In The Flash, family means everything, even when you’re not seeing eye to eye with your family members.  The “Snow Pack” aren’t as warm and fuzzy as the West-Allen family.  If you recall, the last time we saw Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) father, Thomas Snow, aka Icicle (Kyle Secor), he had turned full on evil.  And her mother…well, sometimes Dr. Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters) is colder than Killer Frost.  To say the Snows have a lot to work out is an understatement. 

Come to think of it, the West-Allens aren’t seeing eye to eye either.  Barry (Grant Gustin) sent Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) back to the future last week, without letting her say goodbye to Iris (Candice Patton).  Barry was so angry with Nora.  He can’t trust her anymore and decided she couldn’t be on Team Flash anymore.  And now he has to face his wife to tell her what he did. 

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There is No I in Team

As expected, Iris is very upset with Barry’s decision to send Nora back to 2049.  She reminds him of all the times that he made his decisions based on his emotions.  Barry is just as upset, but for different reasons.  He hates that Nora lied to them for months about working with Thawne (Tom Cavanagh). And what upsets him, even more, is none of that matters to Iris. And for the first time in a long time…maybe even ever…Barry and Iris cannot come to a resolution.

Meanwhile, Nora is pouting to Thawne about being sent home.  All she wants is to help her dad catch Cicada, but if she runs through the speed force, Barry will feel it.  She asks Thawne how he was able to run through the speed force without being detected. For some reason, Nora really needs to go back.  Thawne tells her that he created his own speed force, but the only way to use it is to tap into the darkest part of your soul. 

Barry informs Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Caitlin that he sent Nora back and now Iris isn’t talking to him. Sherloque (Cavanagh) overhears their conversation and tries to defend himself, saying the truth needed to be exposed. Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) reminds him that they are a family and they should have been told sooner.  Barry and Joe dismiss Sherloque, saying he’s done enough to help. Ralph leaves to go over the Cicada II (Sarah Carter) files.  Caitlin asks if Barry will be okay, but he really doesn’t know.

99 Problems
The Flash "Snow Pack"

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West in The Flash “Snow Pack”– Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Joe has the perfect distraction.  Someone broke into young Grace Gibbons’ (Islie Hirvonen) hospital room and took her. One guess who it was: Cicada II. Caitlin assists in the case and finds the hospital seems to have no problem with the future Grace taking her younger self from her room.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Tannhauser is working late in her lab. The security guard stops by to say goodnight when he is attacked by an icicle. Dr. Tannhauser watches as Icicle breaks into her lab and steals a glowing orb.  She is shocked that her husband would break in that way.

Frostie Reunion

Barry, Joe, and Caitlin arrive at the scene to collect evidence. Barry observes the docking station that has a particular substance on it.  NASA uses that substance to create orbs to explore the coldest regions of space. They have to ask Caitlin’s mom about what was in that docking station.  Joe takes a moment to ask if Barry has talked to Iris. Barry decided to give her some space.

They overhear Caitlin and her mom arguing about Caitlin’s father.  Caitlin is upset that her mother never told her the truth about what happened to her father. That he was taken over by an ice monster.  Caitlin thinks she could have been working on a cure instead of thinking he was dead.  And now she may never get him back. Carla ends the argument by telling Caitlin to just blame her. Caitlin informs Barry and Joe that Icicle took a proto-type cryo atomizer.  According to Caitlin, Icicle can’t do anything good with that atomizer. 

Into the Future

Meanwhile, Ralph and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) go over the Cicada II files, but the CCPD can’t help them locate her.  Iris is at the West house, working when Ralph asks if she could help.  He looks over her shoulder only to find her writing a letter to Barry.  Ralph and Cecile try to give advice to Iris to help her relationship with Barry.  Cecile says Iris won’t be able to fix things sitting in her house.  Iris gets up to leave, but Cecile feels her emotions and tells Ralph to follow Iris.  She says Iris is determined about something.

Iris goes to Gideon to reprogram a tachyon device that will send her into the future. It is locked on to Nora’s signature.  Ralph catches her before she leaves and offers to help. They go to the Starchives and use  Thawne’s Time Sphere to travel into the future.

At the same time, Thawne is helping Nora to open his own private speed force.  He talks her through finding her dark side while she runs.  She opens up a breach, but it doesn’t stay open long enough for her to enter. 

Oscillating What?
The Flash "Snow Pack"

Susan Walters as Dr. Tannhauser and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow in The Flash “Snow Pack”– Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Ok, so here’s what the atomizer does.  It has the ability to disperse particles into the atmosphere. The particles slow down the atoms to a halt. The slower they get, the colder they are. Barry thinks Icicle is going to use the atomizer with his powers to put Central City into a new Ice Age. Caitlin may have a way to track the atomizer.  Caitlin asks Barry to get an oscillating inversion scanner, but Mommy Dearest thinks a modified field array would work best.  They start to argue about who’s right and who’s wrong.  Barry just decides to get them both. 

Joe mentions that the air is really chilly.  And it’s not because of Caitlin and her Mom.  Icicle returns. He attacks Joe who tries to defend the ladies.  The Flash arrives just in time to save Joe from an icy death.  The ice hits the Flash, knocking them both out.  Icicle actually came to get Caitlin and Carla. A Snowy family reunion. 


Sherloque prepares to leave when he gets an alert about Barry’s vitals dropping.  He uses his tachyon device to go to the Tannhauser lab.  Barry has hypothermia and his heart rate is dropping.  Sherloque unplugs a large machine and uses the copper wiring to warm up Barry quickly. Barry wakes up and Sherloque insists that Barry rest.  He says they will bring home Caitlin home together. 

Caitlin wakes up at a remote Tannhauser site.  She has on power cuffs and they are locked in a room.  The mother-daughter duo begins arguing about the best way to get out of the room.  Caitlin confronts her mother saying she never wanted to be a part of her life. She wonders why things are this way.  Carla blames Caitlin for their distant relationship.  She says Caitlin left her when she went to school then married a man Carla never met.  

Icicle enters, saying he wants what Caitlin could be.  He takes a blood sample from her and leaves. Before leaving he calls them Snow Pack.  Carla says that’s what Thomas used to call their family.  And if Icicle took Caitlin’s blood, he could use it to make an icy persona for Carla.  They would be Snow Pack again. He’s willing to erase their humanity to get his icy family.


Ralph and Iris are able to track Nora to the jail where Thawne is being held.  Ralph uses his shapeshifting power to turn himself into the warden, giving Iris time to find Thawne and Nora. Nora is upset and throwing a tantrum. Iris is alarmed by Thawne and asks Nora to leave with her. Nora is so upset that she lashes out at Iris when she sees her. Iris even says that Barry was wrong about Nora.  Nora says Iris doesn’t know what it feels like to want something so bad.  She just wanted to know her father. She asks how he could stop loving her.  

Nora gets so worked up that she starts running. She runs so hard, with so much anger and hurt feelings that she opens Thawne’s speed force and runs through. Back a the prison, Iris asks where Nora went. Thawne says she went back to 2019.  He asks Iris to help Nora, saying she needs her family. Iris warns Thawne to leave Nora alone and stay out of their family business.  He says she and Barry have to be united if they are going to help Nora.  Ralph comes in, saying it’s time to leave.  

Icy Spots
The Flash "Snow Pack"

Kyle Secor as Icicle in The Flash — “Snow Pack” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Carla asks Caitlin about having two voices in her head.  Caitlin tells her about losing Killer Frost then fighting to get her back. Carla is happy that Caitlin at least has one person she can count on.  Caitlin commends her mother for figuring out Icicle’s plan so quickly.  She says they work well together when they aren’t at each other’s throats.  Icicle returns to take Carla.  When Caitlin protests, Icicle throws some ice her way, freezing the power dampening cuffs. 

Barry, Joe, and Sherloque are back at STAR Labs, trying to find any sign of Caitlin and her family.   Barry is about to lose it.  He feels powerless.  Sherloque says he can help and shows them the cold spots in Central City.  Of course, Icicle isn’t in Central City. Obviously, he would hide somewhere cold to mask his own cold signature.  Barry immediately finds a cold spike in a remote location.

Icicle has put Carla in a cryo-chamber to freeze her.  Killer Frost emerges from the storage closet.  She faces Icicle to save Carla.  he breaks the controls that control the temperature in Carla’s cryo-chamber.  He tells Killer Frost to either save Carla or chase him.  Icicle leaves just as the Flash arrives, making her choice easy.  Killer Frost chases after Icicle. 

Snow Pack

Sherloque and Joe prepare to take over the control center and are a little unsure about what they are doing.  Iris and Ralph show up just in time. Flash radios in saying he has to save Carla, but he can’t reach her.  Sherloque suggests he phase into the cryo-chamber and phase out in 3 seconds.  It works!

Meanwhile, Killer Frost continues her pursuit of Icicle.  They are shooting ice back and forth.  Killer Frost thinks she has bested Icicle, but he hits her in the shoulder with an icicle.  Icicle says he used to think Killer Frost was perfect, but he was mistaken.  He prepares to stab Caitlin with the icicle, but then he starts to melt.  After the steam clears, Thomas Snow remains.  Icicle is gone. 

The Snow Pack is reunited.  But the danger isn’t over.  Cicada II shows up and incapacitates Flash immediately.  Caitlin tells her parents to run as Killer Frost takes over.  It’s Killer Frost vs. Cicada II.  The matchup should have been epic, but Cicada II is stronger than Killer Frost.  She throws her dagger at Frostie’s head and Thomas takes the hit.  Cicada takes the atomizer and leaves. Flash wakes up in time to see Caitlin and Carla cradling Thomas.  Thomas dies in their arms. 


At STAR labs, Barry checks in with the team while Caitlin runs tests on Carla.  They have many questions about Cicada II and why she wants the atomizer.  Joe says they won’t find the answers right away and should get some rest. Iris decides to go home with Barry so they can talk.  

Caitlin conducts a meta-human litmus test on Carla.  The substance should have turned white if Carla had any residual meta DNA in her system. The substance is green.  Carla sees some of Caitlin’s things from her childhood. They talk about the periodic table that Caitlin created with her father.  Carla decides to leave, but Caitlin asks her to get a drink instead. As they are leaving, the litmus test turns white. 

Ralph finds Sherloque packing his things…again.  Sherloque reminds Ralph that Barry and Joe think he has done enough.  Ralph reminds him that he helped save Barry and helped saved Caitlin’s mom.  Ralph says Sherloque has more to do for his family.  

Barry and Iris have a chat.  They both apologize to each other about the hurtful things they said.  They know they can’t fix anything unless they do it together.  Iris says Nora is on her way back to 2019. She agrees with Barry about Thawne manipulating Nora.  She was bothered by the way Thawne looks when he talks about Nora.  Iris thinks Thawne cares for Nora

Meanwhile, Nora finally shows up in 2019. She’s different.  She is filled with rage and hurt and eyes are glowing red. 

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