Team Flash gets into a gory situation on The Flash “There Will Be Blood.” Dr. Ramsey Rosso (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is desperate to find a cure for a blood cancer called HLH.  He has the disease and runs tests of his research on himself.  With the addition of dark matter to his blood, Ramsey has become something else. 

Last week Barry (Grant Gustin) told the team that he would have to die in the Crisis in order for everyone to live.  There are six weeks left.  Can the team survive life without the Flash? 

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Ramsey Rosso is trying to cure his HLH disease. He thought he had found a cure from the black blood of a zombie that Ramsey unknowingly created.  But that was a temporary solution. To find a permanent one, Ramsey steals ten liters of blood to recreate the black blood. 

Team Flash has six weeks until the Crisis.  Everyone is blue because they now know that Barry won’t survive the Crisis.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is the most frustrated of them all. Barry wants to find a way to help Cisco, but first he has to go to work.

Iris (Candice Patton) has some new information for Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) on the Sue Dearbon case.  A security guard in Midway City saw Sue the night she disappeared.  Iris gives this information to Ralph, but he’s not interested. 

The CCPD are at the lab that Ramsey stole the blood from.  Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is afraid they might have a meta vampire on their hands, but Barry says the scene doesn’t look like a meta did it.  He senses something is bothering Barry and Barry tells him about Cisco’s frustration with the pending Crisis.  Joe reminds Barry that Cisco is like Barry. It’s in his nature to want to save lives. That gives Barry an idea on how to reach Cisco.  He goes back to STAR Labs to ask Cisco to help him save Ramsey Rosso’s life. 

Joe worries about meta vampires on The Flash

The Flash — “There Will Be Blood” — Jesse L. Martin as Captain Joe West — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Throughout the episode, Ramsey thinks of his mother.  He remembers when she told him that she was dying. And then how he found a cure, but his mother refused it because the bonding agent was dark matter.  Ramsey gets upset that his mother isn’t fighting to live. She has accepted her fate, saying no one lives forever. But she’s not the enemy, death is. 

Cisco says curing HLH would take a  miracle from God, but Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) says science has the answer.  He formally introduces himself to Barry and mentions that he knows Barry is the Flash.  Apparently, Nash put a bug on Cisco. 

Nash says he knows where to find what Barry and Cisco need to save Ramsey, but he wants something in return.  He needs an anti-vibrational crypto circuit. Barry and Cisco are skeptical and don’t trust Nash, but they go along with Nash anyways.

Ramsey’s new substance is complete, so he tests it on himself.  It’s not the same, and Ramsey lies on the floor in pain. Ramsey is upset that the new black substance is not working as well as the one he got from Romero. 


Nash takes Barry and Cisco to McCulloch Technologies. He says there is a rare bio-regenerative serum capable of healing organic tissue.  Ramsey just has to inject himself and the healthy cells will replicate other healthy cells to replace the unhealthy cells. But, if Ramsey’s disease is too far gone, it won’t work.  

This all sounds too good to be true.  Barry asks how McCulloch was able to develop something this advanced. Nash says they didn’t develop it, they stole it.  The serum is from Swan Moon, the Dominator home planet. This sample was recovered from the invasion a couple of crossovers ago. And on a scale of one to ten, it’s a twelve when it comes to being dangerous in the wrong hands.

Barry runs in to turn off the security cameras in the building.  Cisco takes the opportunity to ask Nash if that serum could protect someone from antimatter.  Of course it can. Barry is back in a flash, and the boys head inside for the fun part. 

Nash’s plan was to have Barry speed them through the building but there meta dampeners everywhere.  Barry has no powers. Nash calls him useless and that riles up Barry. Cisco has to calm them down so they don’t get caught, but it’s too late. The security guards are already there with guns on Barry and Cisco.

Nash disappeared when security showed up, so Barry tries to explain what’s going on.  A device falls from the roof, setting off a high pitched noise. Nash drops down and knocks out the guards.  They continue on their way but first Cisco takes some kind of device out of his pocket and puts in on the wall.  

Frost and Cisco cope with the news of Barry's fate on The Flash

The Flash — “There Will Be Blood” — Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Iris asks Ralph about the Dearbon lead. Ralph says he decided to give up on the investigation.  The case is a lost cause and he doesn’t want to waste any more time looking for her. Iris tells him not to give up. Ralph snaps back with what he calls the Team Flash mantra. Sometimes you have to give up on things.  He tells Iris to spend time with her husband while he’s still alive. Ouch!

Nash gets into a storage room He says they are looking for a cold case with a temperature of minus fifteen degrees. Barry finds it and Cisco gets ready to hack the case.  He hears a noise and points it out to Barry and Nash. They think it’s an alarm, but it’s actually Cisco’s device that he put on the wall. Nash runs off to take care of it and Barry follows.  Cisco needed the distraction so that he could take the serum without the other two knowing it. 

When Barry and Nash return, Cisco acts like he’s just opening the case.  Barry is disappointed to find the case empty. They don’t have time to brood though, Nash is being followed by guards.  He hands them each a small silver ball and tells them to throw it on the ground. When the guards reach him, they do as Nash instructed and end up back in the STAR Labs lounge.  That’s a neat transporter device.

Of course Barry and Cisco want to know what that transporter device was and how it works.  Ha! Science. Nash tells them not to worry about it and get started on his crypto-circuit. Barry says they won’t build it because they didn’t get what they needed.  Nash says the deal was he would lead them to it. It’s not his fault the serum wasn’t there.  


Barry checks on the process of the crypto circuit and says something about the whole thing is fishy.  They agree to help each other, but the thing they need isn’t there and Cisco is still building what Nash needs.  Barry ask if Cisco thinks Nash is lying. Cisco says it wouldn’t be the first time that a Wells had a secret agenda. 

Barry looks around the lab and notices a case set at negative fifteen degrees.  Cisco says it’s storage for Frost’s stuff, but Barry knows he’s lying. Barry opens the case and finds the serum.  Cisco stole it to save Barry.  

Barry has been trying to teach Cisco how to make tough calls and sacrifices, by saving Ramsey.  Cisco only wanted to save Barry. He doesn’t want to accept that they have to lose the Flash and he has to lose his best friend.  Barry says the reward is that Cisco and everyone else will get to live if Barry dies.  

Things get really emotional between Barry and Cisco. Barry picked Cisco to run STAR Labs and Team Flash when he’s gone.  He wanted to teach Cisco how hard the responsibility of team leader can be. But then Cisco stole something that was meant to save someone else’s life and he justified it.  Cisco says he’d do it again. Barry says he may have made the wrong choice. Hurt by his words, Cisco gives Barry the serum and goes back to work.   

Ralph isn't taking Barry's news well at all on The Flash

The Flash — “There Will Be Blood” — Hartley Sawyer as Dibney — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry goes to Ramsey’s lab and gives him the serum. He explains the serum saying STAR Labs has been working on research in regenerative formulas.  The serum is not dark matter based and needs to be used quickly because they don’t know how viable it is. Barry believes the serum will save Ramsey. 

Ramsey is overjoyed, but doesn’t understand why Barry won’t use it on himself since he’s dying too. Barry explains that he knows Ramsey is a brilliant doctor.  Caitlin told him that if Ramsey had the time, he could cure HLH. So Barry is giving him that time. The world needs good doctors to save those who can’t save themselves. 

Joe checks on Ralph, who is sitting on his couch drinking.  Iris told Joe that Ralph is having trouble with the Dearbon case.  Ralph says he has been on that case since last summer. He thinks the investigation doesn’t matter. Why try to find her if he can’t even save Barry?   

Joe tells him that he can’t save everyone, but he can save someone. That someone for Ralph is Sue Dearbon, not Barry.  Ralph gets sad and says he’s going to miss Barry. Everyone will miss him. 


Cisco gives Nash the crypto circuit.  Nash doesn’t like the way it looks and complains about it. Cisco gets frustrated and tells him to take it and leave.  Nash smiles and says thanks. He bids him farewell until their next adventures. He acknowledges Frost (Danielle Panabaker) behind Cisco and smiles. 

Frost gives Cisco a drink because she knows Cisco needs it. She asks how his session with Professor speedster went. Cisco says their friendship exploded because it’s impossible to save Barry. And yet Cisco doesn’t want to stop trying. Frost tells him that you can’t save someone that doesn’t want to be saved. Barry made up his mind. If Cisco obsessed over it, it could lead him down a dark path where you can make mistakes, he can’t fix. 

Ramsey tests the serum, but it doesn’t work.  He gets upset saying Death wins again. That triggers Ramsey to realize that the one sample that worked was created out of fear.  Romero’s blood cells were flooded with epinephrine, the bonding agent. That means in order to create the substance he needs to live, he has to kill.  Ramsey leaves his lab and turns into something else.  


The Flash — “There Will Be Blood” –Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Team Flash gets an alert that Central City General hospital is evacuating. A mad man is attacking patients.  Flash and Frost go to the hospital to find Ramsey is the mad man. Ramsey says he will do whatever it takes to stay alive.  Even if that means becoming a monster. Flash doesn’t understand, they gave him a cure. Ramsey says his disease is too far gone. He has to become more than human and live forever. In order to do that, he has to feed. Ramsey really is a vampire.  Even those he kills rise and attack Flash and Frost. 

Ramsey takes a doctor hostage. This was his Mom’s doctor. Flash and Frost try to reason with him, but he sets his vampire minions on them.  Frost blocks them out with a door of ice. She says what he is doing is inhuman.  

Ramsey blames his humanity for keeping him from being great. His mother always said he would do great things. If he wants to be the great man he’s destined to be, he has to transcend and be something more than human.

Flash says everyone dies. The only thing that makes it bearable is to find meaning in death.  Ramsey says he is making the greatest sacrifice of all. He is the answer to the greatest mystery…life eternal.  

Ramsey looks at his hostage and blames him for killing his mom. He saved that doctor for last because he knew the doctor would be the most afraid.  Ramsey kills the doctor and runs away. Frost watches him climb up a building to get away. The dead rise and walk toward the window that Ramsey ran out of.  As they move, their body breaks down into puddles of black blood.  


Back at STAR Labs, Barry broods about their loss. He says he wants to save Ramsey.  He says if it’s the last thing he does on this earth , he will stop Ramsey. Iris ask the million dollar question. What is Ramsey doing and how?  Cisco says Ramsey is using people as human blood banks to create what he needs to keep himself alive. He will strike again when he gets hungry…like a vampire!

Iris tries to talk to Ralph again and he apologizes for being a jerk.  He is going to follow her lead and Iris is happy to hear it. She says Sue is very lucky to have a master detective like Ralph searching for her. Ralph tells her to take it easy. It’s just a missing persons case; it’s not like he’s looking to get married.  (HAHAHA!)

Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) is ready to go home, but Joe wants to talk to Barry.  Barry needs to talk to Cisco first. Cisco apologizes and Barry says it’s not his fault what happened with Ramsey. Cisco doesn’t get how Barry pushes forward.  Barry says he is just trying to teach Cisco what took years for him to learn about being a leader.  Cisco says he knows Barry is making the sacrifice for them all.  It’s what it means to be a hero.  Barry says he knew he picked the right guy.  


The Flash — “There Will Be Blood” — Image Number: FLA604a_0107b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry joins Joe on the balcony.  In the saddest scene ever!  They talk about Ramsey and Barry feels bad that he wasn’t able to save him. He says he wanted to do some good before he goes.  Joe tells him not to talk like that.  He says Barry has saved so many people.  Without Barry, Joe would have lost his family a long time ago. It’s not fair that Barry has to die after risking his life for others.  Joe gets to retire and have a life.  Barry gets nothing. 

Joe says the world owes Barry. He deserves better. Barry says he doesn’t, in fact, he’s grateful for everything he has.  He’s most grateful for Joe.  Joe taught Barry patience, courage, and the will to keep going.  Joe showed him what it takes to be a good person.  Barry attributes Joe for being the reason he was able to become the Flash and for that, he’ll always be grateful.  Joe starts crying and says he’s not ready to let go of Barry.  Barry says he will never leave Joe, even when he’s gone. 

Under Central City there is a tunnel that Nash Wells is exploring. He creates some kind of hologram that shows him what appears to be The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) walking into a door.  Nash says this is where he’s been hiding and it’s time to make a house call.  Nash takes a climbing pick and starts tearing up the door. 

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This was the most emotional episodes ever.  That’s the great thing about The Flash. This show is able to encompass all of these emotions and still give an action packed episode.   There is a good balance of intense action and emotions that make these characters the most human of all.

I’m honestly dreading the episode when Iris breaks down.  Sure, Iris has faced a possible life without Barry before, but this time seems more permanent for Iris.  That moment she breaks is going to be a tearjerker folks. And yet, she will come out stronger than ever, whether Barry dies or not. 

Even in the most emotional episode, there was till some humor with Nash Wells.  I knew he had to be tied to the Monitor somehow!  I just wish he was more forthcoming in his mission.  This Wells is spunky!

I feel like we are getting the emotional stories in The Flash that we should be having on Arrow.  Afterall, The Flash is not ending, Arrow is.  Sure that was emotional to see Oliver (Stephen Amell) reunite with old friends and loved ones, but The Flash is really digging deep to rip out our hearts.  Stop it!




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