The team is once again trying to stop a disaster on The Flash, “The Girl with The Red Lightning.” Let’s recap.

Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) came back to the past via the negative speed force, to get a Mirror gun. The gun is made of materials from the Enlightenment satellite that she believed could destroy Cicada’s dagger.

Cicada II aka adult Grace Gibbons (Sarah Carter) stole a cryo atomizer. Her plan is to kill multiple meta humans at once. She’s also talking to her dead uncle, Orlin Dwyer (Chris Kline).

Team Flash found that Cicada also took Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) prototypes of the meta cure that could activate a virus that could kill meta humans.  

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So Nora is back on the team after the big reveal that she was secretly working with Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh). He has Nora and Iris (Candice Patton) convinced that he has changed for the better. And it may have something to do with his execution. Time is up for Thawne as the prison warden prepares to electrocute him with the negative speed force that gave Thawne his powers. (That doesn’t make any sense.)

And Grace, well, she’s is still talking to her dead uncle. He impresses upon her how important it is that she complete their mission. He wants her to kill all the meta humans everywhere. Of course, she knows that and promises her uncle it will work.  

Since Cicada already has the atomizer, Team Flash needs to understand how she will use it. Catilin (Danielle Panabaker) explains that the device was developed to help put out fires in dry areas. Basically, the device disperses particles into the atmosphere to create rain. Cicada is going to use it to disperse a meta human virus into the air. If that’s the case, she will need more equipment. Sherloque (Cavanagh) points out that they have some time to find her before she finds what she needs.

So, the plan is to distribute the meta cure to as many people as possible. They need a safe space to do that, so Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) offer up the police station. First they have to talk to Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui). Meanwhile, Caitlin and Cisco whip up as much of the cure as they can. Sherloque decides to find his new lady friend Renee Adler (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) to warn her. And Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Nora work on tracking down Cicada II.

Preparing for the Worst
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora, Hartley Sawyer as Dibney, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning"

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora, Hartley Sawyer as Dibney, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash — “The Girl with The Red Lightning” — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

First! Cisco wants to test the Mirror gun to make sure it will work on the dagger. He has the satellite core in his lab. The core, the gun, and the dagger are all made of the same alloy with the same amount of dark matter levels. Cisco shoots the core and it disappears. The team is excited about their chances of success. Nora is excited about taking care of Cicada and that worries her parents. She assures them that she is fine and the negative energy is all gone.

Joe and Cecile are able to convince Capt. Singh to open up the station for the meta cure distribution. Singh has to leave for meetings so he leaves Joe in charge. And that makes Joe nervous.

Sherloque finds Renee at Central City University. He knows Renee has been avoiding him. He lets her know that he is aware that she has a secret, but they are interrupted by the arrive of Cicada. She detects Renee’s power and chases after her. Sherloque send out a distress signal to the team. He asks what Renee’s powers are and she shows him by deflecting Cicada’s dagger.

Team Flash races to the university and Nora realizes she can see what Cicada sees. Nora established a psychic link to Grace earlier in the season and it has affected her before. The downside is that Cicada can also see what Nora sees. Cicada leaves just as Team Flash arrives, leaving Nora with red lightning buzzing around her.

Strong Connection

In the aftermath of Cicada’s attack the university, Cisco and Ralph discover that Cicada stole a quantum tunnel converter. She is going to transform dark matter energy into practical energy. She is going to use her dark matter to super power the atomizer. In order to complete that, she needs a hyper conduit, but that is a rare device. They leave to find the conduit before she does.

Iris arrives to check on Barry and Nora. Nora says her psychic connection to Grace is still there. And the red lightning they are seeing around Nora is coming from Grace’s anger, not Nora’s. Nora wants to use that connection to track down and stop Cicada, but her parents think it’s too dangerous.  

Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells and Kimberly Williams - Paisley as Renee Adler in The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning"

Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells and Kimberly Williams – Paisley as Renee Adler in The Flash — “The Girl with The Red Lightning”– Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Renee is shaken up by the whole incident and is worried that Cicada will return to kill her. She also says she wanted to tell Sherloque about her powers, but she was afraid he wouldn’t like her as much. Sherloque assures her that he thinks the world of her and wants to protect her. So he takes her to CCPD to get the meta cure.

Caitlin is distributing the cure to just a few metahumans that have shown up. Meanwhile Joe is overwhelmed with questions from the other police officers. He takes a moment to watch the news with Cecile. The news reporter is detailing a story that Iris wrote about the attack at the university. She informs the public about the meta cure being distributed free of charge. That’s when Cecile gets an overwhelming sense of panic and dozens of people show up at the station.

The Master Plan

At the lab, the team continues their search for any sign of a hyper conduit. Ralph on the other hand is contemplating time travel. In particular, why Thawne helped Nora get back to the past to help stop Cicada. Iris pulls him back to the task at hand, but he thinks the answer to their problem might lie in Thawne’s plan. He asks Nora where she could one find a hyper conduit in 2049? Nora says a man named Ollins Laboratory. She also mentions that Ollins won a Nobel Prize for quantum engineering. Funny thing, Ollins is Sebastian Ollins, Cisco’s former roommate and not nearly as smart as Cisco. Cisco looks him up and finds that he’s renting a warehouse, fitted with fiber-joules technology. He obviously has a conduit.  

Barry leaves to get the conduit before Cicada does. Nora wants to go, but her parents tell her to stay behind. They use the excuse that they want to keep her safe. When Flash gets to the warehouse, there is no sign of a conduit, but there is a bomb. Cicada already has the conduit. She can now super charge the atomizer to kill every meta human in the world.

What’s Thawne Got To Do With It
Grant Gustin as The Flash The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning"

Grant Gustin as The Flash The Flash — “The Girl with The Red Lightning”– Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Flash heads back to the lab to discuss what they need to do next. Ralph is still thinking about Thawne though. He stops the team’s brainstorming to make them listen to him. So in the original timeline, Cicada’s secret identity was David Hersch. When Nora helped destroy the satellite in the Enlightenment, she created a new timeline making Orlin Dwyer the new Cicada and putting Grace Gibbons (Islie Hirvonen) into a coma. Some time in the future, Grace wakes up, takes up the mantle as Cicada II, returns to the past and kills Cicada I with his dagger. So Ralph wants to know: 1) what happens to the metas that Dwyer killed? Do they get un-killed? 2) What did Grace from the future kill her metas with if Dwyer had the dagger in the past? 3) What happens in the timeline if Grace never killed her uncle?

Good questions, but the team has to focus on saving every meta in the world right now. Ralph can’t let this go, but Cisco needs his help so he lets it go for now. At the same time, Iris questions if they did the right thing keeping Nora out of the fun stuff. Barry sees it as protecting her by keeping her away from the danger. As they leave the control center, Nora appears out of nowhere. She can phase into invisibility! And she heard everything they said. That prompts her to go rogue again.

The Girl with The Red Lightning

Meanwhile, Joe gets overwhelmed with everyone in the police station. Sherloque arrives with Renee. She’s nervous about taking the cure, but the team says it’s better than Cicada killing her. An argument starts to break out and Joe yells for everyone to calm down. He leaves to get some air. During the commotion, Renee runs away from Sherloque.

At STAR Labs, Barry and Iris get an alert, but it’s not Cicada. It’s Nora. She took Cecile’s telepathic power dampening device and reversed it to strengthen her link to Grace. There is a lot of negative energy surrounding Nora, so Barry removes the device causing Nora to pass out.

Barry and Iris reprimand Nora for taking such a huge risk, but Nora thinks it was worth it. She saw Grace and what she was doing. The bigger issue is the fact that Iris and Barry treat Nora like a child. And rightfully so, considering her behavior last week. She asks them to start trusting her and treat her like an adult. She asks them to stop protecting her from danger and help her face it instead.

Keep Calm and Stop Cicada

Cecile checks on Joe. He says he’s not cut out to be in charge in the station. Cecile reminds him that he is capable of helping everyone because of how he helps Team Flash. He just has to speak from the heart. Joe addresses the crowd telling them to remain calm. He knows they are afraid, but they are trying their best to help everyone. He asks for their patience so they can get through it together. The officers reform a line and everyone is calm.

Sherloque catches up with Renee. She says she loves her powers and doesn’t want to give them up. Sherloque tries to talk her into taking the cure so she will be safe. Cicada won’t stop hunting Renee as long as she is on this Earth. That triggers a solution for him. Sherloque wants Renee to go to another Earth where Cicada can’t find her. He arranges for Renee to go to his Earth where his friends will help her. She asks him to go with her, but Sherloque says he needs to stay. As long as Cicada is a threat, his friends…no, his family needs him. But when it’s all over, he will find her. Renee kisses him and leaves through a breach.

Your Adult Daughter
Candice Patton as Iris West - Allen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning"

Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen The Flash — “The Girl with The Red Lightning” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry and Iris tell Nora that she’s right. She’s a hero and they have to treat her like one. She will always face danger and they can’t always protect her from it. They want her to try to connect Grace again but in a controlled environment. She asks that they keep their home safe while she links up with Grace.

The team set up a chamber that they used to try and trap Reverse Flash. Cisco fills Ralph in on the history of the chamber. He also made some upgrades to protect the team from Nora’s possible negative speed force energy. But this also means that Barry can’t phase into the chamber if Nora gets into trouble.

Nora starts her link to Cicada II and finds that she has completed her atomizer. Cicada II knows Nora is there so she mind blocks her, moving their conversation to a hospital room. Inside of Cicada’s head, she tells Nora that the world she wakes up in is overrun with meta humans. Cicada gets angry, blaming Nora and her family for creating meta humans and trying to project that anger into Nora to break the connection. Nora won’t let her and is able to break through the mind block. Nora sees Cicada walk up to the CCPD and the connection is broken.

The Safest Place

Meanwhile, Cicada drops in on the CCPD. The dagger becomes more powerful because of all of the meta humans in the room. She put the dagger into the atomizer and sets a timer for it to explode. Joe moves all of the meta humans out of the precinct.  

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora and Candice Patton as Iris West - Allen The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning"

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora and Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen The Flash — “The Girl with The Red Lightning” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

At the lab, the team figures out that Cicada is using the dark matter of all of those meta humans to further enhance the atomizer, ensuring that it will kill every meta human on the planet. What can the team do? Ralph suggest they rush in, lose their powers, stop Cicada, take the dagger and regroup to deal with the fallout. The word fallout triggers Barry’s memory of a meta human named Fallout. Fallout would build up nuclear energy until he couldn’t contain it. When he released that energy, it was like a bomb. Barry asks where Cisco sent that nuclear energy. It’s on a dead planet known as Earth-15. New plan, breach the atomizer to Earth-15.

Nora insists on going with them, but Barry says she has helped more than enough. Surprisingly Nora is okay with staying behind this time. She asks Barry to blast the dagger for her and gives him the Mirror gun.

Team Flash arrives at the station just as Cicada is about to stab Joe. With a combination hit from Killer Frost and Flash, Cicada is knocked out long enough for the team to come up with a plan. Cisco will remove the dagger from the atomizer then breach the atomizer away. The rest of the team will hold of Cicada, starting with a wall of ice from Frostie.  

The Dagger

Cicada wakes up and mentions that she didn’t need the dagger to kill metas before arriving in the past. She has the power within her and uses it to fight off Flash, Elongated Man and Killer Frost. Meanwhile, Cisco can’t use his meta powers to stop the atomizer or it will set off the virus. But he can use his brain to disconnect it. With a little help from Nora’s future tech, Cisco tries to deactivate the atomizer.

Unfortunately, Cicada knocks everyone out and uses the Flash’s body to break the ice wall. Cisco has just completed hooking up the atomizer to Nora’s future tech when Cicada walks in. The atomizer goes off and Cicada lunges at Cisco with her dagger. Flash stops her, sending her flying across the room. Frosties throws him the Mirror gun to destroy the dagger.  

This is when Ralph puts it all together. He thinks about all of the questions he had about Thawne’s plan. Cicada didn’t have the dagger in the future. But somebody else did.

At the same time Thawne is about to be executed and a bit of dark matter starts to light up across his chest. Ralph remembers seeing a dagger like device across Thawne’s chest when he and Iris visited him in the future. Just as Cisco throws the dagger in the air for Barry to shoot it, Ralph yells at him to stop.

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