carver is. He tells her that Joe figured out that Black Hole is covering up some cases.   Barry hopes Iris can use the gun to bring down Carver and his people. He doesn’t trust the world, but he trusts Iris with everything. Iris gives him a kiss and walks away with a smirk on her face. 

Eva and Iris are trapped in a mirror realm on The Flash

The Flash — “A Girl Named Sue” — Efrat Dor as Eva and Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Eva is distraught, saying she’s tired of hoping.  She’s glad the mirror is broken. In her tantrum, a shard of the mirror flies into her hands.  Eva is connected to the mirror. Iris encourages her to put the mirror back together. Eva raises all of the pieces of the mirror and puts them back into place.  

Once the mirror is intact, Barry appears in the mirror.  Iris can see him, but he can’t see her. He can feel her though and looks at the mirror.  Iris’s next move is to help Eva figure out how to use her powers.

Back in Central City, Sue scans the diamond and reveals several McCulloch logos inside of the diamond.  It appears that Sue has been studying Joseph Carver…and Ralph. He’s on her crime board. She takes another look at the diamond and says “Game On.”  

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