The Flash returns after a month hiatus and a huge cliffhanger. In “Godspeed,” Barry (Grant Gustin) looks for answers about Nora’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) betrayal.  Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) revealed that Nora was secretly working with Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne (Cavanagh), but he couldn’t say why. Barry put her in the pipeline before she could answer.

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Barry is beyond angry.  Even Iris (Candice Patton) isn’t able to calm him down.  He says Nora should know that what Thawne did to him and his mother.  Iris, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), Joe (Jesse L. Martin), and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) defend Nora, saying they don’t know the whole story.  Cecile feels Nora’s guilt and doesn’t think she did anything maliciously.  And she has never felt that Nora was hiding anything this entire time. 

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) remembers what Thawne did.  He thinks Thawne could have taught Nora some tricks on how to hide her intentions. Whatever the case, they need answers.  Sherloque offers his help, but Iris thinks he has helped enough. The team asks him to leave because he suspected Nora was lying from the moment he arrived and he didn’t say anything.  Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) offers the only logical solution. They have to read Nora’s journal. 

Back to the Future

Nora is just a normal, every day, clumsy CSI for the Central City PD.  Apparently, she’s late to the crime scene a lot, but Detective Curtis (Ese Atawo) lets her slide by.  They are investigating a robbery.  Someone is robbing chemical lab transport trucks for Benzene Methanol.  There is a security camera in the truck, so Nora has her lab mate Lia (Kathryn Gallagher) look at the security footage. When she pauses the video, they can clearly see white lightning strikes, giving Nora enough evidence to believe the thief is a speedster. 

This whole time Iris has been calling Nora, but Nora ignores her calls.  Instead, she goes to the Flash museum…a. k. a. Star Labs to do some research on the known speedsters.  None of the recorded speedsters ever had white lightning.  She bumps into a man who smiles at her and then is called over the intercom to call her mother.  Embarrassing!  Iris is out of town and wanted to check in to see how Nora was doing.  Nora is so annoyed with her mother and quickly hangs up with work calls her.

The call is from Lia.  She called an old science teacher to find out what the stole chemicals could do together.  The old teacher works at Ollins lab. He says the list of chemicals can only work together on a structure, like and extracellular matrix. Apparently, there are a ton of matrices, so they need to find out every chemical that this guy is taking. 

The Flash -- "Godspeed" -

Godspeed in The Flash — “Godspeed” — Photo: The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

As the girls are leaving the mysterious speedster runs past them and attacks the old science teacher.  When Nora finally sees him, she exclaims “oh my God.”  To which the speedster says he is a god, a god of speed. He throws a lightning bolt at Nora, throwing her into a metal shelf. She is knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital.  Lia goes with her and waits for Nora to wake up.

When Nora finally wakes up, Lia informs her that the teacher is fine, Iris in on her way and the speedster got away with a large amount of Carbon Disulfide.  Nora sits up and says she feels fine, even if she was hit with five billion jewels of electricity.  Nora went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics used a defibrillator on her.  When they did, they found a chip underneath a scar on her shoulder.  Lia says it’s a piece of tech and it’s kind of old. 

While they are talking, Lia drops the vile with the chip inside.  Nora races to catch it, igniting her speedster powers. When the girls get back to the lab, Lia throws things at Nora to catch.  They are both amazed that Nora is a speedster.  Nora gets anxious about telling her mom about her powers. She decides not to tell anyone until she figures out how she got the powers.  She thinks she got them from Godspeed. 


They get an alert about a bank heist. Nora decides to ‘run by’ the robbery but ends up making a mess of things.  At one point she runs into every cop car like a pinball.  Everyone is busy watching her and the robbers got away.  Nora feels bad for interfering, but Lia says she’s not a failure. This was her debut. She just needs to practice.  Nora points out that the CCPD is not equipped to stop Godspeed.  She has to do it but think like a villainous speedster. The only way to do that is to talk to one.  Nora pays a visit to Eobard Thawne. 

Nora tries to says she is on an investigation, asking about why he’s in jail. Thawne knows better. He knows her and he knows she’s a speedster. He can feel it. The guards tell her that her time is up.  She asks for Thawne’s help before leaving.  Once she leaves, the warden tortures Thawne with some kind of red electricity. 

The Chip on Her Shoulder

Everick Golding as Kev Shinick and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora in The Flash — “Godspeed” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Nora returns home and finds Lia staring at the tech pulled from Nora’s shoulder. She did some digging and the tech is actually a power dampening chip made by STAR Labs. Nora didn’t get her powers when Godspeed hit her with lightning. She’s always had them.  Iris put it there when Nora was little.  Lia and Nora try to figure out why Iris would lie to her.  Nora doesn’t even want to think about talking to her mother. 

While they are talking, Nora figures out that the chemicals that Godspeed took are volatile. He needs a binding property to make the chemicals work together. A plus one oxidation state that is stored is Stagg Industries. They find the binding property about the same time that Godspeed arrives at the lab.  He fights Nora for the canister and knocks her out of the way.  Godspeed kills Lia to get the canister.

Second Chance

Back in the present, Cecile and Iris realize that Nora was dealing with a lot of emotions. She just found out Iris had been lying to her and her best friend died in her arms.  Barry doesn’t feel any sympathy for Nora.  But Iris is ready to give her a second chance.  After all, Nora gave her a second chance.  Iris goes to the pipeline, tells Nora not to make her regret this and lets Nora out of the cell.  Barry is not happy that Iris let her out.  Nora faces the entire team and explains what happened next. 

In the future, Iris returns to Central City and tries to comfort Nora.  Iris is very concerned about Nora’s health.  Nora lets her know that she is aware of her powers. And she’s angry that Iris lied to her.  In fact, everyone Nora knows and loves kept the truth from her because Iris told her to.  Iris says she was trying to protect Nora from metahumans and herself.  Iris says she has lost so much and doesn’t want to lose Nora too.  But she did.

Nora goes back to her lab and Detective Curtis consoles her.  Nora is more concerned about finding Lia’s killer.  Curtis tells her they found foreign DNA in Lia’s wound.  It belongs to a man named August Heart (Kindall Charters).  Nora recognizes him. He smiled at her at the Flash museum. Curtis mentions that Heart was kicked out of grad school for testing tachyon stimulants in coma patients. 


Godspeed in The Flash — “Godspeed” — Photo: The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Nora goes back to the Flash Museum to do more research on the speedsters. She finds someone with the same white/blue lightning that Godspeed has.  She finds a speedster named Trajectory. Trajectory injected herself with a substance called Velocity-9 that gave her speed. She used so much that she ran out of existence.  Nora figures out that Godspeed is recreating Velocity-9 and make it last forever. 

Nora returns to Iron Heights to ask for Thawne’s help to stop a speedster.  At first, he tells her, No, but she pleads with him, telling him about Lia’s death.  She says he’s the only person who can stop him.  Thawne uses a radio to talk to Nora while she breaks into the Tracy Brand building at the community college.  He tells her what to find and exactly where to find it.  It’s the stabilizer that Godspeed needs. So, of course, he shows up.  

Nora is able to a power dampening cuff on Godspeed. To counteract the cuff, he injects himself with more Velocity-9. Nora runs away and Godspeed chases her.  To get away, Thawne instructs Nora to phase through a wall.  She tries, but gets scared and hides.  Thawne threatens to hang up on her, but she insists that she trusts him.  He says she can’t run forever so they have to come up with a plan to stop Godspeed. 

Burst of Energy

Thawne tells her to describe her surroundings and she is near a set of media satellites.  He tells her to use the satellites’ electromagnetic radiation to break the Velocity-9 bonds.  The satellites emit very short bursts of microwave energy, so she only has a few seconds to get Godspeed in front of the bursts. Thawne instructs her to run up the building to make all of this happen.

Nora runs to catch up with Godspeed and runs around him to make him see her. He turns the chase on her and she does exactly what Thawne told her to do. She runs up the media building and across the satellites.  A burst of microwave energy hits Godspeed, making his speed slow down.  He flies across the street and crashes into the next building.  Nora runs to the street and watches Godspeed fall to the ground. 

August Heart is arrested, Thawne gets a giant soda and Nora asks him to train her.  Thawn refuses because he is scheduled for execution.  She gets upset because she thinks he’s the only person who can help her and won’t lie to her as Iris did.  He asks her what she knows about the Flash. 

The Truth Always Comes Out

The Flash — “Godspeed” — Image Number: FLA518b_0214b.jpg — Pictured: Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

After their talk, Nora races to the museum and takes a ring off of Reverse Flash’s suit. She finds a secret room and inside of a small box it the Flash ring.  She also finds all of the Flashes suits and the one suit made for Iris.  And then she finds Gideon.  Gideon greets her as Nora West-Allen, daughter of Iris West-Allen and Barry Allen, the Flash.  Nora is shocked.  Gideon plays a video message from Barry to Nora.

Barry is in some kind of battle when he recorded the message.  He tells Nora that she has powers and he’s sorry that he can’t be there to teach her how to use them. He knows he will miss a lot.  Barry tells her to always remember that he loves her before turning off the video.


Nora ends her story saying she just wanted to see Barry and Thawne showed her how.  They never solved the Cicada case.  It was her idea to go into the past to make things right. Barry asks to talk to Nora alone, so the whole team leaves the room.  He asks how many time she went back to Thawne and she says about six times. Barry is upset because she went back to Thawne even after knowing what he did.  She kept going back even though she had him to turn to.  And she lied to the team every time she went back.  

With tears in his eyes, Barry tells Nora that he doesn’t trust her.  He can’t have anyone on the team that he doesn’t trust.  It’s time for Nora to go home.  Barry takes her back to 2049.  He says if she tries to run back in time, he will feel it in the speed force.  He says goodbye to Nora leaving her alone in the middle of town.  

Barry pays a visit to Thawne before returning to his time.  He is angry with Thawne for taking away his mother.  Now he’s trying to take Barry’s daughter too.  Thawne tells Barry not to be mad at Nora for wanting to know her father.  His last request as a condemned man is for Barry not to be angry with Nora.  Barry’s last words to Thawne is that he loses and he will finally get what he deserves.  Thawne’s clock runs down to less than ten minutes to live.

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I’ve never seen Barry so angry.  It was hard to watch. But we knew this was going to happen eventually. The truth would come out and Nora would have to face the music.  I will admit, I was expecting Thawne to have a secret plan of attack against the Flash.  And I’m still skeptical, but it appears that Thawne really wanted to help Nora.  Of course none of this would have happened if Nora didn’t seek his help.  

I genuinly think Nora was trying to do something good by asking for Thawne’s help with Godspeed.  But then she got selfish and wanted to meet her father.  Her hero worship probably gave Barry a boost and he was blinded to her true intentions.  Everyone was.  They knew her presence in the past would change the future and the let her stay. So they have to pay some consequences as well. 

And next week, Barry pays even more.  Can Barry and Iris survive this?  Maybe…Nora still exists, so that’s a good sign.  Let’s hope they all take a deep breath and start seeing things clearer before they mess up the timeline even more. 


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