This episode of The Flash focuses on things other than the Crisis for once…well, sort of.   In “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach,” things get really emotional when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) learns of a friend’s death.  Frost (Danielle Panabaker) makes finding Ramsey (Sendhil Ramamurthy) her life’s mission.  And Joe (Jesse L. Martin) wants to know what Harrison Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is up to. 

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This episode begins with Cisco being arrested.  Wait…what? Let’s back up about twelve hours. Mom and Dad…aka, Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) take a much-needed vacation.  Before they leave, Cisco introduces them to his new buddy The B.A.R.I. That stands for “Barry Allen Replicated Intelligence.” Think Siri, but looks like a cartoon Barry Allen on the screen.  Cisco built it to help him make decisions after the Crisis is over, based on Barry’s past leadership decisions. It even knows Barry’s favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

Barry leaves Cisco in charge of the team.  His first order of business is to find Dr. Ramsey Rosso.  He sends Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Frost to stake out Ramsey’s lab.  Speaking of stakeouts, Harrison Nash Wells is watching the sewers for signs of The Monitor Mar Novu (LaMonica Garrett). And Captain Joe West is watching Nash.  He tries to escape Joe and ends up barricading them in a tunnel.


Cisco wakes up in the middle of the night with a pair of scissors to his hair.  Kamilla (Victoria Park) says he’s sleepwalking. She thought it was a thing because he’s been working so hard lately.  They lay back down in bed when Cisco almost says he loves her. He covers by saying he’s looking forward to spending time with her.  

A breach opening interrupts the awkward moment.  Breacher (Danny Trejo) is there to inform Cisco that Cynthia, aka Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) is dead. Gypsy was hunting a hacker named Echo. No one knows who he is, but Gypsy may have found out.   She trapped Echo in a collector QT net, (Quarrel Temporal containment barrier) on Earth-1, so he’s still around.  

Breacher says he’s going to avenge Gypsy’s death and he wants Vibe to help him.  Except Cisco took the meta human cure. He has no powers. Breacher asks if he has experienced breach psychosis. It happens when you suppress you powers.  It causes hallucinations and blackouts. Cisco’s powers are gone, but he can still help Breacher. He says they need to go to the crime scene. Breacher doesn’t want to go, but Kamilla does.


Joe Follows Nash on The Flash

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Joe and Nash are okay after the roof collapsed in the tunnel, but they can’t get a signal out.  Joe sends a text out anyway. Nash is trying to get out while Joe tries to send his distress signal to the team.  He has many resources and people who will look for him. Nash says he’s the only one who can get them out. He tries to blast the rocks, but the laser ricochets off of a rock and cause a flame to burst through.

Nash wonders why Joe didn’t tell him the Earth’s vibrational frequency is calibrated on a molecular level.  Shouldn’t he have known that before he came to Earth-1? The flame ate up 87% of the oxygen in their chamber. They have 42 minutes left to breath.

Nash is trying to get through the debris, so Joe tells him to relax.  He’s overexerting himself and starts getting dizzy. Joe says Nash doesn’t believe in anything or anybody.  He used to be like that. After his wife left, Joe started going to church, only to yell at God for destroying his life.  He was so distraught that he couldn’t cook dinner. But the neighborhood came through for the Wests and cooked dinner for them.  It was then that Joe realized he had faith in people.

Time and air is running out. Nash doesn’t believe that the team is coming.  Joe doesn’t want Nash to blast the debris again. He believes in the team. Nash asks how he can have such faith. Because The Monitor  says Barry is destined to die in some kind of crisis. They only way he can cope is to have faith that Barry’s continuing life or death is for the greater good.

Nash is shocked to learn that they know about Mar Novu.  Joe passes out. Nash gets ready to blast the debris again.  But the Elongated Man bursts in and goes straight to Joe. Ralph actually called the CCPD to talk to Joe about the Ramsey case.  Since he was gone, Ralph tracked his car to the street up above and saw Joe’s notes about the tunnels. It’s a good thing Ralph is a great detective!


Frost feels guilty about Ramsey.  He was her friend and his research turned him into a monster.  She wants to find him, but she doesn’t want to endanger the rest of the team.  Ralph tries to tag along, saying she’s being unnecessarily reckless. They are on a team, so her fights are his fights.  He says she needs to have faith in the people around her. Frost agrees, and she knows who Ramsey trusts. 

Caitlin visits Ramsey.  She was really close to his mom; so close he thinks of her as a sister.  Ramsey wants Caitlin to join him, offering immortality. Caitlin believes Ramsey is living a nightmare. She wants to save him so he can be the man his mother always wanted him to be. Ramsey’s mother had faith in him and so does Caitlin.  Ramsey doesn’t want their faith and attacks Caitlin. He says her words are madness. He doesn’t hurt her though, but does threaten that next time, she won’t be given a choice.

Breacher gives Cisco some bad news on The Flash

The Flash — “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” — Image Number: FLA605b_0352b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Danny Trejo as Breacher, Victoria Park as Kamilla and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Kamilla accompanies Cisco to the crime scene and meet Earth-19’s Collector agent Zack Zeal (Matt Ellis).  They find out that Gypsy was vaporized. Cisco is so overwhelmed, he has to step away. After Cisco calms down, he apologizes to Kamilla for being emotional. She says it would be weird if he wasn’t.  Cisco tries to tell her that he loves her but Zack interrupts. The Collectors are locking down the scene. 

Cisco is suspicious of Zack because he has a lot to gain with Gypsy gone.  He consults the B.A.R.I. for on what to do next. B.A.R.I. suggests they use the satellite to track the weapon’s unique signature. And to use Cisco’s memories to absorb the residual vibe energy from the object that killed her.  That will require Breacher’s help.

Breacher doesn’t want to see Gypsy die, but it’s the only way to find out who killed her.   At the same time the satellite is locating the murder weapon. Kamilla hears a ping and follows the signals.  Cisco and Breacher see Gypsy die. When the person who kills her takes off his hood, it’s Cisco underneath. Then Kamilla finds the murder weapon in Cisco’s lab.


Breacher lunges at Cisco for killing Gypsy.  Kamilla runs into the med bay to stop him. She says Cisco couldn’t have killed her because he cared about Gypsy.  It has to be a doppelganger, there are thousands of Cisco Ramons out there in the multiverse. Breacher says none of them are scientists. Then he remembers that Cisco is a sleepwalker.  He could have killed her during breach psychosis. So he wasn’t in his right mind when he killed her. For that, Breacher gives Cisco an hour to get his affairs in order and then turn himself in.  Or Breacher will come for him. 

Cisco wants to turn himself in because he doesn’t trust himself. Kamilla says he hasn’t trusted himself the entire time.  He even created a device to tell him what to do. She knows he’s innocent because she has faith in him. Cisco doesn’t though.  He’s worried because Barry is going to die and he’s not ready to be the Flash. Kamilla says Barry didn’t chose Cisco to be the Flash. He chose Cisco to be himself.

 It’s funny how someone’s words always triggers the answer.  Cisco goes to the med bay and retrieves his white noise machine.  It’s been on WI-FI mode the entire time. Cisco finds a code in the programming.  Someone hacked his machine. The code turns the machine into a micro neuro impulse destructor, making it seem like breach psychosis.  The only person he knows who could code like that is himself.


The Flash — “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” — Image Number: FLA605a_0022b.jpg — Pictured: Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Back to the opening scene, Cisco speaks into a recorder and says sometimes the truth is the hardest lie to see through.  When you can’t put your faith in the truth, all you have left is yourself. The Collectors arrive with Breacher to arrest Cisco.  Cisco is ready to surrender. Zack orders the QT net to be removed so they can transport Cisco to Earth-19. When they put the cuffs on him, it’s not Cisco. It’s a hologram.  

The real Cisco puts up a force field on the lab and traps Breacher and the Collectors inside.  He tells Breacher to listen to his recording to find out everything he needs to know about Gyspy’s death. Breacher reminds Cisco that he will not let the man who killed his little girl get away.  Cisco says he won’t either.  

Cisco and Kamilla trace portal energy to the real killer, Echo.  Echo is a Cisco doppelganger. He hacks multi-universe databases to create new identities. He reverses the fortune of the less fortunate Cisco Ramons.  Cisco asks if that is why he killed Echo. Echo say she didn’t kill her, Cisco did. 


Echo goes on to describe what it was like to fight Gypsy.  Gypsy had been chasing him for a while, but never knew what he looked like. So when he revealed himself, she hesitated for just a moment, giving him time to kill her.  Gypsy is dead because when she saw Echo, she saw Cisco. He says she didn’t have to die, but she couldn’t let Echo go. She breached him to Earth-1 and he vaporized her. 

Cisco gets angry and attacks Echo.  They fight for the vaporizing gun and Echo wins.  He points the gun at Cisco and says not to feel bad.  Cisco isn’t wired like Echo. Echo shoots, but an anti-vibration force field pops up instead. Cisco rigged the gun.  The collectors arrive and take Echo into custody.

Echo is taken to Earth-19 to serve his sentence so case closed. Cisco has one question though. If Gypsy was dying, why did she breach to Earth-1.  Breacher says it’s because she know Cisco would bring Echo to justice.  Gypsy never lost faith in Cisco.  So now they start healing.  Breacher invites Cisco and Kamilla to Gypsy’s remembrance ceremony on Earth-19.

After Breacher leaves, Cisco finally tells Kamilla…not in so many words…that he loves her.  She does too.  Aww….


The Flash — “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” — Image Number: FLA605b_0009b.jpg — Pictured: Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Mom and Dad return from their whirlwind vacation, fifteen beaches in 24 hours.  They get a ping that Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) is almost fully healed.  Barry asks about the B.A.R.I., but Cisco had to get rid of it.  He realized something Barry already knew. Cisco doesn’t need it, he only needs to have faith in himself.  That’s why he’s the best person to take over the team.

Iris offers her condolences for Gypsy’s death. They offer to go with him to the memorial, but Kamilla is going with him.  Cisco asks if it’s wrong to hold on a little. Iris says it’s okay because only someone who was really in love can hang on. Cisco is grateful for Gypsy. She taught him to be the person he needed to be when the right person came along.  Cisco says he will never forget her.

Joe is okay after the collapse.  Ralph asks Nash what he was doing down there.  Joe insists Nash tells them what he’s looking for. They might be able to help him. Nash tells them to meet him the next morning and bring the whole team.   He knows how to save Barry Allen.

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Everyone is just too complicit about Barry’s fate. Almost as if he’s leaving for a new job and not dying. Anyway, this was cute and wrapped up a past story line for Cisco.  But at the same time I really liked Gypsy.  It was good to see Caitlin. And we still don’t know what Nash is up to.  But now he’s joining the team and will  help prepare for the Crisis. I’ts time to get to work folx!


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